This is an list of enemies from Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ and Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~. Many of the enemies previously featured in the first game return in the sequel, and are joined by several new ones.

NOTE: Enemies' names with an asterisk (*) next to their names indicated that they are fan names.


Air Boy*

Main article: Air Boy

The Air Boy is a rotund enemy with a fan in its center. It stays in place and tries to blow the player character away with its strong winds.

Ball Bat

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The Ball Bat clings to ceilings or pillars until the player character comes near, after which it detaches itself and slowly chases after the player. It can only be hurt when it is following the player.

Crawling Skull

Main article: Crawling Skull

Crawling Skulls crawl back and forth on platforms. When the player character is on the same platform as a Crawling Skull, the Crawling Skull speeds up.


Main article: Dryad

The Dryad is a humanoid enemy with greenish-white hair embedded in a tree. It surrounds itself with a circular shield of leaves. After a short time, the leaves fly forward. The Dryad is invulnerable while its shield protect it.


Main article: Eggmet

The Eggmet is one of the most basic enemies in the Rosenkreuzstilette series. It hides in its eggshell with pinkish red gems until the player character comes near. It pops up and fires three small spherical shots before walking around afterwards. It can only be hurt when it is not hiding in its eggshell.

Shield Eggmet

The Shield Eggmet is an Eggmet that flies around back and forth on whitish-gold platforms with similarly colored shields having red jets on their backs and red crosses on their fronts in front of them. They can only be attacked from behind.

Evil Eddie

Main article: Evil Eddie

Four Evil Eddies appear during Schwer-Muta's boss fight to throw fake explosive items at the player.

Evil Rush

Main article: Evil Rush

Evil Rush is a red flying machine that flies in one direction, usually in groups, and causes damage upon contact. The player can ride an Evil Rush.

Gargoyle Statue

Main article: Gargoyle Statue

Gargoyle Statues bounce around after the player character and can occasionally spit fireballs at her. They are very strong and resilient to damage. Freudenstachel features new variants that pretend to be normal statues until you get close to them.


Main article: Hawk

Hawks are brown birds of prey that fly overhead and drop eggs from above. Upon landing, the eggs explode into three shots on contact with the ground.


Main article: Hover

Hovers are floating platforms with eyes on the front. If the player character jumps on its flat top, the Hover flies forward until it touches a wall. They shoot bullets to the left and right whenever the player character is in view.

Living Cross

Main article: Living Cross

Living Crosses are cross shaped enemies that slowly follow the player character around. They can easily be defeated by any attack, but they will always come back afterwards. They can also sometimes be found sliding along the ground, but they do not regenerate in this case.


Main article: Lizard

Lizards are reptilian monsters that hold their underbellies and have spiky hair. They hop around to chase after the player character.


Main article: Octopus

The Octopus is a small red octopus enemy. It functions exactly like the Crawling Skulls, except it can be destroyed by conventional means.

Skeletal Warrior

Main article: Skeletal Warrior

Skeletal Warriors are skeletons garbed in purple armor and brown boots. They shoot three blue fireballs when they bring down their swords, then walk around, stopping to use their attacks again.

Skull Cannon

Main article: Skull Cannon

Skull Cannons are skulls the size of the player character. They open their mouths to launch cannonballs at her when she comes near.

Skull Flamer

Skull Flamers are Skull Cannons with a different color hue. Instead of shooting cannonballs, they shoot a stream of fire out of their mouth.

Snake Maker

Main article: Snake Maker

Snake Makers are green cylindrical machines with small gems in their centers. They create small snakes that crawl along the floor and walls, and perish upon contact with the ceiling.

Spear Knight

Main article: Spear Knight

The Spear Knight is a demonic purple knight who wields a shield and a spear. It attacks by throwing its spear and can only be hurt while it is doing so. Its shield can block any attack from the front.


Main article: Starfish

Starfish cling to floors and walls and fire three bullets at the player.

Zorne Robot

Main article: Zorne Robot

The Zorne Robot is a blocky robot that resembles Zorne Zeppelin. It creates bombs at its feet and then kicks them at the player character. In Freudenstachel their bombs have been changed to stop early if they collide with the player.


Axe Knight

Main article: Spear Knight#Axe Knight

Axe Knights throw boomeranging axes. In addition to this they also have the defenses of a Spear Knight and their axes block certain attacks to boot.

Boobeam Trap

Main article: Boobeam Trap

This "enemy" appears in Iris Stage I on one screen and periodically fire out lasers that kill the player with one hit. They can be destroyed, but it is quicker to just avoid them.

Bloody Zombie

Main article: Zombie

Bloody Zombies function like Zombies in the previous game, they walk towards the player and perish when they come into contact with walls.

Burkhardt Maid

Main article: Burkhardt Maid


Main article: Cheep-Cheep

There are three main versions of Cheep-Cheeps, the first swim around in set patterns underwater, the second jump out of the water while following the player and the third jump out of the water randomly.



Appearing only in a cutscene, this device is used by Schirach to capture Tia. While the event is based on Mac capturing X in Mega Man X3, the cranes design is based on Dr. Cossack's "Cossack Catcher " from Mega Man 4.

Dryad Variants

Main article: Dryad

Mobile Dryad

This dryad appears in Dolis Warmind's stage and attacks by shooting several arcing projectiles. It will jump when it first appears but otherwise is stationary.

Wall Dryad

Wall Dryad appear in Eifer Skute's stage and are immobile and can only fire slow homing projectiles at the player.


Main article: Fireball

Fireballs quickly come out of the lava and then slowly fall back down following the player. They are often found in groups of four.

Oil Fireball

The Oil Fireball is a variant found in Iris Stage II they bounce along the ground seeking out the player. Should they touch a source of oil it will immediately become engulfed in flames and become an instant death hazard. There are also Oil Fireballs that behave just like the ones in Zorne's stage.

Oil Fireball Maker

Oil Fireball Makers are pipes that regularly spawn three Oil Fireballs. They can be destroyed or frozen with Eisschwert .

Dummy Schwer-Muta

Main article: Dummy Schwer-Muta

Dummy Scwher-Muta's are used in her boss fight everytime she comes out of her pipes two fake copies of her will come out as well. Touching them hurts but they can be destroyed easily. If they aren't they'll retreat when Schwer-Muta does. During the second phase of the fight they will attack from the top pipes using Geister Wand.

Boot Dummy Schwer-Muta

Prior to the boss door to Schwer-Muta there are several Dummy Schwer-Muta's in green boots. If they are destroyed they will leave behind their boots which Freudia can use to cross spikes.

Eggmet Additions

Main article: Eggmet

Bomb Dropping Eggmet

Bomb Dropping Eggmet's fly across the screen dropping explosives in regular intervals. They are often combined with falling blocks to greatly hinder the players movement.

Copter Eggmet

Copter Eggmets are Eggmets that fly in the air and shoot shots at the player regularly.

Cannon Eggmet

Cannon Eggmet's are Eggmets that shoot bombs straight ahead. Their bombs can be destroyed but doing so shoots projectiles in six directions.

Flaming Skull

Main article: Flaming Skull

Flaming Skulls are enemies that fly out of paned glass windows and follow the player. They can be seen in advance as the windows they crash out of glow slightly.


Main article: Goomba

Goombas are impervious to most weaponry but can be destroyed by a mere stomp.

Ice Curlinger

Main article: Ice Curlinger

The Ice Curlinger is a blue mass of ice that slides back and forth.

Ice Elemental

Main article: Ice Elemental

The Ice Elemental is an elf like creature that attacks by jumping in the air and shooting three projectiles in a straight line.

Ice Peterchy

Main article: Ice Peterchy

The Ice Peterchy is an ice-blue eyeball with feet whose only means of attack is to continuously walk forward, towards the player.

Lantern Ghost

Main article: Lantern Ghost

The Lantern Ghost is actually a helpful enemy, when its on screen it will light up the otherwise dark area. Destroying it makes things dark and since it has low health it is possible to accidentally kill it. Despite his helpfulness he will attempt to ram the player should they get too close to him.

Laser Barrel

Main article: Laser Barrel

Laser Barrels rise up chasing after the player, extend the spiky antennae on their tops and bottoms, point their antennae at the player character, and shoot laser-like electric beams from the tops of both the spikes on their antennae at her.

Lava Lotus

Main article: Lava Lotus

The Lava Lotus is an invincible enemy that shoots out small projectiles regularly.

Medusa Head

Main article: Medusa Head

Medusa Heads move in a sine wave pattern across the screen often in areas where there pattern is hard to dodge or predict.


Main article: Needle

Needles are similar to spikes however they do not deal instant death.

Needle Car

Main article: Needle Car

The Needle Car is a sole enemy encountered in the first crushing trap of Eifer's stage.

Picture Frame

Main article: Picture Frame

Picture Frames are enemies that do not target the player unless they are close to one but conversely cannot be hit unless they are attacking. It is possible to jump over them and just ignore them entirely.

Pink Zorne Robot*

Main article: Zorne Robot#Variations

A dark pink Zorne Robot makes an appearance during the boss battle against Zorne Zeppelin, supporting her in battle once she reaches Desperation Mode by riding around on a flying wheeled machine and tossing bombs onto the player's level until the battle ends in either a win or loss against Zorne or a Draw.

"Red" Skeleton

Main article: Red Skeleton

The "Red" Skeleton only falls down when it is attacked but will get up shortly thereafter.

Skeletal Knight

Main article: Skeletal Warrior#Skeletal Knight

Skeletal Knights impersonate Sir Arthur, the hero and main protagonist of the Ghosts n' Goblins games. They attack by throwing their lances at the player.

Just like Arthur, when they are attacked, they lose their armor. Without their armor, they will throw blue torches at the player instead.

Some Skeletal Knights will start out not wearing their armor, but these will have shields to make up for it. Strangely enough, unlike most other enemies with shields, these Skeletal Knights can be attacked from the front without having to wait for them to attack. In the more recent versions, the torches the Skeletal Knights throw have been recolored purple.


Main article: Toadman

Toadmen are an enemy that moves very fast and often in large numbers to overwhelm the player and in some parts they are dropped in by Hawks.

Up 'n' Down

Main article: Up 'n' Down

Up 'n' Downs rise up out of pits when the player approaches them in an attempt to knock the player into the pit.


Main article: Wanaan

Wannans are traps that attack players standing directly on top of them that cannot be destroyed.