Tearis, also known as Rosenkreuzstilette UnOfficial AfterStory, is a manga doujinshi written and illustrated by Kiora that was released at Comiket 77. It tells of unofficial events taking place between Rosenkreuzstilette and its sequel, ~Freudenstachel~. Currently, the first eight pages were released online, with the first seven pages being translated into English.



Sometime after Iris's defeat at the hands of Spiritia, Iris awakens to find herself actually in Spiritia's care. Spiritia tells her that, in spite of her past transgressions, she feels all of RKS is responsible for what happened. As such, she decides to treat Iris's wounds and wants things to revert back to the way things once were. However, Zorne cannot forgive Iris for killing Michael Zeppelin and vows to eliminate her. Freudia attempts to stop Zorne but is taken aback by her rage-born power. Freudia's icy powers have little effect on Zorne, and it appears that Zorne will stop at nothing to kill Iris, even if she must take down Freudia and burn the Black Forest down with her. Iris knows of the oncoming battle between Zorne and Freudia and, in a final attempt to make things right, asks Spiritia to take her life and truly end the chaos.


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