The Demon's Cross (デモンズ十字架, Demonzu jūjika), known by fans as Living Cross, is a recurring enemy in the Rosenkreuzstilette series.

They are, as the fan name implies, cross shaped enemies that slowly follow the player character around, mostly to knock them off ledges or into pits. This can make them hard to shake off if they catch up to player without use of a slide or dash. They can easily be defeated by any attack, but they will respawn almost immediately. This makes them ideal for harvesting power-ups by repeatedly killing them and letting them respawn. The Demon's Crosses function similarly to the Tellys in various Mega Man games starting with Mega Man 2.


Eggmet Notice: While the subject of this article or section is canon, it has no official name and a placeholder fan name is used.

Sliding Demon's Cross


A common variation of the Demon's Cross can be found sliding along the ground. Unlike their floating relatives, however, they do not regenerate once killed. Also, they do not "stick" to the player after they score a hit and continue to move in a set pattern.

Demon's Wall

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  • A Demon's Cross can also seen on the icon for the main executable file for both games.