Schwer-Muta's profile in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer WOMI
RKS Number [RKS009 Neun]
Relationships Zeppy (friend, partner)
Weapon Geisterwand

Rosenkreuzstilette: Zornesbombe, Geisterwand (Iris Stage 3)
Freudenstachel: Kopiekreisel

Voice Actor Alice Ichitsuki (JP)
Rina Adachi (ENG)
Sprite(s) Schwersprite.PNG

Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle [RKS009 Neun] (シュヴェーア=ムータ・カサソラ メルクル, Shuveea Muuta Kasasora Merukuru), Schwer-Muta, or simply Schwer for short, is the ninth member of the RKS, and one of the youngest. She is a shy, reclusive young girl who feels that her only friend is a small white squid named Zeppy.


In the Rosenkreuzstilette series, Schwer-Muta is always garbed in white pajamas resembling a cross between a cat and a wolf, complete with a hood with cat/wolf ears, cat-like paws, and a wolf tail. Her pajamas also have a pocket on their front with a black cross painted on it. She has short, black hair that covers one of her light-brown eyes. On top of her cat-eared hood sits Zeppy, her companion.

The only significant change made to Schwer's appearance between the two games is the hood. In promotional and in-game art, it is pulled down slightly more in ~Freudenstachel~ than it was in the original game.


"The bonds that tie people together... are just an illusion...!"
—Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, Rosenkreuzstilette

Schwer-Muta is a shy, reclusive young girl who neglects interacting with others. Before she was in the care of the RKS, Schwer-Muta was forced to live in a barren, bestial environment. This upbringing caused trauma that burdens her to this very day, causing her to be suspicious of anyone she meets. She feels that the only friend that she has is her pet squid, Zeppy. Whenever she talks about others, Schwer often tends to make no sense.


Schwer-Muta's ability, Geisterwand, allows her to create a revolving barrier that not only can be used for defensive purposes, but for offensive as well. Zeppy can spit ink from on top of Schwer-Muta's head and blind his and her foes.


Schwer-Muta and Zeppy from Rosenkreuzstilette.

No one is certain why Schwer-Muta joined the RKS's rebellion; one could say that it was her fear of being hurt by the Empire's persecution of Magi. Spiritia came to the Schwarzer Kinderspielplatz to pick her up, though Schwer-Muta refused to come with her because she believed that the bonds are an illusion and attacked her. She was defeated by Spiritia, who asked why she attacked. Schwer-Muta revealed that her birthday has passed and no one came to her party to celebrate. Spiritia then remembered her birthday being only a few days ago before the rebellion began and told her no one came because everyone was busy. Wanting to help cheer Schwer-Muta up, Spiritia wished her a happy birthday, which Schwer shyly accepted.

In the end of Rosenkreuzstilette, Schwer-Muta hid shyly behind a pillar on a floating island as Spiritia happily reunited with her friends in the RKS.

Rosnkreuzstilette Grollschwert

When Grolla Seyfarth confronted Schwer-Muta, the two of them did not say a word to each other until Zeppy broke the silence. Schwer-Muta nervously commented on her fear of Grolla, though Grolla felt that she was making no sense at all. Feeling that everyone should just fall apart, Schwer-Muta immediately attacks Grolla. She was defeated and neither Grolla nor Schwer-Muta spoke a word until she commented on Grolla's strength with a single word and retreated.


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Boss strategy

Schwer will slowly chase after the player before stopping to summon her Geisterwand barrier while Zeppy spits ink into the air. Then, while Schwer herself shoves her barrier away in hopes of hitting the player with it, at the same time the ink Zeppy spit into the air will rain down on the player's head, blinding her and causing the screen to go black for a few moments if it hits (the blindness will also wear off if Schwer is attacked). The only times Schwer can be hurt is when she is chasing the player (unless Zornesbombe is used, which can penetrate her Geisterwand barrier). During her Desperate, Schwer will summon double the amount of the maces for her Geisterwand barrier while Zeppy will spit six ink drops instead (luckily for the player, the six ink drops spat out by Zeppy will always fall in the same line so the openings for her to dodge the maces and the ink drops are always clear).

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

Freudia and Strudel meets Schwer after getting through all her traps. The conversation doesn't move at all between Freudia and Schwer before Strudel asks if she would rub Zeppy's round mouth. Schwer refuses to let go of Zeppy and attacks them.

After the fight, Schwer reveals that she had been planning a birthday party for Spiritia. However, when she went in town to negotiate with everyone, she was sadly surprised to find an empty town, and thus thought that everyone was going host the party without her.

Freudia reveals to Schwer about the witch hunt from the church and promises Schwer that the party will be held once Spiritia is brought back. Schwer left in contentment.

Freudia learns Schneekristal from her and acquires Strudels Hund from her.


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Boss strategy

Schwer is a lot more tolerable in ~Freudenstachel~ than she was in the original game. Each of three warning signs will appear over one of the many pipes, and that's where Schwer and two of her dummies will pop out. All the player has to do is attack the real Schwer, and she can tell who it is because the other two are the ones with the different faces and a lack of front pockets, and can be destroyed in one shot unlike the real Schwer. Schwer will walk and jump around, stopping to spike at the player with Zeppy if she is close enough to the player. If she is far away from the player, she will throw a Geisterwand mace at the player, which, upon reaching the player, will split into four maces that scatter across the screen. She'll go down whatever pipe she stopped on before she comes back out with her two dummies again. Sometimes, Schwer will come out of a pipe in the ceiling and call four Evil Eddies out of four different pipes, and all four will hurl Skull Tanks and Fake 1-UPs at the player before going back down their pipes again. In Desperation Mode, when a huge warning sign appears, Schwer will enlarge Zeppy and come crashing down from above, holding on to his tentacles as she does so, as the enlarged Zeppy smashes the ground with his tiny tentacles before falling off the screen. The dummies will also generate Geisterwand barriers of their own, just like the real Schwer.

Schwer's weakness is Kopiekreisel, which is learned from Trauare Wrede, who was originally weak against her Geisterwand in the original game.



  • Introduction:
    • 「いこ……ゼッピーさん……」 ("Iko... zeppī-san...") ("Let's go... Mister Zeppy...")
    • 「こんな世界……いらない……」 ("Kon'na sekai... iranai...") ("I don't want this world...")
    • 「みんな無くなればいい……」 ("Minna nakunareba ī...") ("Everyone should just... go away...")
  • Jumping:
    • 「とぉっ」 ("Too-!")
    • 「やぁっ」 ("Yaa-!")
    • 「たぁっ」 (Taa-!")
  • Geisterwand:
    • 「えい!」 ("Ei-!")
    • 「えいっ」 ("Ei-!")
    • 「嫌い…」 ("Kirai...") ("I hate...")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「私を否定しないで……!」 ("Watashi o hitei shinaide...!") ("Don't deny me...!")
    • 「悪いのはみんなだ……!」 ("Warui no wa minna da...!") ("YOU'RE the bad ones, not me...!")
  • Double Geisterwand:
    • 「えいやっ」 ("Eiya-!")
    • 「くらえ…」 ("Kurae-...") ("Eat this...")
    • 「大嫌い…」 ("Daikirai…") ("I greatly hate...")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「ひぃやぁぁっ」 ("Hiiyaaa-...")
  • Victory:
    • 「私はここにいるよ……」 ("Watashi wa koko ni iru yo...") ("I'll stay here...")
    • 「誰か私を認めて……」 ("Dare ka watashi o mitomete...") ("Someone recognized me...")
    • 「私にはゼッピーさんだけ……」 ("Watashi niha zeppī-san dake...") ("It's just me, Mister Zeppy...")
  • Defeated:
    • 「やだやだぁっ……」 ("Yada yada...") ("No, no, no...")
    • 「やあぁっ……」 ("Yaaa-...")
    • 「嘘だ…!?」 ("Uso da...!?") ("You're kidding...!?")
    • 「もう……ダメぽい……」 ("Mō... dame poi...") ("E...enough...")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Introduction:
    • 「がんばろ…ゼッピーさん…」("Ganbaro... Zeppi-san") ("Let's do this... Mister Zeppy...")
    • 「行こ…ゼッピーさん…」 ("Iko... Zeppi-san") ("Let's go... Mister Zeppy...")
  • Geisterwand:
    • 「やっ。」 ("Ya-.")
    • 「えいっ。」 ("Ei-.")
    • 「当たって。」 ("Tō tatte.") ("Hit.")
    • 「ガイスターヴァンド。」 ("Geisterwand.")
  • Zeppy Needle:
    • 「お願い…ゼッピーさん…」 ("Onegai…… zeppī-san……") ("Please... Mister Zeppy...")
    • 「ニードル。」 ("Nīdoru.") ("Needle.")
    • 「えいやっ。」 ("Eiya-.")
    • 「どーん。」 ("Dōn.")
  • Bomb:
    • 「アイテムアタック…開始…」 ("Aitemu attaku... kaishi...") ("Item attack... start...")
    • 「ソウビ…シタマエ…」 ("Soubi... shitamae...") ("Equipment... shitamae...")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「みんな…大っ嫌い。」 ("Minna... daikkirai.") ("Everyone... I don't like.")
    • 「助けて…ゼッピーさん…!」  ("Tasukete... Zeppi-san...!")  ("Help me... Mister Zeppy...!")
  • Giant Zeppy
    • 「ゼッピーさん…おっきい…!」 ("Zeppi-san... okkii!") ("Mister Zeppy... so big...!")
    • 「ゼッピーさん…カッコいい…!」 ("Zeppi-san... kakkoii!") ("Mister Zeppy... so cool...!")
    • 「ゼッピーさん…アタック…!」 ("Zeppi-san... atakku!") ("Mister Zeppy... attack...!")
  • Damage(Kopiekreisel):
    • 「痛い。」 ("Itai.") ("It hurts.")
    • 「おううぅ。」 ("Ouu-.") ("Ohhh.")
  • Defeat
    • 「痛いの」 ("Itai no.") ("It hurts.")
    • 「ぐすん」 ("Gusun.") ("Sniff")
    • 「ヤラレチャッタ」 ("Yararechatta") ("...We lost.")
    • 「もう…ダメぽい…」 ("Mou... damepoi...") ("I... can't go any longer...")
  • Victory
    • 「ゼッピーさんがいるから…いいもん…」 ("Zeppi-san ga irukara... iimon") ("Mister Zeppy is with me... that's enough...")
    • 「勝ったね…ゼッピーさん…」 ("Kattane... Zeppi-san...") ("We won... Mister Zeppy...")
    • 「もう放っておいて…」 ("Mou, hotteoite...") ("Just leave me alone already...")
    • 「私にはゼッピーさんだけ…」 ("Watashi ni ha Zeppi-san dake...") ("To me... there is only Mister Zeppy...")

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Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


  • Schwer-Muta's name is derived from the word "Schwermut," meaning "melancholy" in German, which reflects her personality and distrust for other people. It is also likely rooted in the word "schwer," meaning "heavy." "Casasola Merkle" comes from Marcel-André Casasola Merkle, a German board and card game designer.
  • Schwer-Muta's quote in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, "Everyone should just fall apart!", comes from Shinji Ikari from the anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Schwer-Muta's weapon and attack pattern in the first game are similar to Wood Man from Mega Man 2, which consist of deploying a shield, raining down projectiles form above, firing the shield, and moving to a new location before repeating the process.
  • Schwer-Muta's RKS Number, [RKS009 Neun], also happens to be the same Serial Number of Metal Man from Mega Man 2, whom stage she references in Rosenkreuzstilette.
  • Schwer-Muta's voice actress, Alice Ichitsuki, also voices Spiritia's fairy, Lilli.
    • Alice Ichitsuki's name was misspelled as Alice Ichiduki. This was fixed in a later version update to Rosenkreuzstilette.
  • Upon defeat, Schwer will sometimes say 「嘘だ…!?」, which is written as "Uso da...!?", meaning "You're kidding...!?". "Uso da" also translates to "Liar", "You liar", or even "You're lying".

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