Grolla's profile in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer WOMI
RKS Number [RKS006 Sechs]
Relationships Sichte Meister (close friend, mistress)
Spiritia Rosenberg (friendly rival)
Trauare Wrede (friendly rival)
Raimund Seyfarth (grandfather and mentor, deceased)
Iris Zeppelin (primary adversary)
Michael Zeppelin (secondary adversary)
Talos (friend)
Weapon Grollschwert

Rosenkreuzstilette: Grollschwert (Iris Stage 3), Klageharnisch
Freudenstachel: Weißteufel

Voice Actor Junka "JUNCA" Amaoto (JP)
Sarah Blandy (ENG)
Sprites RosenkreuzstiletteRosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ (C75)Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ (C76)

Grolla Seyfarth [RKS006 Sechs] (グローラ・ザイファルト, Gurōra Zaifaruto) is the sixth member of the RKS and the protagonist of her own side game, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~. Grolla is a skilled swordswoman, respected and feared by many. She is the granddaughter of Raimund Seyfarth, better known as the legendary Thanatos, as well as the successor to his legendary sword; the Demon Sword, Grollschwert.


In Rosenkreuzstilette, she is clad in a black short-sleeved leotard underneath her dark purplish grey armor and a long brown cloth wrapped around her waist. She also wears black tights and metal greaves. She has long violet hair, with eye color to match, and wears a headband with a silver cross on it.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, she wears a slightly different armor, rids of her sheath for her Grollschwert and has a clear-white bandage wrapped around her right arm, stained with blood. In-game mugshots display both her face, headband, and armor stained with blood as well.


"Traitorous dog! Your life ends here!"
—Grolla Seyfarth, Rosenkreuzstilette

Born with the spirit of a warrior, Grolla is a no-nonsense woman who is every bit as strict with others as she is with herself. She is a calm and collected woman who shows undying devotion to her organization and is willing to protect her colleagues at any cost. Though if anyone crosses her in any way, Grolla will stop at nothing to exact her revenge. She does not like sharing her thoughts with others, not even to her friends; she prefers to let her sword do the talking instead. Grolla talks in feudal tongue, she also is close friends with Sichte Meister who is also her mistress and refers to her as Lady Sichte (ズィヒテ殿, Sichte-dono; -dono is a Japanese equivalent of Old English), acting as a knight and, seemingly, a personal bodyguard.


Grolla is the current wielder of the Grollschwert, a legendary sword once held by her grandfather, the famous Raimund Seyfarth. It is said that this sword's blade sharpens as the wielder becomes closer to death. Using the Grollschwert as a conduit, Grolla is capable of unleashing her inner strength in the form of multi-directional slashes.


Pre-Sichte Events

Grolla confronts Spiritia at her grandfather's gravesite, before going into battle.

Grolla first appears to Spiritia and questions her on why she opposed the organization of RKS. Spiritia felt she hadn't actually betrayed the organization, she just knew that what the RKS was doing was wrong. Grolla react to this with surprise, and she thought that the person who she believed turned against her own kind and willingly became the Holy Empire's lapdog would come to her saying such things. Lilli told her that Spiritia was only doing what she thought was right, and that she knew that even if she was siding with the Empire, there had to be a better way to make everyone happy. Grolla decided she'd heard enough of Spiritia's words and was determined to bathe Grollschwert's blade in her blood. Spiritia's unwavering conviction to her cause made her a powerful opponent, and Grolla was eventually subdued. Sichte came to Grolla's rescue, and decided that she could no longer tolerate Spiritia standing in the way of RKS's rebellion against the Empire. She said to Spiritia that this victory was hers, though she was going to put an end to this personally the next time they met.

After Sichte's defeat, Grolla came to her aid. Sichte ordered her to stand down knowing that the victory was Spiritia's. She then prayed for Spiritia's success. Grolla, knowing that they both lost to her, knew that they could not accept that Spiritia could lose to another.

Post-Sichte Events

If Sichte was defeated before confronting Grolla, Grolla would come to her aid just like she would after Sichte's defeat after her own. Grolla vowed that she would strike Spiritia down with her own hands before the two left. When Spiritia arrived before her, Grolla reveals that she was waiting for her. Spiritia tried to convince her to stop what she was doing, but Grolla was not willing to take orders from her, as she was not willing to waste her time the words of the Empire's lapdog. Lilli told Grolla that Spiritia was only doing what she thought was right, and Spiritia knew that even if she was siding with the Empire, there had to be a better way to make everyone happy. Grolla decided she'd heard enough of her words and challenged her to battle, determined to bathe Grollschwert's blade in her blood. Spiritia's unwavering conviction to her cause made her a powerful opponent, and Grolla was eventually subdued. Grolla waited for Spiritia to finish her, but she refused. Grolla was not willing to live with such disgrace, though Sichte then arrived and ordered Grolla to stand down, and the two prayed for Spirtia's success.

At the end of Rosenkreuzstilette, Grolla, alongside Sichte and the rest of the organization, greeted Spiritia at a floating island on her triumphant return from her final battle against Iris.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~

Grolla Seyfarth, as she appeared in Rosenkreuzstilette.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Grolla becomes a witness to Iris Zeppelin's murder of a priest and overheard her plans to have the RKS start a war with the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church for her own personal amusement. Iris immediately attempts to kill Grolla, but only manages to severely wound her. At that moment, Grolla begins to fear Iris from her attack, while questioning her own sudden fear of someone, which is something a Seyfarth has never done before. Grolla quickly recovers and rushes towards Iris drawing her Grollschwert. She then interrogates Iris on her plot to have the RKS wage war against the Empire. However, Iris was able to stop Grolla by crying out for help and pretending to be the innocent victim to Grolla's sudden attack. Sichte heard Iris' scream and rushes to Grolla trying to kill Iris. She orders Grolla to lower her weapon before the situation got out of hand. Grolla attempts to inform Sichte of the situation, though Iris' cries for help prevented her from doing so. Knowing the situation that she was in, Grolla knew she had to quickly escape. As she walked on the bridge to the Imperial Training Hall, Grolla gathers her thoughts and reassesses the situation. However, it was not long before the RKS's attack against the Holy Empire began.

Grolla rushes through the Imperial Training Hall and the Black Forest and found Freudia Neuwahl at the very heart of the forest. She informs Grolla that she was branded as a traitor to the RKS, but Freudia was willing to forgive her if she confesses her crimes and offered to let her into the RKS's rebellion against the Holy Empire. Grolla tries to explain that Iris was behind the attack, but Freudia refuses to listen. Unable to convince her colleagues of the situation at hand, Grolla took it upon herself to stop the RKS and their war against the Holy Empire while vowing revenge against Iris, for her humiliation and betrayal against the organization.

Along the way to stopping her colleagues at RKS, Grolla ran into Spiritia Rosenberg, who, too, took it upon herself to stop her colleagues from breaking out into war against the Empire as well, vowing to find a better way to gain acceptance from the Empire. When Grolla asked whether she had come to kill her as well, Lilli reminded her that Spiritia was only trying to stop RKS's coup against the Empire. Tia said that she too had been branded as a traitor and needed to stop [Michael Zeppelin|Count Zeppelin]] before the war got even more out of hand. Grolla spoke of killing Iris, much to Spiritia's shock, and explained that Iris was the cause of the war. Spiritia didn't believe her, but Grolla, knowing about Spiritia's native nature, claimed that whether she did so or not was of no importance so long as she didn't get in Grolla's way and didn't try to keep her from killing Iris. Spirtia wasn't going to allow Grolla to kill her, but Grolla had hoped it would come to this. She had always dreamed of fighting against Spiritia seriously, and she knew this would be the perfect opportunity. Not willing to let anyone hurt Iris, or for Grolla to commit such a sin, she vowed to stop her.

From there, a battle ensued, and in the end, Grolla managed to best Spiritia - even the Cross Tank Lilli provided her with wasn't enough to stop Grolla from exacting her revenge on Iris. With the match over, Grolla told her that she could heed her words or toss them aside however she wished: "Beware of Iris. If you don't, you will pay a high price." Although she didn't think Iris was capable of something like that, Spiritia realized that Grolla wasn't lying and planned to see Iris for herself. Grolla agreed to let her see Iris, and Spiritia told her to be careful and left.

Grolla also ran into Sichte again along the way. As the leader of the RKS Strike Force, Sichte had always been on the lookout for those who didn't follow Count Zeppelin's orders, although she didn't expect Grolla to be one of them. Grolla was willing to accept being branded as a traitor and paying the price for her betrayal but could not stand down during her pursuit of Iris. Sichte grew wary of Grolla's talk about Iris but wasn't willing to call her a liar. Grolla warned her that if things continued as they were, she could not tell what would happen. Sichte understood that the sword Grolla carried was once wielded by her mentor and grandfather, Raimund Seyfarth, and Grolla reminded her that it was also her grandfather's memento. With that, a duel ensued, and Grolla emerged victorious, after which Sichte was amazed at how merciful Grolla was being. She would've preferred to have been slain by her Grollschwert rather than having the feeling of disappointment from those who didn't fight with all their heart. Grolla reminded her that being dead wouldn't be useful to anyone and wanted Sichte to stand by her side against Iris. Sichte couldn't turn her back on her cause after her defeat, but promised that she would no longer stand in Grolla's way. If that was not acceptable, she was willing to be struck down by her blade. After a moment of silence, the two bidded their farewells to each other, and Grolla continued on in her pursuit of Iris.

After defeating and convincing her colleagues to stand down, Grolla then stormed Zeppelin's Castle to put an end to the coup against the Empire. Upon reaching the end of the bridge of the castle, she stumbles upon the the Devil Scythe, Grassense, and began to hear a familiar voice in the distance. Grolla thought it was an impostor at first due to the fact that the Grassense that she spotted was a copy created by magic, but it was none other than her former mentor and grandfather, Raimund Seyfarth. He wishes to challenge his granddaughter to test her abilities as a Seyfarth and to see if she was worthy to wield his legendary blade, the Grollschwert. He asked her if she could hear Grollschwert's voice and explained to her how the mystic swords of the Seyfarth line posesse sentience and how she could listen to Grollschwert's will and harness its true power. Had her blade been nothing more than a tool, an instrument of destruction, she and the Seyfarth legacy would meet their end the night she ran across the resurrected soul of her grandfather. Even though he had been freed of all material desires when he was revived by Count Zeppelin, the thirst for battle still permeated his soul. He told her to raise her weapon and not hold back if she didn't wish to perish, and she accepted his challenge out of obligation to lay him back to rest. Grolla emerges from the battle victoriously and proved that she was indeed worthy of the Grollschwert. Having been able to hear Grollschwert's voice, she even vowed to carry the pride of the Seyfarth Clan with her before pleading to her master to rest in peace. Both angered and saddened that she was made to slay her own grandfather, Grolla vowed that Zeppelin's reasons meant nothing to her and swore vengeance against him for resurrecting him and having him fought against her, promising to show him no mercy and make him pay for disrupting his peaceful slumber.

Grolla confronted Zeppelin for disturbing her grandfather's peace. Zeppelin believed that Grolla was working for the Church to assassinate his daughter. She pitied and insulted him for being easily deceived by Iris. Zeppelin believed that Grolla was the one being deceived and Grolla asked him if he was saying that he would believe no one but Iris, no matter what. Zeppelin refused to hear that from her - he couldn't know where traitors lie. Grolla admitted what a fool she was for having respected him, wondering what those who still shared his ideals would think if they could see him the way he was. Zeppelin said that he was willing to become the Devil himself in order to protect Iris, and Grolla then vowed to become a demon slayer and crush him where he stood. After Zeppelin's defeat, Grolla asked him if he had any last words. She was just about to finish him off when Grolla saw Iris' attack and evaded it, though it killed Zeppelin in the process. Iris then insults Grolla and laughs at the very thought of having her fight against her grandfather. Iris revealed that she was the one who arranged to have him brought back - leading Grolla to state to Iris that she has just "signed her own death warrant". Iris attempts to kill Grolla again, but Grolla thwarted her attack with her Grollschwert in a display of formidable power, then Iris, realizing that Grolla really was something, vanished and escaped to her palace, inviting Grolla to a stage she readied for both of them. Grolla followed in pursuit.

A bouquet of flowers left by Grolla to honor her grandfather's memories.

Fueled by anger, Grolla swiftly destroyed every obstacle that stood in her way and finally confronted Iris, wanting no small talk and only her bloodshed. Iris was impressed that a "commoner" like her was trying to stand up to her, but that didn't matter to Grolla: she was willing to allow that privilege all she liked after her blood stained her blade. Iris then fought against Grolla using her mechanical fortress, the Iris Machine, though it was no match for Grolla's new-found rage towards Iris. Iris couldn't believe Grolla destroyed her machine and immediately fled once again with Grolla in pursuit.

The two had finally confronted each other for the last time, and Iris couldn't believe that Grolla was standing on holy grounds. Grolla admitted that Iris liked to think she was special, and that was when Iris finally revealed that she was the reincarnation of Rosenkreuz, born with his absolute power and unparallelled brains, believing herself to be a child of God. This didn't matter to Grolla: her blade was telling her to spill Iris' blood, and she was inclined to obey. She didn't care whether Iris was a God, a human, or even an insect, she was willing to rip her apart all the same. Iris had heard enough out of the "pompous maggot" and was willing to show her the limits of a commoner. She then fought against Grolla using the remains of her Iris Machine, the Iris Capsule. Grolla manages to best Iris' capsule, only for Iris to fight her herself using her god-like power. However, Grolla defeated Iris, leaving Iris with nowhere to run or hide. Not willing to accept that Grolla actually defeated her, Iris, as a last resort to prevent herself from being killed by the hands of a "mere commoner," invokes the power of her tiara to destroy Grolla along with her palace. Grolla saw through her last act of desperation and escapes from the collapsing palace. She escapes to a faraway plateau and watches as Iris' Palace crumbled until it was nothing but rubble.

At the end of the Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert's~staff roll, Grolla places a bouquet of flowers on her grandfather's grave-site and pay her respects to him and honors his memory. She also takes the Grollschwert that Raimund used when he was resurrected by Count Zeppelin as its successor.


Main article: Ghost Town

Boss strategy

Grolla will approach Spiritia and swing her Grollschwert to release shockwaves at her, she swings her sword about 1-3 times. The shockwaves she release can be easily avoided by jumping over them. During the battle, she will walk towards Spiritia or jump away from her. Should Spiritia be far away from Grolla, she perform a tackle attack to get in close range of her. When Grolla reaches Desperation Mode, she will release three Grollschwert shockwaves at once with each swing of her sword and completely disregards her tackle attack for a multi-directional laser-like slashing attack when she jumps high into the air. This attack can be avoided by watching the actual pattern of the attack and use the necessary maneuvers to avoid it.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Grolla awaiting Freudia at the end of the Mountainside Dungeon just before she is possessed by her grandfather's spirit.


Freudia meets Grolla in the Mountainside Dungeon, though Grolla appears to be in pain and tells Freudia to get away from her. Grolla soon loses control of herself and comes to see Freudia as another one of the homunculi sent by the Church.

Strudel asks Freudia if she is not going to run away and Freudia responds that in her current state, Grolla would fight until death and thus can't be left alone. Freudia fights against Grolla and frees from the Grollschwert's possession. Grolla tells Freudia that she will remember this favor and leaves, while vowing to herself that she will master the Demon Sword Grollschwert.

Freudia learns her Eislanze ability from her in the C75 & C76 Trial versions. In the more recent versions, she learns Eisschwert from her.


C75 Trial Version

Main article: Ghost Town

C76 Trial/Final Version

Main article: Mountainside Dungeon

Boss strategy

Grolla uses much of her previous tactics from the previous game along with a few new attacks. Unlike the previous game, instead of tackling Freudia if she is too far away from Grolla, she will charge at Freudia by dashing towards and perform a 3-stage combo attack when she is within her striking range, the third swing releasing a shockwave. She will also climb the wall and perform one of the following: she will either do a few quick wall-jumps, then dives in for a 3-stage attack as she would if she were to charge at Freudia, or climb high up the walls and plunge into the ground with her Grollschwert with shockwaves being released from both sides. During Desperation Mode, she will release more shockwaves for each of her attacks; her combo will release shockwaves with each swing of her sword and her plunging attack will release shockwaves that covers much of the area. Grolla also retains her Desperation attack from the previous, though this time she releases Grollschwert shockwaves in eight directions as she slashes in mid-air, similarly to Luste's Lustatem in Rosenkreuzstilette.

In more recent versions of ~Freudenstachel~, Grolla will leap at the wall above the player's head and come down on her with her sword pointed towards the ground, releasing two spirits upon impact with the ground. She'll then jump back and charge the player, slashing wildly as she does so, which deflects all shots from the front, then leap into the air and perform a slash upon landing. She'll then launch a shockwave from her Grollschwert that travels along the ground, which can be jumped over to avoid. She can also jump into the air and come down with a slash that she'll release another shockwave from. She'll also sometimes try to tackle the player. During Desperation Mode, she'll also leap into the air and create lasers with her Grollschwert in different directions (either in three parallell lines or in all directions, to be precise), which she can command to turn into laser-like slash shockwaves as she falls towards the ground. She can also now create two shockwaves that slowly travel somewhat above the ground with her Grollschwert, which can be slid under to avoid.

In the C75 Trial version, she is weak against Freudenzwinger, learned from Liebea Palesch. In the C76 Trial version, she is weak against Frostfackel, learned from Zorne Zeppelin. In the Web Trial version and Final release, she is weak against Weißteufel, learned from Sichte Meister.



  • Introduction:
    • 「教会の狗が……!」 ("Kyōkai no inu ga...!") ("Dog of the Church...!")
    • 「その命……ここで散らすがいい!」 ("Sono inochi... koko de chirasuga ī!") ("Your life... is forfeit!")
  • Introduction (Post-Sichte Events)
    • 「貴様だけは……この手で斬る!」 ("Kisama dake wa…… kono-te de kiru!") ("There's only one way... I will kill you!")
    • 「我が剣の切れ味を……貴様の身体で味わうがいい!」 ("Waga ken no kireaji o... kisama no karada de ajiwauga ī!") ("The blade of the sword I wield... I'll let you have a good taste of it!")
  • Grollschwert Wave:
    • 「やっ!」 ("Ya-!")
    • 「ふっ!」 ("Hu-!")
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha-!")
    • 「やぁっ!」 ("Yaa-!")
  • Tackle Attack:
    • 「はぁぁっ!」 ("Yaa-!")
    • 「隙ありっ!」 ("Suki ari!") ("You're open!")
    • 「見切った!」 ("Mikitta!") ("You're through!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「奥義覚醒!」 ("Ōgi kakusei!") ("Hidden awakening!")
    • 「絶技開眼!」 ("Zetsugi kaigan!") ("Exceed skill enlightenment!")
  • Multidirectional Grollschwert Attack:
    • 「死ねぇっ!」 ("Shi nē!") ("Die!")
    • 「その身に刻め!」 ("Sono mi ni kizame!") ("I shall cut you down!")
    • 「斬る!」 ("Kiru!") ("Kill!")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「ッぐぅっ!」 ("Guuaa-!")
  • Victory:
    • 「ふん……こんなものか。」 ("Fun... Konna mono ka.") ("Hmph... Is that it?")
    • 「呆気ないな……」 ("Akkenai na...") ("That's not enough...")
  • Victory (Post-Sichte Event):
    • 「汚名はすすがせてもらったぞ。」 ("Omei wa susuga sete moratta zo.") ("Allow me to rinse the stigma of your disgrace.")
    • 「当然の報いだ!」 ("I no kōsude wa,da to hōkoku!") ("You deserved it!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「不覚…!」 ("Fukaku...!") ("Mistaken...!")
    • 「ここまでか……!」 ("Koko made ka...!") ("How far...!")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~

  • Triple Slash:
    • 「ふっ!」 ("Hu-!")
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha-!")
    • 「やぁっ!」 ("Yaa-!")
  • Charged Slash:
    • 「死ねぇっ!」 ("Shi nē!") ("Die!")
    • 「斬る!」 ("Kiru!") ("Kill!")
    • 「隙ありっ!」 ("Sukiari!!") ("You are open!!")
  • Damage:
    • 「ッぐぅっ!」 ("Guuaa-!")
    • ("Guaa-!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「奥義覚醒!」 ("Ōgi kakusei!") ("Hidden awakening!")
    • 「絶技開眼!」 ("Zetsugi kaigan!") ("Exceed skill enlightenment!")
  • Defeated:
    • ("Guuaaa-!")
    • ("Guaaaaaa-!")
  • Special Intros:
    • Before fighting Sichte:「参る!!」 ("Mairu!!") ("Here I go!!")
    • Before fighting Raimund: 「師匠…… 行くぞ!」 ("Shishō... iku zo!") ("Master... Let's go!")
  • Misc.:
    • Unlocking Grollschwert Mode: 「グロールシュヴェート!」 ("Grollschwert!")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Introduction: 
    • 「殺す…!」 ("Korosu...!") ("Kill...!")
    • 「我が一閃を、その身に刻んで朽ち果てろ!」("Waga issen wo... sono mi ni kizande kuchihatero!") ("My sword slash... let it carve into your body and rot!")
    • 「地獄へ旅立つ準備は出来たか?」 ("Jigoku he tabidatsu junbi ha dekitaka?") ("Are you prepared for the trip to hell?")
  • Grollschwert:
    • 「ふっ」 ("Fu-!")
    • 「はぁー!」 ("Haa-!")
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha-!")
    • 「だぁー!」 ("Daa-!")
    • 「やっ!」 ("Ya-!")
    • 「やあっ!」 ("Yaa-!")
    • 「ふっ」 ("Fu-!")
  • Jump Slash:
    • 「朽ちろ!」 ("Kuchiro!") ("Rot!")
    • 「砕けろ!」 ("Kudakero!") ("Shatter!")
    • 「息絶えろ!」 ("Ikitaero!") ("Die!")
  • Sword Plant:
    • 「油断したな。」 ("Yudan shita na~.") ("Off your guard.")
    • 「そこだ!」 ("Soko da!") ("There!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「真義開放!」 ("Shingi Kaihou!") ("True Art Unleashed!")
    • 「ぐゥおあああアアアーーーー!!!」 ("Guuuaaaaaa!!!!")
  • Multidirectional Grollschwert Attack:
    • 「グロールシュヴェート!」 ("Grollschwert!")
    • 「刻めっ!」 ("Kizame!") ("Engrave!")
    • 「死ね!」 (""Shi ne!") ("DIE!")
    • 「血を流せ!」 ("Chi wo nagase!") ("Bleed!")
    • 「報い受けろ!」 ("Mukui Ukero!") ("Suffer the consequence!")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「ぐゥッ!」 ("Ugh!")
  • Victory:
    • 「はっ…はあっ…私はっ...?」 ("ha...ha... wa... watashi ha...?") ("*huff* *huff* What... what did I do...?") (Only used in earlier trial versions)
    • 「弱者には似合い最後だな。」 ("Jakusha ni ha niai saigo dana.") ("What a perfect ending for a weakling.")
    • 「もっとだ……モットチヲナガセェーーーーエ!!!」 ("Mottoda... MOTTO CHI WO NAGASEEEEEE~!!!") ("More... BLEED MOOOOOORE!!!!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「ぐわあああぁッ!!!」 ("Guaaaaa-!!!")
    • 「师匠~~~~~っ!!!」 (""Shishōōōōō~!!!") ("Masteeeeer~!!!")
    • 「無念だ…!」 ("Munenda...!") ("This is regretful...!")

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Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


  • Grolla's name is derived from the German word "Groll," which means a "grudge" or "ill will" in German. "Seyfarth" comes from Andreas Seyfarth, a German board game designer best known for his 2002 game, Puerto Rico.
  • Grolla is the only one out of Spiritia's friends who does not refer to any of the members of RKS by their short nicknames, especially Spiritia herself.
  • Grolla bears many allusions to Zero from the Mega Man X series; In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Grolla stood up against the organization that she was formally a part of to prevent the rebellion of the RKS after being manipulated by Iris, similarly to Zero when he stood against Repliforce when they were corrupted by Sigma. She also ended up fighting those who are close to her, Sichte Meister and her grandfather, Raimund Seyfarth, as she carried her revenge against Iris Zeppelin. Zero follows on a similar case; Zero fought against Iris, his potential lover, after killing her brother, Colonel in Mega Man X4. Then Zero fought against his closest friend, Mega Man X, near the end of Mega Man X5.
  • Another similarity Grolla has with Zero is her battle against Spiritia in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~; both characters had a similar goal, yet fought each other when they argued about Iris. Spiritia fought similarly to Mega Man X in Mega Man X5 as she used her Seelegewehr like Mega Man X did when he used his X-Buster. Spiritia also used Lustatem in a similar fashion to Mega Man X's Soul Body and used an ice-elemental attack (Freudenstachel) and a charge attack the covers a wide range (Klageharnisch) just as Mega Man X did with Frost Tower and Double Cyclone. The music that was used in that battle, "Fighting Spirits" by Silver Chaos, is reminiscent to the music that played during Mega Man X's and Zero's battle in Mega Man X5, which was later used when Mega Man X fought against the Zero Nightmare in Mega Man X6.
  • Grolla's control style in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ is based on Zero's from the Mega Man Zero series.
  • Despite being the only character who wears armor, Grolla actually takes twice the amount of damage in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~.
  • In the Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ credits, Grolla's full name was misspelled as Grolla Sayfalth, this was fixed in the English translation of the game.
  • A screenshot from the Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ April Fool's site depicts Grolla fighting against Freudia at the same area that the player fought against her grandfather at in the original game and wielding her grandfather's Grollschwert, which she still does in the current Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. The notable difference was the glowing red eyes, which were never used in the trial versions of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel's~ release after the April Fool's screenshots. This change was probably the result of the Grollschwert or Raimund Seyfarth possessing Grolla during the fight.
  • In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, one of her spoken lines, 「地獄へ旅立つ準備は出来たか?」 ("Are you prepared for the trip to hell?"), is a variant of Sigma's intro taunt when fighting him in the Japanese version of Mega Man X4.

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