Designer ダディ (Daddy)
SK Number [SK003 Drei]
Relationships Doris Warmind (fan)
Weapon Lichtfaust

Kopiekreisel (Prior to Ver 1.03a)
Freudenzwinger (1.03a onwards)

Voice Actor Mimi. (JP)
Amber Lee Conners (ENG)
Sprite SchirachSprite

Schirach Fühler [SK003 Drei] (シェラハ・フューラー, Shieraha Fyuuraa, pronounced Shirock Fueller) is a Dark Magus and the third member of the Schwarzkreuz, debuting in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. She is a strange woman who adores fighting and was previously a member of the RKS, though she left and joined the Schwarzkreuz for reasons unknown.


Schirach wears a gothic style of clothing which consists of a dark red trench coat with purple linings over a black bodysuit with dark blue linings. She also wears tights and dark red leather boots. Like Sichte Meister, Schirach is a very well-endowed woman. She has light-brown hair, brown eyes, and is one of the few characters to wear glasses. She uses a massive, over-sized hammer known as the Lichtfaust as her weapon of choice.

Character Profile

"Change the world? Words of a madman, I say."
—Schirach Fühler, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

A former member of the RKS, Schirach is a fairly mysterious woman with the personality of an annoying older sister. While she has dignified manners, her speech is crude and candid and forms a stark contrast with said manners. She loves battle to the point of obsession and is overjoyed to simply participate in a fight, regardless of whether she wins or not. She is willing to do whatever she considers necessary to get what she wants. She had been reported missing a few years ago, but suddenly reappears as a member of the Schwarzkreuz. She is also the one who created Doris Warmind's weapon, the Fesselspirale, and thus, is idolized by her.


Schirach wields the proclaimed miracle power of the "Light Fist" Lichtfaust. Using her power, she can swing her huge hammer around with great strength and speed. She possesses abilities beyond simple human limitations.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Schirach plays a role in the kidnapping of Spiritia Rosenberg (who recognizes her as a former member of RKS), who she captures with a floating Crane that drags her off to an unknown location. She then has a conversation with Eifer Skute afterwards.

She is later seen spying on Freudia Neuwahl through the viewing globe with the rest of the Schwarzkreuz, and they decide to attack her. Freudia encounters Schirach among the outskirts of the Battlefield and, like Spiritia, also recognizes her as a former RKS member. Freudia defeats Schirach, but Schirach doesn't care, as she is simply overjoyed to be fighting whether she wins or not. Schirach leaves afterwards, knowing that Freudia has proven herself a worthy opponent.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~

After Pamela Arwig was branded a traitor, she began searching for the person who soiled her name. To this end, she met with Schirach on the Battlefield. Pamela attempts to appeal to Schirach's loyalty to the cause of the Schwarzkreuz, but Schirach reveals to her that there is no such a thing, as all members have secrets unknown to the others and goals that might deviate from the cause Pamela has in mind.

After fighting, Pamela is lost in thought and Schirach gives her a few words that could be interpreted as encouragement to Pamela. Pamela asks Schirach to come with her after the battle is over to form the truly honorable Schwarzkreuz and leaves. Schirach, not seriously intending any such thing, thinks to herself that "Pamela-chan is so damn cute".

Boss strategy


Schirach will jump and crash down with her Lichtfaust, shaking the floor upon smashing it with it, which can stun the player if she is still on the ground when she does so. By doing so, she'll also cause several rocks to fall down, the last one being an even larger rock that she'll catch, after which she'll leap up and hurl said rock at the player. She can leap forward and slam her Lichtfaust against the ground, shaking the floor again. She'll hold her Lichtfaust in front of her, blocking attacks and deflecting projectiles. Sometimes, Schirach will lunge at the player, and if she hits her while doing so, she'll grapple the player and smack her into the air with her Lichtfaust, dealing serious damage as she does so. This grapple dash however can be stopped early if the player fires a weapon towards her she'll instead stop to block. Schirach will leap back afterwards and move towards the player a little before causing another avalanche of rocks again. In Desperation Mode, she'll leap forward and slam the ground with her Lichtfaust, shaking the floor and causing several rocks to shoot out of the ground. Schirach can also quickly leap high up into the air and come crashing down and shake the floor with her Lichtfaust, which she will do three times.

Schirach was weak against Kopiekreisel in versions prior to 1.03a, which is learned from Trauare Wrede; however, she needed to be blocking when hit otherwise she took minimal damage. In version 1.03a her weakness was changed to Freudenzwinger, which is learned from Liebea Palesch.


Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Introduction:
    • 「さてと…始めましょうか!」 ("Satetto, hajimemashou ka!") ("Then, let's get started!")
    • 「久々の獲物…ふふっ、可愛がってあげるわ!」 ("Hisabisa no emono, ehe, kawaigatte ageru wa!") ("The prey after such a long time... ehe, I will definitely baby you!")
    • 「楽しめそうね。嬉しいわ!」 ("Tanoshimesou ne. Ureshii wa!") ("Doesn't this look fun. I am so happy!")
  • Avalanche:
    • 「ホ〜ラァ!」 ("Ho~raa!")
    • 「ハッ!」 ("Ha!")
    • 「ヤァ!」 ("Yaa!")
    • 「よっ〜っと!」 ("Yo~tto!") ("Heeere... goes!")
  • Rock Throw:
    • 「そこでしょ?」 ("Soko deshou?") ("There, isn't it?")
    • 「どう?」 ("Dou?") ("How was that?")
    • 「砕けちゃいなさい!」 ("Kudakechainasai!") ("Get shattered!")
    • 「ホラァ!」 ("Horaa!")
  • Leap:
    • 「楽しんでる?」 ("Tanoshinteru?") ("Aren't you enjoying this?")
    • 「ほらほら、どうしたの?」 ("Horahora, doushita no?") ("Here here, what's wrong?")
    • 「うふふふっ」 ("Ehehehe")
    • 「行くわよ!」 ("Ikuwayo!") ("Here I go!")
    • 「楽しもうじゃないの?」 ("Tanoshimojanai no?") ("Isn't this such a joy?")
  • Grapple:
    • 「はぁい、歯ァ食いしばってね!」 ("Ha~i, ha wo kuishibatte ne!") ("He~re, clench your teeth!")
    • 「さぁ、揺らすわよ!」 ("Saa, yurasu wayo!") ("Here, let it shake!!")
    • 「行くわよ…せぇーのッ!」 ("Iku wayo... See~no!") ("Here goes... one two!")
    • 「ちょーっと痛いわよ!」 ("Chotto itai wayo!") ("It's going to hurt a little bit!")
    • 「ほーら、力を抜いて…」 ("Ho~ra, chikara wo nuite~...") ("He~re, relax~...")
  • Homerun:
    • 「あははっ、よく飛んだわね」 ("Ahaha, yoku tontta wa ne!") ("Ahahaa, you flew so high!")
    • 「あはははっ!」 ("Ahahaha!")
    • 「あっはっはっははは!」 ("Ahahahahahaha!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「いい感じね!」 ("Iikanji ne!") ("That feels good!")
    • 「盛り上がってきたじゃない!」 ("Moriagattekitajanai!") ("Isn't this getting better!")
  • Triple Jump Slam:
    • 「ボーっとしてちゃ、ダメでしょ!」 ("Bootto shiteja dame deshou!") ("Isn't it bad for you to space out!")
    • 「さあ、揺らすわよ!」 ("Sā, yurasu wa yo!") ("Now, I rock!")
  • Damage (Freudenzwinger):
    • 「へぇ…やるわね!」 ("Hee~ yaru wa ne!") ("Huh... this one is good!")
    • 「痛た…結構キくわ、それ」 ("Itatta, kekkou kiku wa, sore!") ("Ouch ouch, that thing works just kinda well, you know!)
  • Victory:
    • 「そんな弱いんじゃ、世界は変えられないわよ!」 ("Sonna yowaiin ja, sekai ha kaerarenai wayo!") ("Being that weak, the world is not going to change!")
    • 「これが寝酒の…バーボンよ。」 ("Kore ga yozake no baabon yo.") ("This is the bourbon of my night booze.")
    • 「弱者に栄光なし、ってね!」 ("Jakusha ni eikou nashi, ttene!") ("No glory for the weak, is what they said!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「あらら、負けちゃったわ。」 ("Arara, makejatta wa~.") ("Oh, I lost.")
    • 「ちょっと飲み過ぎだったかしら…?」 ("Chotto nomisugidatta kashira...?") ("Did I drink too much or something...?")
    • 「こりゃ、カッコ悪いわね!」 ("Korya, kakkowarui wa ne!") ("Well, well, how clumsy am I!")

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  • In response to Doris' [RKS-013] number skipping over three unknown members of the RKS, it may be possible that Schirach initially inherited the ID number between 010 and 012.
  • Schirach is regarded as one of the most difficult bosses in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, seeing as how she can stun the player character upon shaking the floor with her Lichtfaust upon slamming it with it, and her attacks can deal serious damage upon impact with the player, plus she is known for her ability to grapple the player upon coming in contact with her during her lunge attack and deal serious damage to the player upon smacking her into the air with her Lichtfaust. She was so difficult that she had to be nerfed in the 1.01a patch, as Kopiekreisel required the player to get dangerously close to her, opening them up to being grappled.
  • The Crane she uses to capture Spiritia has a face that resembles that of Dr. Cossack from Mega Man 4.
  • The attack where Schirach follows up an earthquake by throwing a huge rock directly at the player is likely a reference to Guts Man of the first Mega Man game.
  • In the 1.01a patch, the damage Schirach's grapple attack does was halved and her weakness was reassigned.

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