Freudia as she appears in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer WOMI
RKS Number [RKS002 Zwei]
Relationships Spiritia Rosenberg (childhood friend)
Strudel (replica; partner)
Eifer Skute (replica; enemy)
Weapon Freudenstachel
Frostklinge (learned from Doris)
Frostfackel (learned from Zorne)
Kopiekreisel (learned from Trauare)
Eislanze (learned from Grolla in C75 & C76 Trial versions and Luste in full game)
Eisschwert (learned from Grolla in full game)
Weißteufel (learned from Sichte)
Freudenzwinger (learned from Liebea)
Schneekristal (learned from Schwer-Muta)
Strudel's Hund
Strudel's Frügel
Weakness Rosenkreuzstilette:
Die geplante Zukunft,


Immunities Rosenkreuzstilette:
Lustatem, Grollschwert
Voice Actor Sou Raika (JP)
Sarah Wiedenheft (ENG)
Sprites RosenkreuzstiletteRosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

Freudia Neuwahl [RKS002 Zwei] (フロイディア・ノイヴァール, Furoidia Noivaaru; pronounced Froi-dee-a Noi-val), commonly referred to as Freu (フロイ, Furoi) by Spiritia, is the second member of the RKS and the main protagonist of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. She has been a close friend of Spiritia since their childhood.

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In Rosenkreuzstilette, she wears a snow white, tube-top dress with a cross stained on her dress with blood, long snow white gloves, and white glass slippers. Freudia has long silver-white hair that is held in a thin ponytail by a red ribbon with an ahoge and she has ruby-red eyes.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Freudia wears a different dress with sliver lacing between the cleavage of her dress with ribbons and laces wrapped around the dress making it appear as if it was separable from the top. In ~Freudenstachel~, similarly to how Spiritia's eyes, hair and necktie change color depending on which weapon she equips, the ribbon Freudia wears also changes color depending on what learnable ability she has equipped herself.


"You disappoint me. If you will not rethink your answer, I shall end your life with my own hands...!"
—Freudia Neuwahl, Rosenkreuzstilette

Freudia is a cool and collected young woman who prefers to work alone and dislikes getting close to others. However, she has been friends with Spiritia during her childhood, developing a sister-like relationship with her. As with her lone wolf nature, she is capable of showing off her abilities without anyone's assistance.


Freudia possesses similar abilities to Spiritia and various forms of ice manipulation. Her signature ability, Freudenstachel, allows her to condense water vapors into icicles and release them at high-speeds. The colder the area, the sharper these icicles become. She also possess the ability of self-duplication and levitation. Freudia can implement the ability of her defeated foes to learn new abilities.

Early Life

When she was a young child, Freudia was discovered to be a Magus and was almost burned at a stake by the townspeople. Thankfully, her life was saved by a fellow Magus named Spiritia, and since then, the two have become childhood friends, eventually joining the ranks of RKS, with the latter having been appointed as a training instructor for the Holy Empire's army.


Freudia as she appears in Rosenkreuzstilette.

Freudia was ordered by Count Zeppelin to lead the rebellion against the Holy Empire. The first act of the RKS's rebellion against the Holy Empire was burning down the Black Forest. Spiritia encountered Freudia at the very heart of the forest, where Freudia informed her that the RKS was responsible for burning the forest. She did not inform Spiritia about the rebellion before this since she wanted to tell her personally. She then asked Spiritia to join the others in creating a "new world for Magi". Spiritia refused to join her and RKS after they burned down the fairies' home for the sake of the rebellion. Freudia fought Spiritia, though Spiritia bested her. Freudia withdrew from the Imperial Training Hall and informed Zeppelin about Spiritia's refusal to join the rebellion, causing Spiritia to be marked as a traitor.

Freudia later confronted Spiritia again and asked if she reconsidered her decision. Spiritia still refused to join her and the others. Freudia began to reminisce of their childhood, about how humans had attacked their homes for being born with the "gift" of magic. She was glad to have met Spiritia and have her as friend during their childhood, as if she didn't, she would not be alive. Freudia's reason for leading Zeppelin's rebellion against the Empire was that all she ever wanted was to create a world where everyone can live in harmony, nothing more. Spiritia reminds her even though they have the power to hurt people, they also have the power to protect them as well. Seeing that Spiritia still refused to join the rebellion, Freudia carried out her order to kill Spiritia. Freudia was again defeated by Spiritia, and seeing how much stronger Spiritia has gotten, she asked her to finish her off, though Spiritia could not bring herself to kill her childhood friend. Freudia then asked if her ideals were that important to her. Spiritia told her that it was not about her ideals; she only wanted to protect those from the RKS as much as those in the RKS. Not one to believe in sophistry, the law of the world in which to protect something, something else must be sacrificed; Spiritia reminded Freudia that they could always have a place to start over. Freudia in turn reminded her that her naivete was her fatal flaw. Spiritia regretted that fact and confessed to Freudia that her reasons for fighting against the RKS was because of her love towards her and everyone in the RKS. Freudia then left to rethink her actions.

While Freudia was away to gather her thoughts, she investigated everything about the RKS's rebellion and confirmed her suspicions about Iris Zeppelin, and came to Spiritia's rescue when Iris attempted to kill her. As soon as Iris escaped the castle, Freudia reveals that her efforts to save Spiritia had used up most of her strength. As a last resort, Freudia gave Spiritia a special Cross Tank she made to heal her injuries and encouraged her to pursue Iris at her palace, knowing that Spiritia was the only one who could stop her. She assured Spiritia that she would set Kahl Palesch free and sort out everything that Iris caused. After Spiritia left to pursue Iris, Freudia then prayed for her safe return.

In the end, Spiritia succeeded in stopping Iris' plans. Freudia awaited her return alongside the other RKS members on a floating island and happily reunites with Spiritia.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~

Freudia also has a minor role in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~. She is confronted by Grolla Seyfarth, who tries to convince her to cease her attack on the Holy Empire, although Freudia will have none of it. She tells her that Count Zeppelin has branded her as a traitor for having assaulted his daughter Iris and tries to get her to confess her sins (so that she may try to get the others to show leniency) and join the rebellion's cause, but Grolla refuses, knowing that Iris is planning on having RKS fight the Empire and knowing of the disastrous outcome that would come if nothing was done. Freudia is willing to cool Grolla's head, but in the end, Grolla quickly bests her, forcing her to withdraw. Grolla later fights Freudia again, and this time, Freudia compliments her tenacity. But Grolla is not willing to let her stand in her way, and decides that if words cannot convince her, then her sword might be able to sway her instead. Grolla bests Freudia again, this time to get her out of her way - while telling her to stand down, as it was her loss.


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Boss strategy

Freudia can be first fought in the Opening Stage of Rosenkreuzstilette if the player chose to play the Prologue of the game. Freudia will disappear and reappear, slowly approaching the player. When she appears, Freudia will fire three Freudenstachel shots at the player, each can be easily avoided by jumping over them. But should the player attack while Freudia's arm is still up after she fires her third shot, she will immediately slide into the player. The player can avoid it by jumping over her. She repeats this pattern through the entire battle.

When Freudia is fought at her own stage, she uses three different attack moves; Eislanze, Freudenzwinger, and Schneekristal. When she uses Eislanze, she will fire a set three beams of ice, followed by another set of six, then repeats the cycle again. Eislanze can be avoided by jumping over the first set, the sliding under the second and repeat. With her Freudenzwinger, she will create a barrier around the area so the player cannot escape unharmed while her illusionary clones fire away Freudenstachel shots in different directions. This can be avoided by watching the pattern that Freudia and her clones fire their shot and take the necessary maneuvers to evade the attacks. With Schneekristal, she will create a barrage of snowflakes that will cover much of the area with some that follows the player. To avoid this, the player needs enough room to slide away from Freudia and slowly walk from the oncoming snowflakes.

Freudia is weak against Die geplante Zukunft, though it has only enough energy to reduce half of her HP. However,she has another weakness,that being Zornesbombe.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

"I have that which I must protect... even from the hands of God!"
—Freudia Neuwahl, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Freudia returns in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ as the game's main protagonist. The game opens with her hearing Spiritia's screams and investigating the hallways of tje Castle Grounds where she befriends a fairy named Strudel. She then encounters Eifer Skute, and after a short battle, Eifer joined by Pamela Arwig, who introduces the Schwarzkreuz and tells her of the plans and secrets of their members, new Magi called Dark Magi. After the two leave, Freudia and Strudel decide to tell the other members of RKS about Spiritia's disappearance and the new threat of the Schwarzkreuz and plans to get to the bottom of their plans.

After defeating the other members of the RKS, Freudia goes to fight against the Schwarzkreuz and solve the mystery of their scheme. After defeating the members one by one, Freudia finally reaches the Schwarzkreuz Church where she meets Pamela again, and just as they are about to do battle again, Eifer attacks and badly injures Pamela and reveals herself to be working with Iris, who turns out to be still alive. The two reveal that they manipulated the Schwarzkreuz all along and invite her to Iris' new palace before leaving. Shortly afterward, Liebea Palesch arrives, and Freudia orders for her to tend to the wounded Pamela before going after the two traitors.

As Freudia battles her way through Iris' palace, she stumbles upon Count Zeppelin and is shocked to learn that he has come back from the dead, having been resurrected by Iris. She quickly notices that Zeppelin has been brainwashed by Iris and now thinks that it was Spiritia who killed him and that Iris had resurrected him through her prayers. Freu fights against the Graf, laying him back to eternal rest again. She continues her trek through the palace and encounters Eifer again. Eifer reveals that she is a homunculus created by Iris, with Freudia used as a base. Eifer then turns into the Dark Devil, and a fight commences. After she defeats Eifer for the third time and Eifer perishes, Freudia continues until she reaches Iris. Iris unveils her new Iris Machine II and attacks Freu, who destroys the machine. Iris then escapes, leading Freudia to the sky above her new palace.

There, Freudia finally finds Spiritia, who is revealed to be mind-controlled by Iris. Freudia vows to free Spiritia from Iris' influence by fighting her, and she defeats her, forcing Iris out of hiding in her seraphic form. Freudia defeats Iris, and surprised that her magic actually worked. However, with Strudel's help, Freudia figures out that she was not fighting alone; Spiritia was resisting Iris's magic the whole time and "the Rosenkreuz who has his [her] comrades will surely win". Freudia then decides to punish Iris for everything she has done by sealing her away in an ice crystal and sending her off to an unknown location before demolishing her palace. Spititia, having regained consciousness, thanks Freudia as Lilli finally reunites with her, and the two return home where they happily reunite with their friends.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~

Freudia's role in ~Weißsilber~ is rather small compared to her role in the main game. Pamela finds Freudia around the Castle Grounds and demands for her and RKS to surrender. Upon Freudia's refusal, she fights Pamela and is defeated. Freudia retreats but continues on her pursuit of Spiritia like she does in Freudenstachel, the proof of which is that she is seen fighting Eifer in her Dark Devil form later in game.

She is defeated by Eifer in her Dark Devil form and retreats as the battle between Eifer and Pamela begins.

After Iris has been slain, Freudia comes to retrieve the barely conscious Spiritia from Pamela. She thanks Pamela for what she did and leaves.

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Boss Strategy

Freu will fire three sets of three Freudenstachel icicles at Pamela, which can be jumped over to avoid. After that, she'll disappear off the top of the screen, create a double image of herself, and both will slide towards the sides of the screen, which Pamela can jump over to avoid, before Freu reappears on the other side of the screen. She repeats this attack pattern for the rest of the battle. Like Eifer in the main game's version of the intro stage, Freu is rather easy to defeat in the ~Weißsilber~ version of said stage.



Opening Stage

  • Introduction:
    • 「仕方が無いわね…力ずくでも!」 ("Shikata ga nai wa ne… chikarazuku demo!") ("It can't be helped, then... I'll take you by force!")
    • 「目を覚ましなさい、(ティア。)」 ("Me o samashi nasai [, Tia].") ("Open your eyes [,Tia].")
  • Freudenstachel Session (Opening Stage):
    • 「やぁっ!」 ("Yaa-!")
    • 「やっ!」 ("Ya-!")
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha-!")
  • Sliding attack (Opening Stage):
    • 「足元がお留守よ。」 ("Ashimoto ga o rusu yo.") ("You're not watching your feet.")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「凍りなさい!」 ("Kōri nasai!") ("Get frozen!")
  • Victory:
    • 「当然の結果だわ。」 ("Tōzen no kekkada wa.") ("It's a natural consequence.")
    • 「敵を知り己を知れば、って知ってるかしら。」 ("Teki o shiri onore o shireba, tte shitteru kashira.") ("'Know your enemies and know yourself...'... Remember that.")

Freudia Stage

  • Introduction:
    • 「氷のベッドで眠らせてあげるわ。」 ("Kōri no beddo de nemura sete ageru wa.") ("I'll lay you to rest in a cool bed of ice.")
    • 「覚悟はいい?」 ("Kakugo wa ī?") ("Are you ready?")
    • 「決着を付けましょう、(ティア。)」 ("Ketchaku o tsukemashou (, Tia).") ("Let's settle this [,Tia].")
  • Eislanze:
    • 「凍らせてあげる」 ("Kōra sete ageru!") ("Freeze!")
    • 「逃がさないわ」 ("Nigasanai wa!") ("You can't escape!")
    • 「アイスランツェ!」 ("Eislanze!")
  • Freudenzwinger:
    • 「甘すぎるわ。」 ("Ama sugiru wa.") ("You're holding back.")
    • 「捕まえた」 ("Tsukamaeta.") ("Caught you.")
    • 「どこを見ているの」 ("Doko o mite iru no?") ("Where are you looking?")
    • 「私はここよ?」 ("Watashi wa koko yo?") ("Over here.")
  • Schneekristal:
    • 「この攻撃、かわせるかしら」 ("Kono kōgeki, kawaseru kashira.") ("Try dodging this, then.")
    • 「冷厳なる雪よ…!」 ("Reigen'naru yuki yo...!") ("Chilling snowfall...!")
    • 「もう逃がしてあげないわ」 ("Mō nigashite agenai wa.") ("I'll never let you escape.")
  • Damage (Die geplante Zukukunft):
    • 「クッ…しまった!」 ("Ku... Shimatta!") ("Ugh... Oh no!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「極北を見せてあげる」 ("Kyokuhoku o miseteageru.") ("Let me show you the extreme north.")
    • 「絶対零度を味わいなさい!」 ("Zettaireido o ajiwai nasai!") ("Taste absolute zero!")
  • Victory:
    • 「どうか夢の中では安らかに…」 ("Dō ka yumenonakade wa yasuraka ni...") ("Sweet dreams, my friend...")
    • 「さようなら、(ティア…)」 ("Sayonara [,Tia]...") ("Goodbye [,Tia]...")
    • 「おやすみなさい、(ティア…)」 ("Oyasuminasai (, Tia)...") ("Good night [,Tia]...")
  • Defeat:
    • 「きゃぁぁっ!」 ("Kyaaa-!")
    • 「強い…!」 ("Tsuyoi...!") ("Strong...!")
    • 「これまで…ね」 ("Kore made... ne...") ("So far... I...")

Freudia "Voice Quality Improvement" omake files

  • 「ローゼンクロイツスティレッテ」 ("Rosenkreuzstilette.")
  • 「フロイデンシュタッヘル」 ("Freudenstachel.")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


Freudia's alternate colors for her learnable abilities.

  • Jumping:
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha!")
    • 「やあ!」 ("Ya!")
    • 「たあッ!」 ("Taa!")
  • Freudenstachel:
    • 「はッ!」 ("Wa!")
    • 「喰らいなさい。」 ("Kurai nasai.") ("Take this.")
    • 「邪魔よ」 ("Jama yo.") ("Out of my way.")
    • 「凍りなさい!」 ("Kōri nasai!") ("Get frozen!")
    • 「凍てつけ!」 ("Itetsuke!") ("Freeze!")
    • 「フロイデンシュタッヘル!」 ("Freudenstachel!")
  • Damage:
    • 「ああっ」 ("Ah.")
    • 「つッ!」 ("Tsu!")
    • 「しまった!」 ("Shimatta!") ("Oh no!")
    • 「ダメッ!」 ("Dame!") ("Not good!")
  • Learnable abilities:
    • Frostklinge:
      • 「フロストクリンゲ!」("Frostklinge!")
      • 「氷の刃よ!」 ('Koori no yaiba yo!") ("Blade of ice!")
    • Frostfackel:
      • 「フロストファッケル!」 ("Frostfackel!")
      • 「凍えなさい。」 ("Kogoe nasai.") ("Freeze.")
    • Kopiekreisel:
      • 「コピークライゼル!」 ("Kopiekreisel!")
      • 「散りなさい!」 ("Chiri nasai!") ("Fall!")
    • Eislanze:
      • 「アイスランツェ!」 ("Eislanze!")
      • 「冷厳に輝け!」 ("Reigen ni kagayake!") ("Chilling light!")
    • Eisschwert:
      • 「アイスシュヴェート!」 ("Eisschwert!")
      • 「凍らせてあげる。」 ("Koorasete ageru.") ("Be frozen.")
    • Weißteufel:
      • 「ヴァイストイフェル!」 ("Weißteufel!")
      • 「時を凍れ!」 ("Toki wo koore!") ("Freeze time!")
    • Freudenzwinger:
      • 「フロイデンツヴィンガー!」 ("Freudenzwinger!")
      • 「これでお別れよ。」 ("Kore de owakare yo.") ("Say goodbye.")
    • Schneekristal:
      • 「シュネークリスタル!」 ("Schneekristal!")
      • 「冷厳なる雪よ。」 ("Reigen naru yuki yo.") ("Chilling snowfall.")
    • Strudel:
      • 「頼むわ、シュトルーデル。」 ("Tanomu wa, Shutoruderu.") ("Help me, Strudel.")
      • 「ルゥ。お願い。」 ("Ru. Onegai.") ("Ruu. Help, please.")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「まだ いけるっ!」 ("Mada ikeru!") ("It's not over yet!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「あああぁっ!」 ("Aaaah!")
    • 「イヤアアアァッ!」 ("Iyaaa-!") ("Noooo-!")
    • 「まだ終われないのに…」 ("Mada owarenai no ni...") ("I'm not finished yet...")
    • 「ごめんなさい、ティア…」 ("Gomen nasai, Tia...") ("I'm sorry, Tia...")
  • Vs. Final Boss:
    • 「あなたとだけは戦いたくなかったわ、ティア…」 ("You are the only one whom I didn't wish to fight, Tia...")
    • 「氷のベッドで眠らせてあげるわ…永遠にね。」 ("Koori no beddo de nemurasete ageru wa... Eien ni ne.") ("I'll lay you to rest in a cool bed of ice... for all of eternity.")
    • 「イーリス、戦いはここで終わりよ。」 ("Iris, let's end the battle right here.")

Boss (Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~)

  • Introduction:
    • 「覚悟はいい?」 ("Kakugo wa ī?") ("Are you ready?")
  • Freudenstachel:
    • 「凍りなさい!」 ("Kōri nasai!") ("Get frozen!")
    • 「凍てつけ!」 ("Itetsuke!") ("Freeze!")
    • 「フロイデンシュタッヘル!」 ("Freudenstachel!")
  • Jump:
    • 「たっ」 ("Ta-!")
    • 「たあっ!」 ("Taa-!")
  • Slide:
    • 「食らいなさい」 ("Kurai nasai.") ("Eat this.")
    • 「邪魔よ」 ("Jama yo.") ("Out of my way.")
  • Victory:
    • 「当然の結果だわ。」 ("Tōzen no kekkada wa.") ("It's a natural consequence.")
  • Defeat:
    • 「しまった!」 ("Shimatta!") ("Oh no!")


  • [erka:es] Logo:
    • 「ローゼンクロイツスティレッテ」 ("Rosenkreuzstilette.")
    • 「フロイデンシュタッヘル」 ("Freudenstachel.")
  • Mode Change:
    • 「フロイデンシュタッヘル!」 ("Freudenstachel!")

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Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


  • She is the only RKS member in the first game who isn't weak to her own weapon. Instead,her secondary weakness is Zorne's weapon,Zornesbombe.
  • Freudia's name is derived from the word "freude," which means "joy" in German, though Freudia rarely smiles. "Neuwahl" comes from the name of Niek Neuwahl, a Dutch-Italian board game designer known for the games Toscana and Ta Yü.
  • Freudia is the only boss in Rosenkreuzstilette with an original attack pattern. She is also the only boss in Rosenkreuzstilette who never changes her attack pattern during Desperation Mode.
    • Her health bar is red during the entire second fight, and never changes color during the first fight. This, combined with the lack of a pattern change mid-battle, implies that the entirety of the second fight is her desperation mode.
  • Freudia is one of the only pre-fortress bosses to have a unique boss theme. Her boss theme is called "22", which was composed by AM3. In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Spiritia Rosenberg and Grolla Seyfarth also have their own boss theme.
  • Freudia is one of the two pre-fortress bosses in Rosenkreuzstilette that has an immunity to Luste's Lustatem; the other being Sichte Meister.
  • Her seiyuu, Sou Raika, was mistakenly labeled as Rai Souka in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert's~ credits.
    • Sou Raika is also the voice actress of Eifer Skute from Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
  • Freudia shares similarities to her friend, Spiritia; both characters have similar types of clothing, hairstyles, they have their own unique boss theme, and they serve as the main protagonists of the Rosenkreuzstilette series. The color of her ribbon and the blood stain on her dress also changes as she changes her weapons, similarly to Spiritia as her hair and necktie changes color when she changes her weapons. The difference between her and Spiritia is she is dressed in a formal fashion, her ponytail is thin compared to Spiritia's and it is held by a visible ribbon.
  • Freudia quotes Sun Tzu's The Art of War in one of her victory lines from her prologue boss fight in Rosenkreuzstilette. The quote she is referencing, in English, reads: "... if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss."
  • Freudia was originally planned to be a playable character with her own mode in Rosenkreuzstilette. Unfortunately, her code in said game was only 25% complete, but she would ultimately move on to be playable in the sequel, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.

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