Freudia using Weißteufel at the entrance to the Mountainside Dungeon.

Weißteufel (lit. White Devil) is one of Freudia Neuwahl's abilities in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ that she learns from defeating Sichte Meister. When Weißteufel is selected, Freudia's ribbon and blood stain will turn emerald green.

Freudia will create an aurora borealis that will slow down time temporarily. While time is being slowed down, she can fire dagger-like icicles.

It is the weakness of Grolla Seyfarth and Pamela Arwig.



  • Weißteufel is similar to Bright Man's Flash Stopper from Mega Man 4, though Weißteufel only slows time (similar to Time Slow from Mega Man: Powered Up) while Flash Stopper stops it.
  • When Freudia uses Weißteufel, she says "Toki wo koore", similarly to Sichte who says "Toki wo tomare" when using her Die geplante Zukunft. "Toki wo koore" means "freeze time", yet Weißteufel actually slows down time and doesn't actually stop it, though the saying does match Freudia's ice theming.
  • In earlier trials, Freudia could switch weapons while the time slow was in effect; this was removed in the final version.