Kopiekreisel (lit. Copy Top) is a technique Freudia can learn in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ from Trauare Wrede . When selected Freudia's ribbon and blood stain turn blue.

Kopiekreisel creates two spinning clones of Freudia to her left and her right. Kopiekrisel can pierce the guard of most guarding enemies and will occasionally deal more damage when used that way. This effect also works on bosses when doing attacks that would otherwise block all other weapons such as Luste Teuber's charged Lustatem and was the primary way to deal any substantial damage to Schirach Fühler in versions of the game prior to 1.03a.

It is the weakness of Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, Michael Zeppelin, and The Wings of Madness. In versions 1.00a through 1.02a it was the weakness of Schirach Fühler but this was removed in version 1.03a.



  • When used on Count Zeppelin, Kopiekreisel will kill him in one successful strike. This is likely a reference to Top Spin from Mega Man 3, which has a similar animation to Kopiekreisel (minus the clones) and has the ability to kill a major boss in one hit (in this case, the second phase of the final boss, Gamma, whom the Count Zeppelin battle is based on).
  • While Kopiekreisel can pierce enemy guards it is not recommended for use on Shield Eggmets due to their hit box being the Eggmet and not the shield, unlike their Mega Man counterparts.
  • Due to the way Kopiekreisel does more damage to blocking bosses it technically deals enough damage to be the weakness to any boss with such an attack.