Doris' profile in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer Tsubasa "Hissatsu-kun" Mizuno
RKS Number [RKS013 Dreizehn]
Relationships Luste Teuber (superior, rival)
Schirach Fühler (idol)
Weapon Fesselspirale
Weakness Frostfackel
Voice Actor Haru Kaburagi (JP)
Sarah Wiedenheft (ENG)
Sprite Rosenkreuzstilette FreudenstachelRosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel (w/o Fesselspirale)

Doris Warmind [RKS013 Dreizehn] (ドリス・ヴァーミント, Dorisu Vaaminto; Japanese: Dolis Warmind, last name pronounced "Varmint") is one of the newest members of the RKS, who made her debut in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. She is a young yet very intelligent girl, despite having very little knowledge of the outside world. She is the leader of the RKS Special Ops division, as well as a subordinate and rival of Luste Teuber.


Doris has a ninja-esque design, as she wears a short lime green shirt showing her midriff with a wide seafoam green leafy collar that also covers her shoulders, a seafoam green trench skirt with a silver belt that she wears over her puffy white shorts, white thighhighs, and pink earmuffs which resemble headphones. She has long, lime green hair formed into twin tails with hair antennae and pale blue eyes, and carries an oversized pale green shuriken-like boomerang known as the Fesselspirale. In October 2009, she was given a slight redesign, as she is now shown wearing pale blue gloves and seafoam green boots, as well as an update to her thighhighs making them pale blue, as well as altering the appearance of her Fesselspirale.

Character Profile

"Hey! Don't call me small!"
—Doris Warmind, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

As the head of RKS's Special Ops division, Doris is a hard worker that not only hates to lose, but also hates to be teased for her size. She is calm during battle and shows formidable power, but she can sometimes be careless and make mistakes at crucial times. She's very intelligent and educated but knows little about the real world and tends to come across as rude as well. She also becomes jealous easily. She idolizes Schirach Fühler, who crafted her Fesselspirale for her, and has a one-sided rivalry with her superior, Luste.


Doris holds the power of the "Shackle Vortex" Fesselspirale. Using it, she gathers wind power from the objects around her and uses it to throw her large shuriken-like boomerang, which arcs in a fashion normally impossible.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Doris was assigned to guard the Forest of God when she meets Freudia Neuwahl, who was apparently acting out of order. Although Freudia attempts to convince Doris that RKS members are allowed to act as they see fit when in urgency, Doris refutes this, calling the members of RKS "random and unorganized". She goes on to call Luste, who is her superior, an idiot; a claim that Freudia could not argue against. Finally, Strudel calling her small and cute sets Doris off and she attacks them.

After fighting, Doris claims that she only lost because she was not in the mood that day. She adds that she will eventually become like Schirach, who is her idol, although Freudia is obviously not fond of the idea. Strudel calling her small and cute again sets Doris off again.

Boss strategy

Doris will jump around and hurl her Fesselspirale, which will quickly fly around in several arcs before returning to her. She'll also jump up and slide towards the player, which she must jump over to avoid. Doris can also spin her Fesselspirale above her head and propel herself into the tree branches above. When some leaves fall from one spot, that's the exact same spot Doris will come back down from. When she comes back down, she can hurl several copies of her Fesselspirale, which will home in on the player. She can also come down from the branches and fly at the player before propelling herself back into the branches again. When she goes into Desperation Mode, she'll fling several small leaf shurikens whenever she comes down from the branches. She'll also fly at the player twice whenever she comes down from the branches.

Her weakness is Frostfackel, which is learned from Zorne Zeppelin.


Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Opening:
    • 「ミッション開始!」 ("Misshon kaishi!") ("Mission start!")
    • 「背が大きいからって、勝てると思うなよ!」 ("Sei ga ookii karatte, kateru to omou na yo!") ("Don't think you can win just because you're taller!")
    • 「ここを通すわけにはいかないぞ」 ("Konowo toosu wake ni ha ikanai zo.") ("I can't let you get past here.")
  • Ground Fesselspirale:
    • 「シュピラーレ!」 ("Shupirare!") ("Spirale!")
    • 「いっけぇー!」 ("Ikeee-!") ("Gooo!")
    • 「どうだ!」 ("Douda!") ("How's this!")
  • Slide:
    • 「やあッ!」 ("Ya-!")
    • 「そこだ!」 ("Soko da!") ("Right here!")
  • Aerial Fesselspirale:
    • 「フェッセル!」 ("Fesseru!") ("Fessel!")
    • 「これなら!」 ("Korenara!") ("It's here!")
    • 「行くぞー!」 ("Iku zo!") ("Let's go!")
  • Air Rush:
    • 「疾風!」 ("Shiffuu!") ("Hurricane!")
    • 「突風!」 ("Toffuu!") ("Tornado!")
    • 「やあッ!」 ("Yaa-!")
    • 「こっちだ!」 ("Kocchi da!") ("Here!")
  • Suicides:
    • 「はわわっ」 ("Hawawa!")
    • 「ふわあっ」 ("Fuwaaa!")
    • 「し、失敗したー!」 ("Shi...shippaishita!") ("I... I failed!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「お、怒ったぞー!」 ("O...okotta zo!") ("Y-you made me mad!")
    • 「今までは手加減していたんだからな!」 ("Imamade ha tekagen shiteitan dakara na!") ("I have been holding back all the way OK?!")
  • Homing Leaves:
    • 「吹き荒れろ!」 ("Fukiarero!") ("Blow!")
    • 「この攻撃、かわせるか!」 ("Kono kougeki, kawaseruka!") ("Can you dodge this attack!")
    • 「舞い散れ!」 ("Maichire!") ("Shatter in dancing!")
  • Damage (Frostfackel):
    • 「いったあい」 ("Ittai!") ("It hurts!")
    • 「ふわああっ」 ("Fuwaa!")
  • Defeat:
    • 「きょ、今日はこれくらいにしといてやる!」 ("Kyo...kyou ha kore kurai shitoi te yaru!") ("I-I will call this a day!")
    • 「シェラハ様ー!」 ("Sheraha sama!") ("Lady Schirach!")
    • 「ちょ、調子が悪かっただけだからな!」("Cho~choushi ga warukatta dake dakara na~!") ("I~I just wasn't in the mood, OK?")
  • Victory:
    • 「小さくったって、戦えるんだからな!」 ("Chisakuttatte, tatakaerun dakara na!") ("Even though I am small, I can still fight!")
    • 「勝利!」 ("Shouri!") ("Victory!")
    • 「ミッション完了!」 ("Misshon kanryou!") ("Mission complete!")

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  • Doris was formally believed to be designated as [RKS010 Zehn] until it was revealed that she was designated as [RKS013 Dreizehn], leaving three unoccupied numbers between her and Schwer-Muta.
  • The two spoken lines 「ここを通すわけにはいかないぞ」 ("I can't let you get past here.") and 「この攻撃、かわせるか!」 ("Can you dodge this attack!") are variants of Web Spider's intro lines in the Japanese version of Mega Man X4.
  • Her first name was changed to "Doris" when ~Freudenstachel~ was localized in English, because "Doris" is an actual German name wheras her original first name, "Dolis", was not.

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