Freudia at the start of the Phalanx Cathedral Ruins.

The Phalanx Cathedral Ruins are the setting for Eifer Skute's stage in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. It is set within a blue cathedral built in a forest under a full blue moon, filled with gargoyle statues as well as plants befitting Eifer's Eiferstachel ability.

Stage Information

Stage Titles


Freudia in battle against Eifer at the end of the ruins.

  • Die Legende "Weißer König und Rote Teufel" (The Legend, "White King and Red Devil")
  • Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~: Ontologie (Ontology)

Stage Music

  • Stage Theme: "Castle of Eternal Night" by Sky God Corridor
  • Dialogue Theme: "Winter Waltz" by Sky God Corridor

Stage Enemies

Stage Hazards

The first half of Eifer's stage consists of platforms that rise out of a pit and form a path while enemies attack Freudia from all sides. The platforms however do not recede back into the pit. During the second half of the stage two large crushing traps are used the first is a straight forward introduction to the concept but the second requires Freudia to navigate in it and avoid being crushed. Eifer's stage in general is one that demands patience on the part of the player.


  • The first crushing trap is laid out almost identically to one in Knight Man's stage from Mega Man 6.