The main logo for the Schwarzkreuz.

Schwarzkreuz (シュヴァルツクロイツ Shuvuarutsukuroitsu), also known as the Black Cross (黒十字 Kurojūji), is a antagonist group introduced in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. It is a mysterious organization made up of five Dark Magi; the only of their kind. Schwarzkreuz was established by the pope and is captained by Pamela Arwig. The members serve as witch-hunters for the army of the Orthodox Church under the watchful eyes of the pope, despite being Magi themselves.

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It is ultimately revealed that Schwarzkreuz was a sham produced by Iris Zeppelin and Eifer Skute, the latter of whom assassinated the pope and replaced him with a homonculus posing as him. Schwarzkreuz became neutral to RKS following Iris' second defeat.

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Members of Schwarzkreuz

The current five members of the Schwarzkreuz. From left to right: Schirach Fühler, Eifer Skute, Pamela Arwig, and the Refraktia twins.


  • The Schwarzkreuz is similarly named, in English, to the Black Cross Army, the main antagonizing group of the first Super Sentai television series, Himitsu Sentai Goranger.
  • The Dark Magi of the Schwarzkreuz are based on characters from various Japanese eroge series.
  • Like the RKS, the Schwarzkreuz has their own set of ID numbers, which is a reference to the serial numbers given to Robot Masters in the Mega Man series. However, these ID numbers only contain two letters as opposed to three.
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