ローゼンクロイツ スティレッテ グロールシュヴェート
Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~
Developer [erka:es]
Publisher [erka:es]
Designers Isemiya
Version See: Rosenkreuzstilette
Release date JP December 31, 2007
English Patch See: Rosenkreuzstilette
Genre Action, Platformer, Doujin soft
Mode Single-player
Platform Windows
Media See: Rosenkreuzstilette
System Requirements See: Rosenkreuzstilette
Resolution 640 x 480px (windowed, default setting)
Input USB Controller, keyboard

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ (ローゼンクロイツ スティレッテ グロールシュヴェート, Rōzenkuroitsusutirette Gurōrushuveeto) is an alternate mode to Rosenkreuzstilette that can be played after inputting a secret code on the [erka:es] opening screen. In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, the main protagonist is Grolla Seyfarth instead of Spiritia Rosenberg and plays through a slightly different storyline, although featuring the same stages.

The bonus game can be accessed by pressing Left, Right, Weapon Change R, and Weapon Change L (with default keys, ←, →, S, and A) at the [erka:es] logo screen, in that order.


Main article: Gameplay of the Rosenkreuzstilette series


Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ opens with Grolla becoming a witness to Iris Zeppelin's murdering a priest and overhearing her plans to have the RKS start a war against the Holy Empire for her own amusement. Immediately, Iris attacks Grolla in an attempt to kill her, causing her to draw her sword and try to get her to explain her plan. Instead, Iris pretends she's being threatened when Sichte Meister walks in. Grolla, knowing that the wrong move could be her last, retreats for now to gather her thoughts and assess the situation, only to see right away that the castle is already under attack before long. Grolla then heads to the center of the commotion within the Imperial Training Hall and eventually meets up with Freudia Neuwahl, who is leading the strike, and attempts to convince her that Iris is only manipulating her and the rest of her colleagues (except Spiritia Rosenberg, who is still away training at the forest on Count Michael Zeppelin's order) for her enjoyment and that therefore the attack on the Empire should cease. But no one will listen to her, and they have branded her as a traitor to the organization with Count Zeppelin ordering her execution as punishment for having "assaulted and tried to kill such a sweet and innocent girl". Unable to convince any other member of the organization, Grolla takes it upon herself to fight her own friends to stop them from breaking out their war for Iris' amusement and afterwards get back at at Iris for her humiliation and betrayal against the organization.

Gameplay differences between Rosenkreuzstilette and ~Grollschwert~

  • Grolla can not learn any abilities of her own, thus being limited to her Grollschwert.
    • Her Grollschwert functions like Zero's Z-Saber from the Mega Man Zero series; Grolla can perform a 3-stage combo attack on the ground and charge attacks, the third swing deals greater damage than the first two and can go through an enemy's shield. Her charge attacks, however, are half as strong as a single non-charged Seelegewehr shot when her HP is above half. When Grolla reaches Desperation Mode (after losing half or more of her HP), her charge attack's attack range widens and its offensive power increases.
  • Grolla can perform Dash (Weapon Select L or press Left or Right twice) and Wall Kick (jump towards a wall) in place of Spiritia's Slide and Silberflügel abilities.
    • Disable command dash (press Left of Right twice to dash): Hold Weapon Switch R trigger (original Japanese version)/Press 1 on the keyboard to permanently change the ability to enable/disable command dash (Steam Release - official English version).
  • Grolla takes twice the amount of damage compared to Spiritia.
  • Spiritia Rosenberg serves as her replacement at the end of Grolla's Stage.

Unused prototype version

Pre-C73 Version of RKSG

An early screenshot of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ during its development. Note the appearance of the life bar, which is colored violet, and has an image of Grolla herself.

A prototype of Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert was in production during Comiket 72 (Labeled Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ Trial version as an "omake" file and contained in a disk with Rosenkreuzstilette Trial version and early CM movie), this version was very different and vastly difficult compared to the version released on Comiket 73 in Rosenkreuzstilette. In this version, Grollschwert has a slightly different opening (which uses a remixed version of Zorne's Stage music), and unlike C73 version, the player can not use charge attacks unless Grolla's HP is below half. This is one of the many reason why this version of Grollschwert is much more difficult to the C73 version, as the only possible way for the player to actually damage bosses such as the Cross Wall is to fight it in Desperation Mode the entire time. However, as with Grolla still taking double the damage, and the charge attacks are as strong as a normal attack, this would make playing the game nearly impossible to complete. Grolla's dash jump slash can only be used when she performs dash jump first in the prototype version.


The result screen of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~ C72 Prototype version. It uses a format similar to the stage result screen of Mega Man Zero series.

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