This is a list of the mini-bosses found in some stages in the Rosenkreuzstilette series. Mini-bosses are fought at any time from almost halfway throughout the stages to near their ends and are slightly stronger than regular enemies, though not as strong as the bosses.


Main article: Astaroth

Astaroth is a huge demon wearing a royal garb and having a purple beard and hair and an additional second face on his stomach. The huge demon king will walk back and forth slowly, blasting fire streams as well as lasers from his mouths.

Eggmet Daddy

Main article: Eggmet#Eggmet Daddy

The Eggmet Daddy is a large Eggmet that attacks by jumping across the screen. In addition to the threat of being hit directly this causes earthquakes which can stun the player and also causes four Eggmets to fall on the screen.


Main article: Friender

Friender is a mid boss fought three time in Schwer's stage in a row just like the Mega Man 2 enemy Friender. It attacks by shooting a curved wave of fire that can be dodged fairly easy with the correct timing. Despite being a mini-boss Friender can be frozen with Eisschwert and skipped all together.

Great Hydra

Main article: Great Hydra

The Great Hydra is a huge purple monster with four serpentine heads and a central body with a purple orb at its top. That orb is its weak point, though the heads can be destroyed as well. The four heads spit spherical shots at the player character. This enemy can be skipped using Die geplante Zukunft.

Ice Behemoth

Main article: Ice Behemoth

The Ice Behemoth is a large blue bull-like monster found in the Opening Stage of ~Freudenstachel~. It fires blue energy discs that follow the player character. Its weak point is its head, which can be attacked from the front.


Main article: Mothraya

Mothraya is a giant translucent moth that attacks by shooting a single projectile and then destroying the floor over a spike trap.


Main article: Tortoisnail

The Tortoisnail is a huge turtle-like monster found in Sichte Meister's stage. It launches bombs at the player character from the back of its shell. It can also move its eyes at the player, which are its weak points.


Main article: Tree

The tree is a mini-boss that blocks a passage downwards in part of Dolis's stage. It's only attack is to repeatedly drop falling leaves that sway back and forth.


Main article: Vishnu

Vishnu is a giant pillar of bones with a large blue skull and bony hands on the bottom, three purple skulls trapped in between a rib cage in the center, and a large pink horned skull with glowing eyes on the top. It launches cannonballs from its top and can also fire four small shots at the player, hoping to knock her into the bottomless pit below. Its weak point is the eyes of its top skull.