This is a list of all the enemies found in Rosenkreuzstilette and Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~.

NOTE: Enemies' names with an asterisk (*) next to their names indicated that they are fan names.

Air Boy*

Main article: Air Boy

The Air Boy is a rotund enemy with a fan in its center. It stays in place and tries to blow the player character away with its strong winds.


Main article: Amoeba

The Amoeba is a being made of water. It clings to ceilings until the player comes near, then drops from above and glides along the ground.


Main article: Ant

The Ant is a small golden robot that walks around very fast on platforms and can also climb up and down ladders.

Ball Bat

Main article: Ball Bat

The Ball Bat clings to ceilings or pillars until the player character comes near, after which it detaches itself and slowly chases after the player. It can only be hurt when it is following the player.

Big Fish

Main article: Big Fish

Big Fish live in holes and jump up to try to bite the player character when she gets near. They cannot be harmed by the player. They can only be defeated by Freudenstachel.

Crawling Skull

Main article: Crawling Skull

Crawling Skulls crawl back and forth on platforms. When the player character is on the same platform as a Crawling Skull, the Crawling Skull speeds up.


Main article: Dryad

The Dryad is a humanoid enemy with greenish-white hair embedded in a tree. It surrounds itself with a circular shield of leaves and after a short time, shoots the leaves fforward. The Dryad is invulnerable while its shield protect it. Dryads are also the only basic enemies to come close to resembling an human.


Main article: Eggmet

The Eggmet is one of the most basic enemies in the Rosenkreuzstilette series. It hides in its eggshell with pinkish red gems until the player character comes near. It pops up and fires three small spherical shots before walking around afterwards. It can only be hurt when it is not hiding in its eggshell.

Eggmet Swim*

The Eggmet Swim is an Eggmet equipped with a snorkel. It can be found in underwater areas. When the player gets near, it jumps up and fires three shots just like its regular counterpart.

Shield Eggmet*

The Shield Eggmet is an Eggmet that flies around back and forth on whitish-gold platforms with similarly colored shields having red jets on their backs and red crosses on their fronts in front of them. They can only be attacked from behind.


Main article: Elecmine

Elecmines are balls carried around by golden, mechanical claws. The claws may drop the Elecmines onto the ground, and if they fall in water, they will electrocute it, damaging the player character if she is in it. When dropped on the ground, they will electrify themselves shortly before exploding.

Some claws will walk along the ground and toss the Elecmines before falling off the screen.

Evil Eddie

Main article: Evil Eddie

Evil Eddie is a short red robot with a large head and small legs. It walks towards the player character and throws in front of her a false Cross Tank] with a skull and crossbones on its face. Though Evil Eddie does not harm the player, the Cross Tank does by exploding upon contact.

Evil Rush

Main article: Evil Rush

Evil Rush is a red flying machine That flies in one direction, usually in groups, and causes damage upon contact. The player can ride an Evil Rush.

Fire Plant

Main article: Fire Plant

Fire Plants are stationary bulb-shaped plants. They spit spherical shots upward when the player character gets near.

Gargoyle Statue

Main article: Gargoyle Statue

Gargoyle Statues bounce around after the player character and can occasionally spit fireballs at her. They are very strong and resilient to damage. They are usually found near the end of a stage.


Main article: Hawk

Hawks are brown birds of prey that fly overhead and drop eggs from above. Upon landing, the eggs explode into three shots on contact with the ground.


Main article: Hover

Hovers are floating platforms with eyes on the front. If the player character jumps on its flat top, the Hover flies forward until it touches a wall. They shoot bullets to the left and right whenever the player character is in view.

Ice Cyclops

Main article: Ice Cyclops

The Ice Cyclops is a blue mass of icicles that floats above the ground. Its weak spot is the eye in its center; it can only be hurt from there when its eye is open.


Main article: Jellyfish

Jellyfish resemble jellyfish with pointy tops. They swim after the player character.

Living Cross

Main article: Living Cross

Living Crosses are cross shaped enemies that slowly follow the player character around. They can easily be defeated by any attack, but they will always come back afterwards. They can also sometimes be found sliding along the ground, but they do not regenerate in this case.


Main article: Lizard

Lizards are reptilian monsters that hold their underbellies and have spiky hair. They hop around to chase after the player character.


Main article: Octopus

The Octopus is a small red octopus enemy. It functions exactly like the Crawling Skulls, except it can be destroyed by conventional means.

Skeletal Warrior

Main article: Skeletal Warrior

Skeletal Warriors are skeletons garbed in purple armor and brown boots. They shoot three blue fireballs when they bring down their swords, then walk around, stopping to use their attacks again.

Skull Cannon

Main article: Skull Cannon

Skull Cannons are skulls the size of the player character. They open their mouths to launch cannonballs at her when she comes near.

Skull Flamer

Skull Flamers are Skull Cannons with a different color hue. Instead of shooting cannonballs, they shoot a stream of fire out of their mouth.

Skull Lantern

Main article: Skull Lantern

The Skull Lantern is a lantern made of a rib and four skulls, one of them being on top and the other three being on the bottom. The one on the top acts as the lighter, and if the Skull Lantern is destroyed, the room will darken and three shots will be fired at the player.

Snake Maker

Main article: Snake Maker

Snake Makers are green cylindrical machines with small gems in their centers. They create small snakes that crawl along the floor and walls, and perish upon contact with the ceiling.

Spear Knight

Main article: Spear Knight

The Spear Knight is a demonic purple knight who wields a shield and a spear. It attacks by throwing its spear and can only be hurt while it is doing so. Its shield can block any attack from the front.


Main article: Starfish

Starfish cling to floors and walls and fire three bullets at the player.


Main article: Zombie

Zombies are green-skinned living corpses that rise out of the ground and walk towards the player character. They perish upon contact with walls.

Zorne Robot

Main article: Zorne Robot

The Zorne Robot is a blocky robot that resembles Zorne Zeppelin. It creates bombs at its feet and then kicks them at the player character.