RKS Iris Machine-small

The two different appearances of the Iris Machine, with Iris in the cockpit.

The Iris Machine (イーリスマシン, Īrisumashin) is a massive floating fortress created and piloted by Iris Zeppelin.

Iris Machine I

The Iris Machine first appeared in Rosenkreuzstilette as Iris attempted to defeat Spiritia Rosenberg (or Grolla Seyfarth in ~Grollschwert~) with it. Its first form, entitled Iris Machine: Mana Crystal Reinforced (イーリスマシン 岩足場, Īrisumashin iwa ashiba) is covered in a blood-stained crater composed of mana crystals surrounding its body, protecting the machine's weakspots, and sharp bloodied "teeth" protecting the machine's canopy. The machine attacks by shooting large purple orbs of electricity out of its "mouth" that swoops below the player and while Iris uses Blitzstrahl from above. The first form's weakspot is the crater and it is weak against Lustatem.

After the first from is defeated, the crater protecting its body falls apart, setting the stage for the second phase entitled Iris Machine: Iris (イーリスマシン イーリス Īrisumashin īrisu) and revealing the Iris Machine's true weakspots; the red orb underneath the cockpit, the power generator behind the machine, and the machine's canopy. The Iris Machine will now shoot the purple orbs above Spiritia that will race across the ground if there's any room, and the platform beneath the machine will launch out to push the player back if they stay close to it for too long. The second form's weakness is Zornesbombe, which can only be used by planting a bomb on the platform where the spikes shoots out so the explosion can damage the power generator, serverely damaging it. Lustatem can also be used against the machine's canopy or the red orb if the player runs out of energy to use Zornesbombe.

Iris Machine II

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Iris uses a similar machine called the Iris Machine II. In the first form, the machine will slowly bob up and down, firing several electric orbs that will home in on the player before stopping to place two magic circles in front of it, one smaller one first, and one larger one afterwards, and then fire a massive laser across the screen while creating a wind that drags Freu towards the beam. Its weak point is, just like the last Iris Machine, the crater around its body. This phase is weak to Freudenzwinger . However, its easier just to get right under it and use Frostklinge aiming up, and the orbs will not get to you.

After the crater protecting its body falls apart upon the defeat of its first form, the machine takes the appearance of a large skull with a platform on its bottom that has spikes on its own bottom. The machine will jump around the room, releasing four electric orbs upon contact with the ground that bound along the floor. Just like the first form, the second form can also fire homing electric orbs. This phase is weak to Frostfackel.


  • The Iris Machine from Rosenkreuzstilette is marriage of Dr. Wily's Wily Machines Number 1, Number 2, and Number 4 from the original Mega Man series.
  • The second phase of Iris Machine II is rather similar to Wily Machine 6 from Mega Man 6.
  • A different Iris Machine was shown on the [erka:es] Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ April Fools site depicting Freudia actually hovering as she fights against it. It also has a considerably high HP gauge, running at 81 hit points.
  • The protective shells of the first forms of the Iris Machines are made of the minerals found throughout the mines of the Nosdu Mountains, which explains the first machine's first form's weakness to Luste's Lustatem.