Iris Zeppelin as she appears in Rosenkreuzstilette.
Designer WOMI
Relationship Michael Zeppelin (biological father)
Zorne Zeppelin (adopted older sister, rival)
Spiritia Rosenberg (other half of Rosenkreuz's reincarnation)
Grolla Seyfarth (adversary)
Eifer Skute (creation, servant)
Talos (former slave)
Rosenkreuz (past incarnation)
Weapon Blitzstrahl
Seelegewehr (with Spiritia under her control)

Rosenkreuzstilette: Zornesbombe (Iris Machine second form)
Lustatem (Iris Machine first form, Iris Capsule, Final)
Freudenstachel: Freudenzwinger (Iris Machine II first form)
Frostfackel (Iris Machine II second form)
Kopiekreisel (Final)

Immunities Rosenkreuzstilette:
Grollschwert (Iris Capsule and Final)
Voice Actor Kakeru Hotarubi (JP)
Kira Buckland (ENG)
Sprite Rosenkreuzstilette (without the silver tiara).Rosenkreuzstilette (with the silver tiara).Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

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Iris Zeppelin (イーリス・ゼッペリン, Iirisu Zepperin) is the main antagonist of Rosenkreuzstilette and its sequel ~Freudenstachel~. She is the biological daughter of the esteemed Count Michael Zeppelin and adoptive younger sister of Zorne Zeppelin. Iris claims to be the reincarnation of Rosenkreuz who inherited his knowledge and immense magical powers, whereas someone else inherited his soul, and she intends to use her power and knowledge to realize her dreams of becoming god of her own new world.


Like her father, Iris is a well-dressed character; she wears a magenta vest-and-short pink dress combo with a red gem and similarly-colored ribbons on her chest. She also wears black, long-sleeved undershirt and leggings underneath along with a semi-transparent white skirt, white gloves and shoes. Iris has long, blonde hair with two small, red beads forming ponytails on side of her head and she has blood-red eyes. She later gains a silver/gold tiara with a red diamond on its center, which she wears on her forehead. Her voice has a short echo when she speaks, which is changed to a seraphic echo when she turns into her final form.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, she gains two white handkerchiefs with red linings hanging from her red beads holding her ponytails and her white gloves are slightly longer, but nevertheless the rest of her physical appearance remains unaltered.


"Heheheh. I think all kinds of interesting things are sure to happen."
—Iris Zeppelin, Rosenkreuzstilette

Iris is what people think of as a two-faced rich girl who tends to be theatrical with everything she does. At first, she appears to be a kind, gentle, innocent, and "mature-for-her-age" young girl to many people. But that is only a facade; beneath her innocent mask looks lies a cruel, scheming, manipulative, wicked, and deceitful little girl who is willing to do everything in her power for personal gain. Because she was born as one half of the reincarnation of Rosenkreuz, she was, as she says, blessed with absolute power and unparalleled brains. She believes herself to be the most powerful Magus in existence, a child of God himself, and incomparable to anyone else. She believes herself to exist on a higher plane than everyone else, who in turn she calls "commoners", and claims to have become a God and therefore unable to be defeated nor stopped by anyone. Everything she does throughout the series, no matter how cruel or hurtful, is all done just for her own amusement. She often has a habit of singing as talks, indicated by the eighth note (♪) at the end of her sentences. She also has a catchphrase in the form of "Desu wa", which means "Good heavens".


Concept sketch of Iris by the series' illustrator, WOMI.

Iris first appeared to greet Spiritia at the Imperial Training Hall after returning from the Black Forest. Though she was later abducted by Talos, a dragon that broke into Imperial Training Hall during their conversation. Lilli, despite not trusting Iris (she claimed that Iris trying to take Spiritia away from her), tried to talk to Talos and followed after it when it took off with Iris in its claws. Lilli was not able to catch up to Talos and returned to Spiritia when the Black Forest was set ablaze by Freudia and the RKS.

When Spiritia confronted Count Zeppelin, he revealed to her that Iris was born with Rosenkreuz's magical powers and intelligence, thus making Iris his reincarnation. Zeppelin tried to hide Iris' secrets from the Church, though he told a few people that he could trust about her. He found out that the Church learned about Iris from Kahl Palesch, Liebea's brother, and launched a coup against the Empire with the RKS in order to protect her. Spiritia fought against him to prove her convictions of stopping the rebellion. After Zeppelin's defeat, he told her of his reasons why he started the war: it was because Kahl made an attempt to take Iris's life. Lilli began to piece everything about the war and Iris when it occurred to her when something was amiss: that they met Iris in the Imperial Training Hall when it all started. Zeppelin claimed that Iris was with him the entire time to inform about Kahl. Before they had any time to think, Lilli foresaw an attack from Iris and warned Spiritia before she struck and killed her father by her Blitzstrahl. Iris revealed that she was the one who was behind everything; the war of the RKS and the Empire, Kahl's imprisonment, every event that happened was caused by her for her own personal amusement and her goals of becoming the new God of the world.

Iris attacked Spiritia and severely wounded her. Spiritia desperately wanted to know Iris' motives behind her actions. Iris was more than happy to answer her questions. Everything that her father said was true, though he left out one detail that she lied about: Kahl knew what Iris was planning and she decided to get rid of him. As a being born with power and knowledge beyond any human or Magi that ever existed, she grew bored knowing everything about the world and staged the war to make the world less boring to her. Spiritia couldn't believe that Iris was capable of causing so many horrible events to happen. Out of all the people she deceived, Spiritia was the easiest to manipulate. As for her motives behind her abduction at the Imperial Training Hall, she wanted to play the role of the "damsel-in-distress" as an act to get Spiritia to carry her pendent in hopes of returning it to her. The pendent Iris dropped at the Imperial Training Hall allowed her to watch every move Spiritia made as she fought against her friends. Iris' motives behind killing her father was the fact that Zorne hated her and she tried so hard to make Zeppelin accept her as his own daughter, so Iris decides to make Zorne suffer by killing the father whom she desperately yearned for. Iris could not contain her excitement watching people suffer as everything planned out was more than what she had hoped for. After answering Spiritia's questions, Iris no longer had any reasons to keep Spiritia alive and attempted to kill her, though Freudia came in the nick of time to save her. After Freudia had fought against Spiritia and left to rethink her actions, she began investigating the RKS rebellion and confirmed her suspicions of Iris, though it more than she had hoped for. Iris could not stand anyone getting in the way of her plan. Knowing that she was able to kill them from where Spiritia and Freudia stands, Iris instead decided to let them prepare themselves for a final showdown at her palace.

Iris awaited Spiritia's arrival at her ballroom within her palace quarters. Spititia would not forgive Iris for what she had done. Iris then questioned her for the fact that a run-of-the-mill Magus like Spiritia was actually trying to take on Iris, the reincarnation of Rosenkreuz who had transcended humanity. She then claimed to have become a god. Despite not knowing how much of a great man that Rosenkreuz was, Spiritia knew for a fact that Iris was no god and her powers will only end up controlling her. To Iris, the world was nothing more than a toy to her, and she believed it was her right to treat people as toys. Spiritia told her that what was wrong with that was that people were not toys - everyone had their own fair share of hardships and their own hopes and dreams, and they tried to make the most of their lives, which Iris had no right to toy around with. Iris couldn't take any more of Spiritia's talk, and then she fought her using her mechanical fortress, the Iris Machine.

The Iris Machine was no match for Spiritia's determination to stop Iris and her plot to rule the world as its god. Iris fled to the sky above her palace. Spiritia caught up with her after freeing Talos from the seal Iris used on him. Iris then began to laugh maniacally when she realized something about Spiritia. Even though Iris inherited Rosenkreuz's immense magical powers and knowledge during his lifetime, she lacked the one thing that set Rosenkreuz apart from every other Magi in existence: his ability to tap into the powers of others. She noticed that Spiritia gained the abilities of her friends, that was when it was clear to her that Spiritia is his other incarnation, the "Blade of Rosenkreuz". The very thought of it all made Iris anxious from feeling the rush of hating Spiritia. She then questioned her how it felt being born with the power of most powerful Magus in existence. Lilli reminded Iris that Spiritia will always be herself. Though she was uncertain about being the reincarnation of Rosenkreuz or inheriting his ability to tap into the power of others, none of that mattered to Spiritia as long as she has the support of her friends to give the willpower to fight. Iris grew tired of listing to Spiritia, she was intent on senting her to the afterlife by using her capsule and the full extent of her god-like powers.

Despite Iris' efforts, she was no match for Spiritia. She could not believe that she lost to a single Magus. Spiritia reminded that she is never truly alone. It was the support of her friends that brought her victory and it was because Iris did not believe in others, nor love her fellow man, that she lost. As a last resort, Iris activated the self-destruct mechanism of her palace to take Spiritia down with it. Talos arrived to save her before falling to her demise, while Iris escapes in her capsule.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~

Iris is shown to be even more cruel (especially towards Grolla) in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~; Iris murdered a priest (whom she referred to as an "a lowly peasant") and began plotting to have the RKS start a war with the Empire for her amusement. Grolla overhead Iris and demanded answers from her. Iris instead faked crying out for help and pretended to be a target in Grolla's assassination attempt. Sichte heard Iris cry out for help and arrived to the scene where Grolla was interrogating Iris with her Grollschwert. Grolla tried desperately to inform Sichte what Iris was plotting, but Iris' cries for help prevented her from doing so. Knowing the situation that she was in, Grolla escaped from the area. Sichte then came to comfort Iris and asked her why she tried to attack her. Iris continued her charade and acted as if she was too afraid to even answer Sichte's questions. As her charade went on, Iris gave a short laugh that almost gave away her act.

Iris manipulated her father into believing that Grolla was a assassin hired by the Church to assassinate her. Grolla carried out her vengeance against him and defeated Count Zeppelin for disturbing the peace of her grandfather. Iris arrived shortly after his defeat and killed him in an attempt to kill Grolla along with Zeppelin. Iris was angry with Grolla for continuing to interfere with her plans and was tired of her antics. Grolla asked her why she killed the Count, and Iris laughed saying, "Had I done nothing, you would've finished him yourself. Pity I couldn't catch the two of you. I would've killed two birds with one stone." Grolla told her there was no hope for her, which Iris refused to hear from her. Iris noticed Grolla trembling from fighting her grandfather and laughed at the very thought of Grolla slaying her grandfather after being brought back from the dead by her father. She revealed that she was the one who arranged for her father to have him brought back and asked Grolla if she enjoyed her family reunion. Grolla declared that Iris had just signed her own death warrant. She then tried to kill Grolla with the same attack from the very beginning, though she thwarted her attack with her Grollschwert as a display of her power. The amused Iris laughed realizing that Grolla really was something. Iris then vanished to her palace with Grolla in pursuit, inviting her to a stage that she had readied for both of them.

Grolla, fueled by her new-found anger and hatred toward Iris, overcame every obstacle she encountered as she eventually confronted Iris. She was impressed that a "commoner" like Grolla was trying to face off against a god like herself, but Grolla wanted no small talk and only Iris' bloodshed. Iris was surprised at how jealous Grolla was and mocked her, believing that nothing she did would compare to the genius of her abilities. Seeing as how Iris liked letting her mouth run, Grolla was willing to allow that privilege all she liked after her blood stained her Grollschwert's blade. Willing to show Grolla how powerless she believed she truly was, Iris then fought her using the Iris Machine. However, her mechanical fortress was no match for Grolla's anger. She couldn't believe that Grolla was able to destroy her fortress and escaped to the sky above her palace. Grolla used Talos, who was sealed by Iris, to reach her on the very peak of the sky above her palace. Iris could not believe that someone like Grolla was able to set foot on the sacred ground they stood on. Grolla mocked Iris saying she desperately liked to believe she was special, and that's when Iris finally revealed to her that she is the reincarnation of Rosenkreuz due to the fact that she inherited his powers and knowledge. But that did not matter to Grolla - her blade was telling her to spill Iris' blood, and she was inclined to obey. She didn't care if Iris was a human, a god, nor even an insect, she was determined to rip her apart and exact her revenge all the same. Iris angrily grew tired of the talk of the "pompous maggot" as she called her and was willing to show her the limits of a commoner.

She fought Grolla by using her capsule and her god-like powers, though Iris lost to her. Iris could not accept that Grolla, of all people, actually defeated her. Before Grolla could finally finish Iris once and for all, she used the self-destruct mechanism of her palace in an attempt to take her down with it, but Grolla caught this final attack and escaped to avoid her own death.


Main article: Iris Palace

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


Iris returns in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ as one of two main antagonists alongside Eifer Skute as well as one of two final bosses alongside a brainwashed Spiritia. After all of the Schwarzkreuz is defeated, it is revealed that Eifer has been working with her in manipulating them all along, having slaughtered the Pope and replaced him with a homonculus posing as him. Freudia mentions that Spiritia believed Iris could change, but, since she realizes she's unwilling to do so, decides she cannot let her live.

Later, Iris is also revealed to be the one who arranged for Spiritia's kidnapping and brainwashing, which sets her childhood friend into a rage declaring that she has made a mistake in using her likeness against her. After Iris' defeat, she suffers a breakdown pondering how she could have taken the strength of their childhood friendship so lightly as she believed Rosenkreuz was made whole once more, refusing to believe that it could be the true extent of his power. Freudia thinks to herself that, despite not knowing how she did it, she managed to make Iris bleed. She decides to freeze Iris forever, shocking her into realizing that she is keeping true to her word. The latter begs for the former not to do it, but it is too late, and Freudia honors her threat to her. Iris lets loose a despairing scream as she is frozen over by Freudia, with her palace crumbling not long afterward, thus putting an end to her reign of horror.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~, after Pamela Arwig defeats Kahl Palesch and her fellow Schwarzkreuz members, she meets with Eifer again and Iris reveals herself, revealing both of them to be the masterminds behind the manipulation of the Schwarzkreuz. Iris invites Pamela to her palace, and Pamela gives chase. Pamela encounters Iris and fights against and destroys her Iris Machine II, then follows her to the sky above her palace. There, she encounters a brainwashed Spiritia and defeats her, followed by defeating Iris soon after. Pamela then delivers a blow to Iris with her Weißsilber that causes her to start exploding, before demolishing her palace.



Opening Stage

  • 「きゃぁぁぁぁ!!」 (Eeeek!!)

VS. Iris Machine

  • Introduction:
    • 「楽しませてくださいね♪」 ("Tanoshima sete kudasai ne! ♪") ("Please amuse me! ♪")
    • 「さあ!ダンスの始まりですわ♪」 ("Sā! Dansu no hajimaridesu wa! ♪") ("Come on! Let's start dancing together! ♪")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「さあ、続けましょうティア♪」 ("Sā, tsudzukemashou [, Tia]! ♪") ("Now, let's continue [, Tia]! ♪")
    • 「なんだか楽しくなってきちゃいました♪」 ("Nandaka tanoshiku natte kicha imashita! ♪") ("This is getting somewhat fun! ♪")
  • Blitzstrahl:
    • 「うふふふふふっ♪」 ("Heheheheheh! ♪")
    • 「ポチっとな、ですわ♪」 ("Pochittona, desu wa! ♪") ("Pochittonna, Good heavens! ♪")
    • 「ブリッツシュトラール♪」 ("Blitzstrahl! ♪")
  • Victory:
    • 「さて……次は何で遊びましょう?」 ("Sate...-ji wa nani de asobimashou?") ("Well... What should I play with next?")
    • 「期待はずれでしたわね」 ("Kitai hazuredeshita wa ne.") ("That was disappointing.")
  • Defeated:
    • 「あら……?」 ("Ara...?") ("Oh...?")
    • 「まさか……!?」 ("Masaka...!?") ("Impossible...!?")

Final Battle

  • Introduction:
    • 「すぐに眠らせてあげますわ、ティア」 ("Sugu ni nemura sete agemasu wa [, Tia].") ("I'll let you sleep here at once [, Tia].")
    • 「壊し尽くしてあげますわ、ティア♪」 ("Kowashi tsukushite agemasu wa [, Tia]. ♪") ("I'll destroy you while you're exhausted [, Tia]. ♪")
    • 「お願い、ティア。逝って♪」 ("Onegai [, Tia]. Itte! ♪") ("Please [, Tia]. Begone! ♪")
  • Energy Ball Rotation:
    • 「うふふっ♪」 ("Heheheh! ♪")
    • 「うふふふふふっ♪」 ("Heheheheheh! ♪")
    • 「そぉれっ♪」 ("Soore-! ♪")
    • 「ここですわ♪」 ("Kokodesu wa! ♪") ("Over here! ♪")
  • Blitzstrahl:
    • 「うふふふふふっ♪」 ("Heheheheheh! ♪")
    • 「いきますわ♪」 ("Ikimasuwa! ♪") ("I'll go! ♪")
    • 「綺麗でしょう♪」 ("Kireideshou ♪") ("This would be nice. ♪")
    • 「とっ…ても素敵♪」 ("To~tsu...te mo suteki! ♪") ("Take it... It's wonderful! ♪")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「神の子の力……見せてあげますわ」 (Kami no ko no chikara... misete agemasu wa!"") ("I'll show you... the power of a child of God!")
    • 「とくと目に焼き付けなさい」 ("Tokuto me ni yakitsuke nasai!") ("Burn in my eyes!")
    • 「神罰を与えてあげますわ」 ("Shinbatsu o ataete agemasu wa") ("I'll grant you a divine punishment.")
  • Energy Ball Rotation (Desperation Mode):
    • 「うふふふっ♪」 ("Heheheheh! ♪")
    • 「目障りですわ♪」 ("Mezawari desu wa. ♪") ("You're an eyesore. ♪")
    • 「そ、こ♪」 ("So, ko! ♪") ("There! ♪")
  • Quadruple Blitzstrahl Attack:
    • 「うふふふふふっ♪」 ("Heheheheheh! ♪")
    • 「えーいっ」 ("Ei-!")
    • 「貴女ごときが……」 ("Kijogotoki ga...") ("The likes of your place...")
    • 「虫けらめ♪」 ("Mushikera-me! ♪") ("You worm! ♪")
  • Area-Filling Blitzstrahl Attack:
    • 「焼き尽くしてあげますわ」 ("Yaki tsukushite agemasu wa!") ("I'll burn you up!")
    • 「塵になりなさい」 ("Chiri ni nari nasai.") ("Fall in the dust.")
    • 「光有れ、ですわ♪」 ("Hikari are, desu wa! ♪") ("Let there be light! ♪")
  • Reflect Laser:
    • 「あなたに耐えられまして?」 ("Anata ni tae raremashite?") ("Can you endure this?")
    • 「悔い改めなさい」 ("Kuiaratame nasai.") ("Repent.")
    • 「世界は悪意に満ちていますわ」 ("Sekai wa akui ni michite imasu wa.") ("The world is full of malice.")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「きゃうぅぅぅ!」 ("Yaauuu-!")
    • 「きゃぁぁぁぁ!」 ("Aaaaaa-!")
  • Victory:
    • 「世界は私の掌の上ですわ♪」 ("Sekai wa watashi no tenohira no uedesu wa! ♪") ("The world is in my hands! ♪")
    • 「これが人と神の超えられない壁ですわ♪」 ("Kore ga hito to kami no koe rarenai kabedesu wa. ♪") ("No one can exceed my divine wall. ♪")
    • 「うふふ…うふふふふっ……あっはっはっはっはっはっ!」 ("Heheheh... Heheheheh... Ahahahahaha!")
  • Victory (Desperation Mode):
    • 「虫は虫らしく地べたを這いつくばっていればいいのですわ」 ("Mushi wa mushirashiku jibeta o haitsukubatte ireba ī nodesu wa.") ("Grovel in the dirt like an insect, and the insect that I know you are.")
    • 「愉快愉快ですわ♪」 ("Yukai yukai desu wa. ♪") ("Pleasant, pleasant, Good heavens. ♪")
    • 「うふふふっ……あはははははっ!」 ("Heheheh... Ahahahahaha!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「うああぁぁん!」 ("Aaaaaa-!")
    • 「いやぁぁー!」 ("Iyaaaa-!")
    • 「嘘ですわ……!?」 ("Usodesu wa...!?") ("You've got to be kidding...!?")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Vs. Iris Machine II

  • Introduction:
    • 「さあ、最終章の幕開けですわ。」 ("Sā, sai shūshō no makuakedesu wa.") ("Now, is the beginning of the final chapter.")
    • 「せいぜい足掻いて下さいね…」 ("Seizei agaite kudasai ne...") ("Struggle at your best...")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「うふふっ、アンコールですわ。」 ("Ufufu ~tsu, ankōrudesu wa.") ("Heheheh, I'd like an encore.")
    • 「さあ、続けましょう♪」 ("Sā, tsudzukemashou!" ♪) ("Come on, let's continue! ♪")
  • Jump:
    • 「そぉれ♪」 ("So ~ore! ♪")
    • 「うふふふふふっ!」 ("Heheheheh!")
    • 「プチッとな…ですわ♪」 ("Pochitonna... desu wa! ♪") ("Pochitonna, good heavens!" ♪)
  • Victory:
    • 「感動のフィナーレ…ですわ♪」 ("Kandō no fināre... desu wa. ♪") ("What an exciting finale..." ♪)
    • 「新しい世界に貴方は必要ありませんの。」 ("Atarashī sekai ni anata wa hitsuyō arimasen no.") ("I don't need you in my new world.")
  • Defeat:
    • 「なかなか楽しませてくれますわ。」 ("Nakanaka tanoshima sete kuremasu wa.") ("You delighted me pretty good.")
    • 「うふふふっ…お見事ですわ。」 ("U fufufu ~tsu… o migotodesu wa.") ("Heheheh... How wonderful.")

Final Battle

  • Introduction:
    • 「私こそが神ですわ…うふふふっ。」 ("Watashi koso ga kami desu wa... ufufufu.") ("I am the true God... Heheheh.")
    • 「壊し尽くしてあげますわ…フロイディア♪」  ("Kowashitsukushiteagemasu wa... Furoidia. ♪") ("I shall destroy you, Freudia. ♪")
  • Seraph Mode:
    • 「ひれ伏しなさい、この美しき神の前に。」 ("Hirefushinasai, kono utsukushiki kami no mae ni.") ("Bow, in front of the beautiful God.")
    • 「遊びは終わりですわ~♪」 ("Asobi ha owari desu wa. ♪") ("The game is over. ♪")
    • 「絶対なる神の力…見せてあげますわ♪」 ("Zettai naru kami no chikara... miseteagemasu wa! ♪") ("The absolute power of God... I shall let you see it! ♪")
  • Homing light ball:
    • 「虫ケラめ♪」 ("Mushi kera me! ♪") ("Bug! ♪"
    • 「ここですわ♪」 ("Kokodesu wa. ♪") ("Over there. ♪")
    • 「行きますわ♪」 ("Ikimasu wa! ♪") ("Here comes! ♪")
  • Lightning ball:
    • 「美しいでしょう♪」 ("Utsukushii deshou? ♪") ("Isn't this beautiful? ♪")
    • 「えーい♪」 ("Eii-! ♪")
    • 「うふふふふっ」 ("Ufufufu! ♪") ("Heheheh! ♪")
  • Giant homing ball:
    • 「滅んでしまいなさい。」 ("Horondeshimaisai.") ("Perish.")
    • 「砕け散りなさい。」 ("Kudakechirinasi.") ("Shatter.")
    • 「哀れですわね。」 ("Awaredesu wa ne.") ("How pitiful.")
  • Blitzstrahl:
    • 「絶望なさい!」 ("Zetsubou nasai!") ("Despair!")
    • 「神罰ですわ。」 ("Shinbatsu desu wa.") ("This is the holy judgment.")
  • Full range Blitzstrahl:
    • 「恐怖なさい!」 ("Kyoufu nasai!") ("Fear!")
    • 「裁きの雷ですわ♪」 ("Sabaki no kaminari desu wa! ♪") ("The thunder of punishment! ♪")
    • 「これが創世の雷ですわ♪」 ("Kore ga sousei no kaminari desu wa. ♪") ("This is the thunder of genesis. ♪")
    • 「ブリッツシュトラール♪」 ("Blitzstrahl! ♪")
  • Victory:
    • 「うふふふっ、明るい未来を♪」 ("ufufufu, akarui mirai wo. ♪") ("Heheheh, let there be a bright future. ♪")
    • 「私こそが神ですわ…うふふふっ。」 ("Watashi koso ga kami desu wa, ufufufu.") ("I am the God, heheheh.")
    • 「哀れで醜い虫ケラでしたこと。」 ("Awarede minikui mushi kera deshita koto.") ("That was a pitiful yet ugly bug.")
  • Defeat:
    • 「いやぁぁー!」 ("Iyaaa~!") ("Noooo~!")
    • 「ありえませんわー!」 ("Ariemasen wa!) ("This is so ridiculous!")
    • 「きゃああぁぁ!」 ("Kyaaa~!")



Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~



  • Iris' name is derived from Iris, the rainbow goddess from Greek mythology, as she appears as a young maiden with wings in her final form.
  • Iris bears many allusions to Dr. Wily from the original Mega Man series and Lumine from Mega Man X8. Meanwhile, her outfit bears a striking resemblance to that of Ciel from the Mega Man Zero series.
  • Iris's quote in Rosenkreuzstilette, "Oh, I am so anxious to rip you apart," is a reference to a line spoken by Double, a spy who was sent out by Sigma to watch over Mega Man X's actions in Mega Man X4. Iris also watched over Spiritia's action through her pendent as Double watched over Mega Man X and infiltrated Maverick Hunters Headquarters.
  • Iris' victory quote, "Grovel in the dirt like an insect, and the insect I know you are," is similar to Dracula's victory quote, "Grovel in the dirt like the insect you are," in Castlevania Judgement.
  • The staff behind the English patch found it difficult to have Iris' distinct mannerisms (in the Japanese, many of her lines end in "desu wa") coexist with her nods to more megalomaniac villains. To compensate for this, her English dialogue shifts from prim and proper ("And as good evening to you, too, Miss Fairy.") to motormouthed arrogance as she looses her grip on her sanity ("You have the power of the world's finest magician coursing through your veins. How does it feel? Exhilarating? Intoxicating? Exuberant? Or perhaps such a puny vessel can't comprehend the magnificence of it all!").
  • Her fate at the end of Freudia's story in ~Freudenstachel~ is interpreted by fans in different ways. Some fans say that she was killed when Freudia froze her to death, and others say that Freudia merely sealed her within the ice crystal.

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