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Iris in her final form

The Wings of Madness: Iris Zeppelin (ラストイーリス イーリス発狂羽, Rasutoīrisu īrisu hakkyō-wa, Last Iris: Demented Wings Iris in the Japanese version, and called simply Seraphic Iris by the fandom) is the final form Iris Zeppelin assumes during the second phase of the final battle of Rosenkreuzstilette.

During this phase of the battle, she will teleport in different places around the area, much like her previous form, except that for each teleportation, she will unleash one of the following attacks: she'll either release orbs of light that spread throughout the screen, unleash four bolts of lightning in different directions, or fill most of the screen with many lightning bolts, leaving a few safe spots for the player to hide in. Both of the last two of those three following attacks involve the Blitzstrahl.

Also note that every time she teleports, she'll also leave behind a magic symbol. After she places three magic symbols on screen, a solar eclipse will occur, then Iris will fire a laser beam of light known as the Reflect Laser that will bounce off all three symbols as it follows the player. Her Reflect Laser attack is also her opening attack for this phase of the fight.

Just like the Iris Capsule, Iris's final form is weak against fully charged Lustatem shots.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Iris is fought right after Spiritia Rosenberg. Iris will teleport around the area and fire four orbs of light that home in on the player character and then summon two rays of light energy that split into two blue orbs of light each upon contact with the ground and travel along the ground, a process that she will use before creating a solar eclipse and using one of two different attacks:

1. She will move to the side of the screen and release several sets of four larger blue orbs of light that move in different directions, and then have more of those same blue orbs of light home in on the player. After that, she'll generate two large magic circles and fire four sets of four Seelegewehr shots from each magic circle, the first and third sets the player must get jump between, and the second and fourth sets the player must walk underneath the third one, to avoid.

2. She will appear in the center of the area and call down three blue lightning bolts that follow the player, following it with filling the center of the screen with five more blue lightning bolts.

After one of those attacks is done, she'll return the area to normal and repeat the same process.

She is weak to Kopiekreisel .


  • Iris' Seraphic form is somewhat reminiscent to Lumine when he transformed into his Seraphic from Mega Man X8 upon the defeat of his previous form.
  • Iris' final form is one of the three bosses in Rosenkreuzstilette susceptible to Lilli; the others being Raimund Seyfarth and her Iris Capsule.