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Luste's profile in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer WOMI
RKS Number [RKS005 Fünf]
Relationships Spiritia Rosenberg (friend, playmate)
Doris Warmind (subordinate)
Weapon Lustatem

Rosenkreuzstilette: Lustatem (Iris Stage 3), Liebessturm
Freudenstachel: Eisschwert

Voice Actor Hazumi "HAZZMI" Homura (JP)
Kira Buckland (ENG)
Sprite(s) RosenkreuzstiletteRosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ (ending)

Luste Teuber [RKS005 Funf] (ルステ・トイバー, Rusute Toibaa; pronounced Lust Toi-ber), who refers to herself as Protogirl Bluste and is also referred to as "The Metal Hero" by her stage introduction in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ when donning her "Garb of Justice", is the fifth member of RKS. She is a cheerful, easygoing yet self-centered girl with deep admiration for Spiritia. She is also the superior of Doris Warmind, the leader of the RKS Special Ops division, despite the latter's one-sided rivalry with her.


Luste wears perhaps some of the most revealing clothes in the Rosenkreuzstilette franchise. In Rosenkreuzstilette, she wears a very revealing black bikini with a bronze cross and a red gem on it on the middle of her bra. She also wears long black gloves, stockings, a black collar, long oval-shaped rings around her wrists and white shoes. Luste has short, orange hair with two ahoges on the sides of her head, sage-green eyes, black cross earrings, and fangs. She also has small, floating bat-like wings.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, she wears a pair of orange goggles (which appear to have a red hue in the game), a slightly more revealing black bikini, metal knuckles, and slightly larger oval-like rings.


"Let's play Cops & Robbers! Tia, you're the bad guy!"
—Luste Teuber, Rosenkreuzstilette

Luste is a cheerful, optimistic, and easygoing young girl who enjoys living in the present and believes that she is emotionally mature for her age. Her easygoing personality however makes her treat everything like a game. She also has a lot of admiration for Spiritia, thought when plays games with her, she makes Spiritia be the "bad guy". Luste cannot tell the difference between a game and real fight. She can also be self-centered and simple-minded at times. For an unknown reason, she enjoys drinking tomato juice.

When she dons her Metal Hero gear, Luste prefers to call herself Protogirl Bluste, the Metal Hero of Justice, and acts like an over-the-top superhero, refusing to use her real name while donning said gear.


Luste's ability, Lustatem, allows her to produce orange-colored pressurized blades of wind through the air. She can also change the blades trajectory and fire them in rapid succession. Luste is also capable of jumping higher than any normal human being, often to be believed that she is actually flying, possibly due to her small wings.


Luste as she appears in Rosenkreuzstilette.

Luste was thrilled to meet up with Spiritia. Her main reason for the joining the RKS's rebellion against the Holy Empire was simply to be "the hero that will defeat the evil Empire", thought she admitted to having fun smashing several buildings. From there, Luste decided to play a "game" with Spiritia, and fought her. She lost and realized the difference between a game and a real fight, thought she still had fun "playing" with Spiritia. Luste then promised that she will never smash a single building again.

At the end of Rosenkreuzstilette, Luste awaited Spiritia's arrival along with the other members of the RKS on a floating island, and they happily reunited.

Rosenkreuzstitte Grollschwert

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Luste wondered what was Grolla Seyfarth doing in her territory. She ordered Luste to stop what she doing, but she refused to listen and wanted to play more. Grolla called her an idiot and Luste remarked, "Ah! It takes one to know one!" and Grolla decided to discipline her. Luste lost and Grolla wanted her to leave and reflect on her actions. Luste began to cry a little, and Grolla figured that she hadn't disciplined her enough. Luste apologized for her actions and left.


Main article: Luftfeste Sleipnir

Boss strategy

Luste immediately jumps high into the air and begins by firing Lustatem shot at the player multiple times as she lands. Sometimes when she lands on the groud, Luste will fire Lustatem shots in every direction. If they player approaches Luste, she will approach the player to stay in her firing range. When the player gets too close to Luste, Luste will jump over behind the player and attack from there. When Luste reaches Desperation Mode, she will sometimes fire a series of Lustatem shots in every direction when she lands on the ground and when the player gets too close to Luste at this time, she fire a large Lustatem shot at the player as she jumps over them.

Her weakness is Liebessturm, which can be obtained after defeating Liebea Palesch. Because Luste is based off of Metal Man, she also shares the same weakness; her own weapon, Lustatem. Because Lustatem can't be used during the initial first battle, as the player does not possess the weapon yet, the player will have to use Liebesstrum to deplete her health quickly. The only time this trick can be performed is when the player fights the Luste Homonculus in Iris Quarters.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Freudia investigates the reactivation of the sky fortress Sleipnir and finds Luste playing her "boring" games again. Freudia defeats Luste but Luste refuses to go to the aid of slowing the progress of the Church army, even though she was originally ordered/pleaded by Sichte to aid Grolla.

Freudia, having no other options, tells Luste that the "bad people" were coming to persecute the people in the land of the Graf and convinces Luste that it is more heroine-like to save those people when they need it the most. Luste leaves immediately afterwards/

Freudia learns Eislanze from her in the full version of the game and acquires Strudel's Frügel from her.


Main article: Luftfeste Sleipnir

Boss strategy

Luste will jump around the room three to four times firing several Lustatem shots before flying high up towards the other side of the screen and firing several Lustatem arrows in eight directions. When she lands, she will pose, create a wind that drags the player towards her, and fire a large Lustatem shot at the player in a direction dependent on where the player is positioned. From that point until her HP is at half health, she'll repeat the same process. Once she goes into Desperation Mode, the floor will disappear off the screen and be replaced by several rising platforms, with the main one in the center not moving as Luste flies high upward. When she comes down, she will fire several Lustatem arrows in several directions either below her, above her, or to several sides of her, and she'll do it at least twice before flying back up and coming back down from in another spot from the top of the screen.

Luste is weak against Eisschwert, which is learned from Grolla.



  • Introduction:
    • 「さ、遊ぼー」 ("Sa, asobo!") ("Ah, let's play!")
    • 「ヒーローごっこしよ!、(ティアが悪者ね!)」("Hīrō gokko shiyo! (Tia ga warumono ne!)") ("Let's play Cops n' Robbers! [Tia, you're the bad guy!]")
    • 「ティアと遊ぶの、久しぶりだ ねー」 ("Tia to asobu no, hisashiburi da ne.") ("I haven't played with Tia in a very long time.")
  • Jumping:
    • 「とおっ!」 ("Too-!")
    • 「あはははっ!」 ("Ahahaha!")
  • Lustatem:
    • 「たあっ!」 ("Taa-!")
    • 「えいっ!」 ("Ei-!")
    • 「逃げろ逃げろー!」 ("Nigero nigero ̄ !") ("Run away run away!")
  • 8-Lustatem Orientation:
    • 「遅すぎるのだ っ!」 ("Oso sugiru no da!") ("You're too slow!")
    • 「避けられるかなっ?」 ("Yokerareru ka na?") ("Think you can dodge this?")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「全力全開!」 ("Zenryoku zenkai!") ("Time to bust out the big guns!")
    • 「本気でいくよっ!」 ("Honki de iku yo!") ("Time to get serious!")
  • Charged Lustatem:
    • 「どーん!」 ("Dōn!")
    • 「とりゃっ!」 ("Torya!")
    • 「プローミネンス!」 ("Purōminensu!") ("Prominence!")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「ふえええええっ」 ("Fueeeee-!")
  • Victory:
    • 「正義は勝つのだー!」 ("Seigi wa katsu no da~!") ("Justice wins the day!")
    • 「るんるんるっすてー♪」 ("Run run Russute~! ♪") ("Run, run, Luste! ♪")
    • 「私の勝ちー!」 ("Watashi no kachi!") ("I won!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「降参こうさーん!」 ("Kōsan kōsaaan!") ("I surrender, I surrender!")
    • 「負けちゃったー…」 ("Make chattaaa...") ("Aww, I lost...")
    • 「ティアがいじめるよー」 ("Tia ga ijimeru yo!") ("Tia, you're being mean!")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Introduction:
    • 「天知る地知る、アタシ知るー!あはははっ!」 ("Tenshiruchishiru, atashishiru! Ahahaha!) ("Heaven knows, earth knows and I know! Hahaha!")
    • 「メタルヒーロー・ブルーステ、さんじょーう!」 ("Metaruhiiro~ Buru-sute, sanjouu!") ("Here comes the metal hero, Bluste!")
    • Vs. Freudia: 「悪の雪女め、覚悟するのだ!」 ("Aku no yukionna me, kakugo suru no da!") ("The evil snow woman, prepare yourself!")
    • Vs. Pamela: 「悪の剣士め、覚悟するのだ!」 ("Aku no kenshi me, kakugo suru no da!") ("The evil swordswoman, prepare yourself!")
  • Small Lustatem:
    • 「たあっ」 ("Ta-!")
    • 「えいっ」 ("Ei-!")
    • 「えいやっ」 ("Eiya-!")
  • Omnidirectional Lustatem:
    • 「あはははっ」 ("Ahahaha!")
    • 「えいえい!」 ("Eiei"!)
  • Charged Lustatem:
    • 「行っくよー、ルストアーテム!」 ("Ikkuyo, rusutoa-temu!") ("Here comes, Lustatem!")
    • 「プローミネンス!」 ("Puro~minensu!") ("Prominence!")
    • 「必殺、どーん!」 ("Hissatsu, donn!") ("Ultimate technique, boom!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「フルパワーなのだ!」 ("Furupawa-nanoda!") ("Full power!")
    • 「行っくよー!」 ("Ikkuyo!") ("Here comes!")
  • Desperation Lustatem:
    • 「遅すぎるのだ!」 ("Ososugiru no da!") ("Way too slow!")
    • 「避けられるかな?」 ("Yokerareru kana?") ("Can you dodge this?")
    • 「そこなのだ!」 ("Soko nano da!") ("There!")
    • 「いっぱい行くよ!」 ("Ippai iku yo!") ("Here comes a lot!")
  • Damage (Eisschwert):
    • 「ふえええっ」 ("Fueeee-!")
    • 「そんなのズルいのだ!」 ("Sonnano zurui no da!") ("That's way too cheap!")
    • 「冷たいよう!」 ("Tsumetai you!") ("That's too cold!")
  • Victory:
    • 「アタシがいる限り、この世に悪は栄えないのだー!」 ("Atashi ga iru kagiri, kono yo ni aku ha sakaenai no da!") ("As long as I'm here, there's no flouirshing for the evil!")
    • 「正義は絶対負けないのだー!」 ("Seigi ha zettai makenai no da!") ("Justice will never lose!")
    • 「やったー!勝ったー!」 ("Yatta! Katta!") ("Yeah! I won!")
  • Defeat:
    • 「いじめは良くないのだ~!」 ("Ijime ha yokunai no da!") ("Bullying is not good!")
    • 「ゆるゆる~っと、こうさ~ん」 ("Yuyutto, kousann~.") ("Shaky shaky... surrender.")
    • 「あれれ、負けちゃったあ」 ("Arere, makechatta.") ("Aww... I lost.")

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Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


  • Luste's name is derived from the German word "lust," which means "desire" in German. "Lust" can also signify delight or an energetic nature, which reflects her cheerful personality. Her name could also be derived from "lust," as in one of the Seven Deadly Sins as a reference to her under-dressed appearance. "Teuber" comes from Klaus Teuber, the award-winning German designer of the well-known board game Settlers of Catan, among others.
  • Luste Teuber is a reference to Metal Man from Mega Man 2. Her Homonculus in Iris Stage 3 can also be defeated by her own weapon in two hits just like Metal Man in Rosenkreuzstilette.
  • One of her pre-battle quotes, when said in Japanese, happens to be a play on "Oni-gokko", the Japanese name for the game of Tag. Japanese children enjoy giving new names to traditional games whenever they implement new rules of their own.
  • Luste's Game Over screen in Rosenkreuzstilette parodies Flandre Scarlet on the boxart of Touhou 06 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
  • In one of the screenshots from the Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ April Fool's site, Luste was shown wearing sunglasses and a yellow scarf similar to Proto Man from the original Mega Man series. Though her final design in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ still bears a striking resemblance to Proto Man in said game.
    • Luste also calls herself "Bluste" in one of her introduction quotes in said game, a mixture of her name with "Blues", the Japanese name of Proto Man. The other title she creates, "Metal Hero", refers to the subtitle of Rockman 8 as well. In addition, during the first phase of her fight in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, her attack pattern may be considered an amalgamation of Proto Man's from Mega Man 3 and 7.
  • In the story mode of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, her dialogue theme reused the title screen theme of the original Rosenkreuzstilette.

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