Eggmet Notice: While the subject of this article or section is canon, it has no official name and a placeholder fan name is used.


The Eggmet is a recurring enemy in the Rosenkreuzstilette series.

Like the Mettaur, the Mega Man enemy it is based off of, it mainly hides in its eggshell until the player character comes near. It pops up from its shell and fires three small spherical shots before walking around. While tucked under its shell, it is invulnerable to almost all attacks, save piercing ones such as Liebessturm.

Eggmets come in six enemy variations (including the basic version noted above), one stage hazard, and one miniboss.


Eggmet Swim


The Eggmet Swim is a snorkel equipped Eggmet variation that is found in underwater areas. When the player gets near, it jumps up and fires three shots just like its regular counterpart. It is based on the Mettaur Swim from the Mega Man series.

Shield Eggmet


The Shield Eggmet is an Eggmet that flies around back and forth on whitish-gold platforms with similarly colored shields having red jets on their backs and red crosses on their fronts. Because of the shield, they can only be attacked from behind. They are based on the Shield Attackers from the Mega Man series.

Bomb Dropping Eggmet

Bomb dropping eggmet

Bomb Dropping Eggmets fly across the screen dropping explosives in regular intervals. They are often combined with falling blocks to greatly hinder the players movement. They are found on the Battlefield (Schirach's Stage).

Copter Eggmet

Copter eggmet

Copter Eggmets are Eggmets that fly in the air and shoot shots at the player regularly. They don't move around like their Mega Man counterparts. In Freudenstachel, they are found in the Luftfeste Sleipnir (Luste's stage) and the Battlefield.

Cannon Eggmet

Eggmet cannon

Cannon Eggmets are Eggmets that shoot bombs straight ahead. Their bombs can be destroyed but doing so shoots projectiles in six directions. They're similar to Cannon Mettaurs from Mega Man 5 but unlike them can take damage at any time. They are found on the Battlefield.

Eggmet Daddy

The Eggmet Daddy is a large Eggmet that attacks by jumping across the screen. In addition to the threat of being hit directly this causes earthquakes which can stun the player and also causes four Eggmets to fall on the screen. It is inspired by the Metall Daddy from Mega Man 4 which had the same attack pattern. It is fought in the Battlefield.

Quake Eggmet

The Quake Eggmet is an exceptionally large Eggmet found in the background of various spots in Schirach's stage. They don't attack directly but periodically will jump into the air creating an earthquake when they land.