Recht's and Link's profile in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer REDMOON
SK Numbers [SK004 Vier] and [SK005 Fünf]
Weapon Falschegestalt
Weakness Eislanze
Voice Actor Nene Ayatsuki (JP)
Sarah Blandy (ENG)
Sprite Refraktiasprite.png

Recht Refraktia [SK004 Vier] (レヒト・レフレクティア, Rehito Refurekutia; English: Recht Refraktia) and Link Refraktia [SK005 Fünf] (リンク・レフレクティア, Rinku Refurekutia; Japanese: Rink Refraktia), sometimes referred to by fans as the Refraktia Twins, are a pair of Dark Magi and members of the Schwarzkreuz appearing in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.


Recht and Link are nun siblings dressed in the usual nun attire, with black shoes as well as black crosses on the back of the handkerchief part of their attire. Without their habits, they both wear black berets. They both have long, black hair held in a ponytail by a white ribbon (Recht has her ponytail on the left side of her head, Link has her ponytail on the right), and grey eyes. Recht is always seen wearing a white eyepatch over her right eye (although it was colored black in one piece of artwork).

Character Profile

Tiashooting.PNGSpoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.Freushooting.PNG

"Uhh... Umm... Forgive me, but I have no choice!"
—Recht Refraktia, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~
"No one can stand up to us! We can beat anybody in no time flat!"
—Link Refraktia, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Recht and Link are close sisters that are always seen together, rarely apart. Recht, the older of the two, is mild-mannered and polite but is very introverted and doesn't like talking to others. She is blind in her right eye and thus wears an eye-patch. She loves to read books and prefers to spend time in the library.

Link, the younger sister, is a lively, outgoing and cheerful girl who keeps her sister foremost in her thoughts. While she does speak her mind openly, she will not hesitate to antagonize anyone who annoys her. If her sister is in any danger, Link will stop at nothing to remove the threat.

After the twins are defeated in ~Freudenstachel~, it is revealed that Link was a fake image, Falschegestalt, created by Recht. However, Link and Recht are real twins and Link, although being a fake image, has her own consciousness and is so natural to Recht that her existence is taken for granted. Thus when Recht is defeated, although she technically has no more magic stamina left, the image of Link still remained.

While Link is nothing more than Recht's imaginary friend, according to the latter they had been "together since birth until death". The original Japanese verb tense was ambiguous so that it cannot be easily judged whether or not both twins have been dead all along.


The Refraktia sisters wield the miracle power Falschegestalt ("False Shadow"). Using it, they can create a magical shield that reflects special attacks. Falschegestalt is also the ability Recht used to create the Link that appears alongside her.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Recht and Link are often seen working alongside the rest of the Schwarzkreuz against the RKS. Freudia Neuwahl meets the twins at the end of the Library of Shadows. When she defeats them, she learns that Link is only a mirror image generated by Recht, and has been with her for so long that Link's image became natural to Recht. Freudia agrees to let them go provided that they no longer work against her.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~

When Pamela Arwig gets back home after defeating the members of RKS, she is informed by Recht and Link that the church has branded her a traitor. Pamela tries to reason with the twins, but fails. Pamela encounters the twins again at the end of the Library of Shadows. After she defeats them, Pamela is surprised of her lack of knowledge of the members of the Schwarzkreuz when she learns that Link was not a real being. The twins reveal that they know that the church might turn against them someday but the thought of them turning against the church themselves is just unthinkable. Pamela asks the twins to help her establish a "true" Schwarzkreuz and Recht leaves, asking Pamela to give her time to think. Recht and Link and the rest of the Schwarzkreuz, including Eifer, later happily reunite with their captain after she has defeated Iris and reunited Spiritia Rosenberg with Freudia and Strudel.

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Boss strategy

Link will leap forward, followed by Recht as Link then lunges at the player, Recht following her, and the two will repeat said movement, occasionally having their shadows shoot lasers as they do so. The two will also encase themselves in bright magical spherical shields as they move along all four sides of the screen, with Recht moving faster and Link moving slower. After they finish once Link reaches the floor again, the two will use their shields again and move in different directions around the room before meeting together and then teleporting to one side of the screen. In Desperation Mode, the two will change the background color to monochrome as they disappear and reappear with their shadows and move around, stopping in different spots to shoot lasers at the player before moving again and repeating, before teleporting to one side of the screen again. To damage the twins, the player has to attack Recht, who is the one with the eyepatch, as attacking Link, who is the one lacking an eyepatch, will heal them instead.

Their weakness is Eislanze, which is learned from Luste Teuber.


Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Introduction:
    • Recht: 「えっと…そ、その…」 ("E~tsu to...-so, sono...") ("Well then... that's...")
    • Link: 『もうレヒトってば!もっと強気に!』 ("Mō Rehito tteba! Motto tsuyoki ni!") ("Already, Recht! Be firmer!")
    • Link: 『私達に敵うもんか!だよね、レヒト』 ("Watashitachi ni kanau mon ka! Da yo ne, rehito?") ("No enemy can take on us! Right, Recht?")
    • Recht: 「う、うん…」 ("U-un…") ("Y-yes...")
    • Recht: 「勝とうね…リンク…」 ("Katou ne... Rinku...") ("Let's win... Link...")
    • Link: 『うん、当然!』 ("Un, tōzen!") ("Yeah, of course!")
  • Leap & Run:
    • Link: 『行くよー!』 ("Ikuyo ̄ !") ("Here comes!")
    • Link: 『見切れるもんか!』 ("Mikireru mon ka!") ("Like heck I will let you see through!")
    • Link: 『食らいなよ!』 ("Kurai na yo!") ("Eat this!")
    • Recht: 「その…行きます!」 ("Sono... ikimasu!") ("I mean... here I come!")
    • Recht: 「み、見切らないで下さい…」 ("Mi, mikiranaide kudasai...") ("Pl-please do see through this...")
    • Recht: 「く、食らって下さい…」 ("Ku, kuratte kudasai...") ("Please... eat this...")
  • Side Rush:
    • Recht: 「ゲシュタルト…」 ("Geshutaruto...") ("Gestalt...")
    • Link: 『ゲシュタルト!』 ("Geshutaruto!") ("Gestalt!")
  • Bound:
    • Recht: 「偽りの、影よ…」("Itsuwari no, kage yo...") ("The false shadow...")
    • Link: 『偽りの影よ!』 ("Itsuwarinokage yo!") ("The False Shadow!")
    • Recht: 「光の、祝福を…」 ("Hikari no, shukufuku o…") ("Blessings of the light...")
    • Link: 『光の祝福を!』 ("Hikari no shukufuku o! ") ("Blessings of the light!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • Recht:「私達に…力を…」 ("Watashitachi ni…-ryoku o…") ("Grant us power...")
    • Link:『私達が負けるわけない!』 ("Watashitachi ga makeru wake nai!") ("There's no way we can lose!")
  • Falschegestalt Rotation:
    • Recht: 「ファルシェ、ゲシュタルト…」 ("Falschegestalt...")
    • Link: 『ファルシェゲシュタルト!』 ("Falschegestalt!")
    • Recht: 「…そこです」 ("… Sokodesu.") ("...There.")
    • Link: 『そこぉ!』 ("Soko ~o!") ("There!")
    • Recht: 「当たって…くれませんか?」 ("Tō tatte… kuremasen ka?") ("Please... let it hit?")
    • Link: 『当たれ!』 ("Atare!") ("Hit!")
    • Recht: 「やっ」 ("Ya-.")
    • Link: 『たぁ!』 ("Ta-!")
    • Recht: 「ふっ」 ("Fu-.")
    • Link: 『はぁ!』 ("Ha-!")
    • Recht: 「えいっ」 ("Ei-.")
    • Link: 『えぇいやっ!』 ("Eiya-!")
  • Damage (Eislanze):
    • Recht: 「う、ううぅ…」 ("Uu, uuu-...")
    • Link: 『何するんだよぉ!』 ("Nani surunda yo ~o!?") ("What are you doing!?")
  • Victory:
    • Recht: 「罪深き魂に」 ("Tsumibukaki tamashī ni.") ("To the soul of the deepest sin...")
    • Link: 『救いの御業を…』 ("Sukui no miwaza o...") ("...let there be salvation.")
    • Link: 『聖霊よ』 ("Seirei yo.") ("O holy spirit...")
    • Recht: 「あわれみ給え…」 ("Awaremi tamae...") ("...let there be pity.")
    • Recht: 「ごめんなさい…こうするしか…」 ("Gomen'nasai... Kō suru shika...") ("I'm sorry... I had to do this...")
    • Link: 『ふんっ、悔い改めた方がいいよ』 ("Fun ~tsu, kuiaratameta kata ga ī yo.") ("Hmph, it's better for you to repent.")
  • Defeat:
    • Recht: 「ま、参りました…」 ("Ma, mairimashita...") ("I-I surrender...")
    • Link: 『うう…こんなのって!』 ("Ū … kon'na notte!?") ("Uhh... what is this!?")
    • Link: 『レヒトぉ~…!』 ("Recht...!")
    • Recht: 「リンクぅ~…!」 ("Link...!")

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  • Recht's and Link's names are a play on the German words "links" and "rechts", meaning "Left" and "Right".
  • Link's name is also more commonly known as the name of the similarly-named heroic protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Recht's and Link's designs and personalities, though somewhat backwards, are reminiscent of the Shindo sisters, Kei and Chihiro, from the Japanese eroge visual novel series, Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two.
  • Their boss fight opens with them doing Gemini Man's attack pattern from Mega Man 3. Their patterns when they are flying around while shielded are somewhat similar to Armored Armadillo's from Maverick Hunter X.
  • If Link is attacked (Eislanze and the other Abilities) the Refraktia Sister's health bar will heal.

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