Dummy Schwer-Muta is an enemy in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, modeled after Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle and based on after the fake Lemmy/Wendy Koopa dolls that appear during their boss fights in Super Mario World.

Every time Schwer-Muta comes out of her pipes two copies of her will come out as well. They will hurt Freudia/Pamela on contact, but can be destroyed easily. If they aren't destroyed, they will retreat when Schwer-Muta does. During the second phase of the fight they will attack from the top pipes using Geisterwand.

They appear in the Zeppy Ruins and the third stage of Iris Palace II, both during the boss battle against Schwer-Muta.


Boot Dummy

Schwer dummy boot

Prior to the boss door to Schwer-Muta in the Zeppy Ruins, there are several Dummy Schwer-Mutas in green boots. If they are destroyed they will leave behind their boots which Freudia/Pamela can use to cross spikes. They are a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3.'s Goomba's Shoe item, minus the windup handle on the back.