Raimund Seyfarth in the form of the Grim Reaper.
Designer WOMI
Relationships Grolla Seyfarth (granddaughter, student)
Michael Zeppelin (summoner)
Weapon Grollschwert & Grassense
Weakness Grollschwert (charge during second phase)
Voice Actor Aigon (JP)
Lucas Schuneman (ENG)

Raimund Seyfarth (ライムント・ザイファルト, Raimunto Zaifaruto) is a character in the Rosenkreuzstilette series who was once a famous war hero known as Thanatos (タナトス Tanatosu; Xanatos in an earlier version of the English translation of Rosenkreuzstilette) in his living days before his death four years prior to the game's storyline. Not a single man alive did not know his name, and he was the possessor of the Demon Sword, Grollschwert, and the Devil Scythe, Grassense, which was thought to have disappeared when he passed away. Raimund was also the teacher and grandfather of Grolla Seyfarth, who is also the current heiress to his legendary sword.


It is unknown what Raimund actually looked like before his death, but in his undead state he resembles the Grim Reaper - in this case, a tall skeleton twice as tall as the player's character wearing a torn, dark purple death cloak similar to those of other Grim Reapers and wielding a combination of a blood-red sword with a skull for a handle (his Grollschwert) and a blood-red scythe (his Grassense) around with him.


—Raimund Seyfarth, Rosenkreuzstilette

Raimund is a strict and stubborn character who has an unforgiving nature and will kill anyone he feels like killing. He doesn't care for other people's matters nor his summoner's motives; being a warrior, he craves one thing alone - battle. He follows a code of honor, though, and has a strong relationship with his granddaughter, even in death. He refuses to give up on his job even if any dishonor may befall his title.

When he speaks, all of the letters shown in his speeches' texts in the dialog box are fully capitalized, and his voice has a ghost-like echo.


Raimund decapitated by his own Grassense after being defeated by Spiritia.

In Rosenkreuzstilette, he was resurrected by Count Zeppelin in the form of the Grim Reaper to guard the bridge of his castle. Spiritia Rosenberg came across a familiar-looking scythe and explained to Lilli that the scythe they came across was in fact the Devil Scythe, Grassense, once wielded by Sir Raimund Seyfarth as everyone called him, who also once wielded the Demon Sword, Grollschwert, and that there was not a single man alive who didn't know his name. She even explained that she believed that the scythe had disappeared when he passed away. She heard a familiar voice echoing from a distance. Spiritia was shocked when she recognized that voice belonged to Raimund Seyfarth. She quickly realized that Zeppelin used forbidden arts to bring him back from the dead. Spiritia tries to convince Raimund what Zeppelin was doing is wrong, though he did not care for the matters of mortals, nor did he cared for the motives of his summoner. Raimund craved for one thing, and one thing only: battle. He was intent to bestow Spiritia a "glorious death". Spiritia gave in to his threats and gave him his eternal rest. The then-saddened Spiritia pleaded for him to rest in peace before heading into Zeppelin's castle keep.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~

Grolla pays her respects to her dearly departed grandfather.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Grolla came across his Grassense on the bridge of Count Zeppelin's castle. Grolla heard a familiar voice echoing in the distance. At first, Grolla thought it was an impostor, as the Grassense was a replica created by magic, though she finally realized that the voice was really her grandfather, Raimund Seyfarth. He wished to challenge his own granddaughter and apprentice to a test to see if she was worthy of being a Seyfarth and the wielder of the Demon Sword, Grollschwert - while showing Grolla on how to listen to its voice. He explained to Grolla that if her blade was no more than a tool, an instrument of destruction, then she and the Seyfarth legacy would meet their end this night. Grolla asked him if it was Zeppelin who summoned him and he confirmed this. He admitted that, although he had been freed of all material desires, the thirst for battle still permeated his soul, and he told Grolla to raise her weapon and not hold back if she didn't want to perish. Grolla understood and accepted his challenge, obligated to return him to his peaceful slumber. She bested him, and thus was able to prove that she was indeed worthy of holding the original Grollschwert. She was able to hear Grollschwert's voice, and promised that she would carry the pride of the Seyfarth clan with her, and pleaded to her mentor to rest in peace. Afterward, both infuriated and deeply hurt over his defeat, Grolla vowed to punish Zeppelin and exact her revenge on him for the atrocity of using the forbidden arts to disrupt her grandfather's peaceful slumber.

At the end of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Grolla places a bouquet of flowers on Raimund's grave-site and pays her respects to him. She has also taken the Grollschwert that Raimund used when he was resurrected by Count Zeppelin as the successor to his sword.

Boss strategy

Raimund is first seen floating in the background watching the player fight against his red-bladed scythe, his Grassense which spins and flies around in an odd pattern along with mini sickles that home in on the player. His Grassense can be dodged by either jumping over it or sliding away, depending where the scythe is going. The mini-sickles can be avoided by merely dodging them. When Raimund reaches Desperation Mode, he will appear before the player and attack directly. From there, he will side-step back and forth across the area. If the player attacks him while he is side-stepping, he will lash out an laser-like slashing attack similar to Grolla's Desperation attack to counter-attack the player and jump to another spot in the area. This attack can be avoided with a well-timed slide. From time to time when the players does not attack him when he is side-stepping, his Grollschwert will disappear as he spins his Grassense to pull the player towards him, then his Grollschwert will come down from above in massive size and pulls the player towards its blade as it falls. The player should slide away from the blade's pull. Raimund is absolutely vulnerable as his Grollschwert comes down.

In the first phase of the battle, Raimund's Grassense is weak against the Grollschwert. During the second phase of the battle, he is weak against charged Grollschwert attacks. Lilli can also interrupt his counter-attack during his second phase.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Raimund's appearence in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, before fusing with the sword his grandaugter holds.

Raimund's role in ~Freudenstachel~ is brief, as his spirit remains within the Grollschwert and he takes control of Grolla when she uses the sword in battle.



  • Introduction:
    • 「死は平等に訪れる……」 ("SHI WA BYōDō NI OTOZURERU...") ("DEATH COMES EQUALLY...")
  • Sickle Attack:
    • 「そこだ……!」 ("SOKO DA...!") ("THERE...!")
    • 「死ね……!」 ("SHINE...!") ("DIE...!")
    • 「滅べ……!」 ("HOROBE...!") ("PERISH...!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「手加減はせんぞ……!」 ("TEKAGEN WA SEN ZO...!") ("I WILL NOT HOLD BACK...!")
  • Grassense Suction/Giant Grollschwert Attack:
    • 「その身に刻め……!」 ("SONO MI NI KIZAME...!") ("I SHALL CARVE IT INTO YOUR BODY...!")
    • 「絶望と、恍惚を……!」 ("ZETSUBō TO, KōKOTSU O...!") ("DESPAIR, ECSTASY...!")
    • 「貴様の身体で……」 ("KISAMA NO KARADA DE...") ("BE THE PREY OF MY BLADE...")
    • 「はあぁぁぁっ……」 ("HAAAAAAAA-...")
    • 「死いねえぇぇぇっ……!」 ("SHIINē~E~E~E~...!") ("DIIIIEEEEEE-...!")
  • Counterattack:
    • 「くらえ……!」 ("KURAE-...!") ("EAT THIS...!")
    • 「はっ……!」 ("HA-...!")
    • 「一閃……!」 ("ISSEN...!") ("FLASH...!")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「やるな……」 ("YARU NA...") ("NOT BAD...")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon during Desperation Mode):
    • 「ぬぅおあぁぁ……」 ("GUOOOO-...")
  • Victory:
    • 「ふっはっはっはっはっはっ……」 ("HOHOHOHOHOHO...")
    • 「出直してこい……」("DENAOSHITE KOI...") ("COME BACK LATER...")
  • Victory (Desperation Mode)':
    • 「良い戦いだったぞ……」 ("YOI TATAKAIDATTA ZO...!") ("IT WASN'T A BAD FIGHT...")
    • 「ただ……逃れることはできん……」 ("TADA... NOGARERU KOTO WA DEKIN...") ("HOWEVER... IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ESCAPE...")
  • Defeated:
    • 「ッぐうああぁぁぁ……」 ("GUUUOOAAAA-...")
    • 「見事だ……」 ("MIGOTODA...") ("NICELY DONE...")



Raimund's cameo in Grolla's Game Over screen in the C75 Trial of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.

Grolla's Stage's other Game Over screen in the English Steam version of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.

  • Raimund's name during his time as a war hero, Thanatos, comes from the Greek personification of Death of the same name.
  • Raimund bears similarities to Death from Konami's Castlevania series. Aside from the sword which he combines with his scythe, his first phase of the battle reminiscent of the battle in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow by having his scythe along with mini sickles to attack the player before fighting the player directly in his second phase, respectively. His death animation is also similar to Death from Rondo of Blood as he loses his Grassense and spins in mid-air, decapitating him as the scythe falls to the ground upon his defeat.
  • One of his victory quotes references Armored Armadillo in the Japanese version of Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. In Japanese, Armored Armadillo follows the creed of the samurai, similarly to Raimund. Armadillo's personality was changed to be stoic and stubborn in the English release instead of honor-bound and dutiful, so for Rosenkreuzstilette Schwesternschaft, said victory quote was revised to better fit Raimund's battle-hungry personality.
  • Out of all the thirteen characters who speak in Story Mode, Raimund is the only character not to have Story Mode portraits when he speaks in said mode.
  • Raimund is one of the two people that have a close relationship with Grolla, yet have a weakness to her weapon; the other being Sichte Meister.
  • Raimund is one of three bosses susceptible to Lilli; the others being the Iris Capsule and The Wings of Madness.
  • Raimund shares the same dialogue theme with his granddaughter, which is "Dark Purple Moon" by Sky God Corridor.
  • The Grollschwert that Raimund uses when he became the Grim Reaper-like wraith is later used by his own granddaughter, Grolla, in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel.
  • Raimund makes a cameo appearance in the Game Over screen for Grolla's stage in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel's C75 Trial Version.

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