This article deals with the known relationships in the Rosenkreuzstilette series as shown below.

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Spiritia and Freudia

Spiritia Rosenberg and Freudia Neuwahl are good friends with one another - the two have known each other since they were children. The reason for this is because the former saved the life of the latter when the townspeople attempted to burn Freudia on a stake upon discovering her magical prowess when she was just a child. At first, Freudia's loyalty towards Michael Zeppelin in his rebellion against the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church and Spiritia's vow to not let RKS rebel against and destroy the Empire put a slight strain on their relationship, but in the end, their friendship stood strong as Freudia came just in time to save Spiritia from Iris Zeppelin's onslaught. In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Freudia fights through her colleagues at RKS and the members of the Schwarzkreuz to find and rescue Spiritia, whom she finally finds under Iris' control and sets free from Iris' influence.

Spiritia and Luste

Luste Teuber shows great admiration towards Spiritia. So much so, that she likes to play games with her, with Spiritia roleplaying the "bad guy". In one picture, Luste even has her dressed up in an outfit similar to hers.

Spiritia and Grolla

In Rosenkreuzstilette, Grolla Seyfarth was among those commanded by Count Zeppelin to assassinate Spiritia, who had been branded as a traitor to the organization, but failed to do so as Spiritia's unwavering conviction to her cause made her too powerful for Grolla. On her friend and mistress Sichte Meister's orders, Grolla allowed Spiritia passage to Zeppelin's castle.

In ~Grollschwert~, however, Spiritia heard that Grolla, too, had taken it upon herself to stop her colleagues. Of course, Grolla was closer to the truth about the rebellion than Spiritia, and when Grolla spoke of killing Iris, Spiritia tried to stop her out of belief that Iris was kind and innocent. Grolla, of course, believed otherwise from her own personal experience, and therefore found a rival in Spiritia, having always desired a serious match with her. Once the match was over in Grolla's favor, Spiritia realized that Grolla wasn't lying about Iris and planned to see Iris for herself.

Spiritia and Iris

At first, Spiritia believed that Iris was a kind, innocent girl who was mature for her age, and got along with her very well. But in the end, after Count Zeppelin's defeat and death at Iris's hands, Iris revealed her true intentions and motives in front of Spiritia. Not having been able to believe that Iris was capable of causing so many horrible events, she was not willing to forgive her. It was later revealed that the two had one thing in common: both were reincarnations of Rosenkreuz (Iris, as already revealed before that, was born with Rosenkreuz's immense magical prowess and the abundance of knowledge he acquired over the course of his life, while Spiritia got his soul and inherited his ability to tap into the strength of others).

Spiritia and Lilli

Lilli is a fairy friend and partner of Spiritia who often follows her around and accompanies her during her travels and adventures. Being the curious girl she is, she often follows her because she wants to learn about other humans besides Spiritia. She is also more than happy to fight alongside her after the Black Forest's Treasure is collected, and can always be counted on by Spiritia in times of need.

Spiritia and Talos

Talos is another good friend of Spiritia's, as she rescued him when she found him chained up and shattered the red orb controlling the chains binding him. With that, Talos was happy to be of service to Spiritia by flying her to Iris - "the one with the crimson eyes" as he called her, and when Iris self-destructed her palace, Talos rescued her and flew her to a floating island where she happily reunited with her friends. It is according to Spiritia that, from what Freudia told her, dragons are kind, gentle creatures, and Talos is, in fact, not an exception.

Freudia and Eifer

At first, the relationship between Freudia and Eifer Skute is unknown to Freudia, other than the fact that Eifer seems to show strong feelings towards Freudia. After the Schwarzkreuz has been defeated and Freudia follows Eifer and Iris to Iris Palace II, Eifer reveals herself to be a homunculus created by Iris, with Freudia used as her template; she takes off her hat changes her hair color to white and her eye color to red, and even shows that she has an ahoge in her hair. Freudia was able to tell that Eifer was an artificially created living organism when she saw her shedding bloody tears before her eyes after defeating her Dark Devil form, just before Eifer disappeared in front of her eyes.

Freudia and Strudel

Strudel becomes a fairy friend and partner to Freudia, accompanying her as she works to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the Schwarzkreuz and their agenda. Strudel seems to take a liking to Freudia anyway, despite the fact that the Black Forest was destroyed by the RKS during their coup against the Empire. Later, it is revealed that Strudel is a homunculus created by Iris also using Freudia as a template.

Zorne and Trauare

Zorne Zeppelin and Trauare Wrede are very good friends with each other, as shown when Zorne gets even more upset upon Trauare's defeat before her or Trauare gets more serious upon Zorne's defeat before her. Trauare will often invite Zorne to join her at a nearby ravine in her spare time. Zorne also owns a competition swimsuit similar to Trauare's.

Zorne and Count Zeppelin

Count Michael Zeppelin is Zorne's adoptive father, whom she looks up to greatly for saving her life once. Despite there being no blood relations between the two, she often regards him as her real father and has always been yearning for him to one day accept her as his real daughter.

Zorne and Iris

Iris is Zorne's adoptive sister and bitter rival. Zorne has always hated Iris, especially ever since she made her suffer by killing their father, who believed Iris was his entire world and whom Zorne constantly yearned for to one day accept her as his real daughter. As a result, Zorne refuses to get along with Iris, and will never forgive her for killing her adoptive father.

Trauare and Grolla

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollswert~, Trauare has always wanted to see whether the stronger weapon was her Chaos Spear Leviathan or Grolla's Demon Sword Grollschwert by fighting Grolla herself. After Grolla defeats her, she compliments her and even says she is jealous if Grolla has already defeated Zorne.

Luste and Dolis

Despite Dolis Warmind's status as the leader of the RKS Special Ops division, Luste is her commanding officer. While Dolis does not hesitate to take orders from her, she refers to the others as unfit and unorganized and calls her superior an idiot.

Grolla and Sichte

Grolla and Sichte are close friends with one another - Grolla being a subordinate of Sichte's. Grolla will often protect her mistress and vice-versa, and obeys and refers to Sichte as Lady Sichte. Grolla even shows mercy to Sichte after defeating her in ~Grollschwert~, out of knowledge that being dead would make Sichte useful to no one.

Grolla and Raimund

Raimund Seyfarth is Grolla's grandfather, master, and teacher, who taught her the ways of using her Demon Sword Grollschwert, and even told her that it would clear a path for her before he passed away. When she reaches her now-undead grandfather in ~Grollschwert~, he teaches her how to listen to Grollschwert's voice and harness its true power and challenges her to a test of strength to see if she is worthy as a Seyfarth and possessor of Grollschwert, and Grolla accepts his challenge, obliging to both show him her power and lay him back to eternal rest. After the battle, she declares that she will not forgive Count Zeppelin for disrupting her grandfather's peaceful slumber and vows to kill him as revenge and punishment for that atrocity. After she defeats Iris one last time in ~Grollschwert~, she pays her respects to Raimund by placing a bouquet of flowers to honor him at his grave and takes up his Grollschwert for him, the only flaw being that his spirit remains within his Grollschwert and will possess her from within it whenever she uses it in ~Freudenstachel~.

Grolla and Count Zeppelin

In Rosenkreuzstilette, Grolla was among those ordered by Count Zeppelin to execute Spiritia, who had been marked as a traitor to the organization, and followed her orders but was unable to fulfill them as Spiritia was too powerful for her. In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Zeppelin becomes an adversary of Grolla upon declaration from her that she would show no mercy to him and that he would pay for disrupting her grandfather's peaceful slumber after laying her master to rest again. Zeppelin is manipulated by Iris into thinking that Grolla is an assassin working for the Church to kill Iris, and yet Grolla pities him for being deceived by his own flesh and blood. Realizing what a fool she was for having respected him, Grolla decides to become a demon slayer and crush him where he stands. After defeating him, just when she asks him for any last words and is about to finish him, Iris appears and finishes her own father despite not being able to catch Grolla with her attack (as Grolla sees the attack and leaps away just in time).

Grolla and Iris

Iris is Grolla's hated, primary adversary in ~Grollschwert~. In the beginning of the alternate mode, when Grolla becomes a witness to her murder of a priest and overhears her plan to have the RKS fight against the Empire for her enjoyment, Iris humiliates her first by seriously wounding her with powerful magic and then crying out for help and catching Sichte's attention, causing her to order her to lower her weapon, after which Grolla retreats. Ever since then, Grolla has been on her quest to stop her colleagues from breaking out their holy war and kill Iris for humiliating her and for betraying the organization, wanting nothing more than to see Iris' bloodshed. When Iris mocks Grolla, laughing at the very thought of her having to slay the undead form of her own grandfather, Grolla vows to kill her there.

Grolla and Talos

Talos also becomes a friend of Grolla after she rescues him in the same way Spiritia frees him in Rosenkreuzstilette. In freeing him from the chains, Talos gladly flies Grolla to her final battle against Iris.

Sichte and Strudel

Strudel seems to have taken a liking to Sichte, seeing how she likes rubbing smooth objects, and Sichte's breasts are no exception. Sichte doesn't seem to mind that at all, and allows it after her defeat by the hands of Freudia in ~Freudenstachel~.

Liebea and Kahl

Liebea and Kahl Palesch are brother and sister with one another. Being in the care of her older brother Kahl, Liebea loves him very much and will do anything for his sake.

Schwer-Muta and Zeppy

Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle often feels that her only friend is her pet squid Zeppy because of her distrust towards others. While Zeppy only speaks the words "Kwui-kwui", he is quite emotional and will show expressions whenever Schwer herself does not.

Doris and Schirach

While Schirach Fühler no longer works for RKS and now sides with the Schwarzkreuz, Doris Warmind shows herself to be a fan of hers. She even aspires to work hard to become like her idol when she grows up. Schirach also created the Fesselspirale for her, which inspired her to idolize her.

Raimund and Count Zeppelin

Raimund was resurrected by Count Zeppelin to be a gatekeeper for his castle. However, while Raimund loyally follows the orders of his summoner as he calls him, Raimund cares not for his motives, and craves battle alone.

Kahl and Iris

Kahl is capable of seeing through Iris' facade to the threat that she poses to both humanity and Magi alike and as a result hatched a plan leading him to eventually make an attempt on her life - a plan that Count Zeppelin pre-empted by having him imprisoned in the castle prison as Iris orchestrated by feigning innocence and telling him about his attempts on her life in order to get rid of him. According to the Count, it seems that the Orthodox Church, whom the Empire's reins of power lay within, learned of Iris' gifts through Kahl himself.

Recht and Link

Recht & Link Refraktia are twin sisters, after which Link looks after Recht and keeps her in her foremost thoughts. Link is always willing to stop at nothing to remove any threat should Recht be threatened, even when "Link" is nothing more than a fake image modeled after the real thing. Even when her mana supply is used up, Link still remains. Recht even remarks that the twins have been "together since birth until death", often leading to confusion on whether Recht is actually dead or not.

Count Zeppelin and Iris

Count Zeppelin is the biological father of Iris, whom he refers to as his precious daughter and believes is his entire world, which is why Zorne hates Iris and refuses to get along with her. He knows that Iris was reincarnated from Rosenkreuz and will do anything to protect her, going far as to make a pact with the Devil and use the forbidden arts, and launches the coup against the Holy Empire. Unfortunately for him, he is unable to see through Iris' mask she put on to hide her true, evil intentions, and in the end, he was murdered by his own biological daughter, who laughed at his demise and referred to him as "such a useless old man". In ~Freudenstachel~, Iris resurrected him so he could protect his murderer again, and brainwashes him into thinking that Spiritia murdered him and that Iris revived him through her prayers.

Eifer and Iris

As revealed after the Schwarzkreuz's defeat, Eifer is shown to be a loyal servant of Iris, having worked with her to manipulate the organization into attacking the RKS. She is a homunculus created by Iris, as revealed in ~Freudenstachel's~ version of Iris Stage 2, using Freudia as a base.

Iris and Lilli

Although Spiritia does not want her to do so at the beginning of Rosenkreuzstilette, Lilli shows a strong hatred towards Iris, believing her to be trying to take Spiritia away from her. She does not like to show any form of respect to Iris, but Spiritia makes her do it anyway. Lilli soon begins to hate Iris even further when Iris is revealed to be the true mastermind behind the RKS Rebellion's cause and every reason for that is revealed, and when Spiritia afterward no longer trusts Iris and is not willing to forgive her.

Iris and Talos

At first, it appears that Iris was kidnapped by Talos, but, in fact, Talos is actually being mind-controlled, and that turns out to be a ploy to get Spiritia to pick up her pendant so she can watch her risk her life and give it her all in her quest to stop her friends from breaking out their coup against the Holy Empire. In the end, it turns out that Talos was a slave of Iris all along. Ever since he was freed by the player character, Talos no longer serves Iris.

Lilli and Strudel

Lilli and Strudel are both fairies and in the ending of ~Freudenstachel~, Lilli doesn't recognize her as a inhabitant of the Black Forest, causing Strudel to claim to be a "Snow Fairy". Despite this, the two recognize each other as close friends in a similar fashion to Spiritia and Freudia's close friendship.

Lilli and Talos

When Talos crashed into the Imperial Training Hall and "captured" Iris, who was actually manipulating him as her slave, Lilli tried talking to him but couldn't, and when he left, she tried to catch up to him but failed. Later, however, Lilli was successfully able to talk to him after he was freed by Spiritia. Lilli acts as a translator for Talos, and is good friends with him ever since he was freed by Spiritia.

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