Magi (singular: Magus; plural: Magi) in the Rosenkreuzstilette series are a race of people born with the ability to use magic. Thousands of years ago, very few Magi existed in the world. Magi were feared by the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church and persecuted. However, a Magus named Rosenkreuz stood against his fate and devoted his life to help Magi be free from persecution. He fought a great battle alongside his eight disciples against the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church. Ultimately, Rosenkreuz lost his life during the battle, but in the end the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church accepted Magi into their fighting force, creating RKS: Rosenkreuzstilette, the "Blades of the Rose Cross".

Eventually, Magi persecution began once again, yet Magi were unwilling to stand by as the Empire disrespected the very Magus who ended their persecution years before. With that, a war was waged between the Magi and the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church yet again. This war, however, was caused by Iris Zeppelin for her amusement, and the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church feared her for inheriting Rosenkreuz's immense magical powers and knowledge. After Iris' true nature and intentions were revealed, the war ceased.

A few months later, the Orthodox Church began witch-hunting Magi, with the witch-hunters being lead by a mysterious group of Dark Magi known as the Schwarzkreuz.

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  • The word "magus" is Latin for "mage" or "magician".