Luste firing multiple Lusteatem shots in eight different directions.


Spiritia firing a single Lustatem shot.

Lustatem (ルストアーテム, Rusutoaatemu, lit. Desire Breath), also known as the Breath of Desire (快楽の息吹), is Luste Teuber's main weapon and the weapon Spiritia Rosenberg attains from her. Luste can create small blades of wind and change its trajectory the moment she fires it. She can also release multiple Lusteatem shots at once or fire a larger yet slower shot. For Spiritia, she can fire a Lustatem shot in any eight directions that she desires to or charge it for an even larger shot.

In Rosenkreuzstilette, it is the weakness of Zorne Zeppelin and the Iris Machine's first form. The Lustatem can also be used to destroy the Luste Homonculus in two hits, and charged Lustatem shots also work quite well against the Iris Capsule and The Wings of Madness.

Luste's new attacks using Lustatem in ~Freudenstachel~ allow her to fire smaller, narrower Lustatem shots in all eight directions at once, one direction at a time. She can also fire a larger Lustatem shot in her opponent's direction while creating a wind dragging the opponent towards her before doing so. In Desperation Mode, she can fire several narrow Lustatem shots in several directions on one of her sides.