A glitch is a mistake in the game programming often found in computer and video games, and the Rosenkreuzstilette series is no exception when it comes to glitches. Here is a list of the glitches found throughout the series.


Cross Tank Glitch

If you press the menu button at the same time that you collect a Cross Tank, that Cross Tank will instantly be used, and if you have 0 Cross Tanks, then the number of Cross Tanks you have will be negative. This glitch also works in the C75 Trial version of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, and it's unknown if the glitch has been fixed in the C76 Trial version.

Weapon Glitch

Sometimes, performing certain actions will cause you to be unable to fire your weapon. This glitch is reversible by performing certain actions while sliding to allow you to fire your weapon again.

Grolla Clone Glitch

After defeating Freudia Neuwahl at the end of the Opening Stage, the Imperial Training Hall, as Grolla in her story mode, continuously wall-kicking during the after-battle dialogue causes a transparent mugshot of hers to the left of her other mugshot to be shown while the player is reading through the dialogue.

Black Forest's Treasure Glitch

When you collect the Black Forest's Treasure in Trauare's stage, the Heiligtum des Wasserteufels, in Arcade Mode, sometimes the "cutscene" will not trigger properly and you will be given free control to fire your weapon even when the chime plays. Even when Spiritia teleports, the weapon can be fired. Note that her sprite doesn't teleport away but instead flies away. This glitch can often be tested using Freudenstachel.

Poltergeist Glitch

When you get to the Poltergeist, the boss of Zeppelin Stage 2, the Royal Chapel, sometimes using Geisterwand before fighting the Poltergeist can cause all the windows in the background to be broken and there won't be enough glass to shatter. The boss' life meter will be full, so the room won't shatter.

Labyrinth of Chains Water Glitch

In Iris Stage 1, the Labyrinth of Chains, if certain triggers are performed correctly, the water in one segment of the stage will stay electrified, even after the loss of one life.

Iris Palace Sky Eins Glitch

At the bottom of the "stair platforms" section of the final stage, the Iris Palace Sky, using Silberflügel "Eins" to go up will cause the game to freeze.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Schirach Glitch (Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~)

When fighting Schirach as Pamela, sometimes, when she leaps at one side of the screen and causes several rocks to shoot up from the ground during her Desperation Mode, she will become stuck there for the rest of the battle and won't be able to do anything. She'll stay that way until you finish her off while she's cornered.

Lantern Ghost Glitch

In Lecht & Rink's stage, normally, when you destroy a Lantern Ghost, the room it appeared in darkens again, but in the fifth room, if you destroy it immediately after it appears, the room will stay illuminated.