The Fesselspirale (フェッセルシュピラーレ, Fesserushupiraare, lit. Chain Spiral), also known as the Shackle Vortex (枷の渦), is Doris Warmind's main weapon. Using it, Doris can gather wind power from any object around her and use it to hurl her over-sized shuriken-like boomerang that she carries around with ease. The boomerang arcs is such a way normal boomerangs cannot. Doris can also use it to propel herself in the air and fly around. The Fesselspirale is also shown to be able to duplicate itself, allowing her to throw four darker-colored versions of it that travel towards her opponent when they touch the ground. In Desperation Mode, Doris can fling several small leaf shurikens in the direction of her opponent with her Fesselspirale.