The Zorne Robot is a blocky robot that resembles Zorne Zeppelin and is found in her stages, the Nosdu Mountains in Rosenkreuzstilette and the Gruft der Feurdrache in Freudenstachel.

It creates bombs at its feet and then kicks them at the player character, although the player can only be hurt by the bombs once they explode. It is also immobile, making it easy to defeat. In Freudenstachel their bombs were changed to stop if they collide with the player making them slightly more difficult to deal with.



A dark pink variation makes an appearance during the boss battle against Zorne in Freudenstachel, supporting her in battle once she reaches Desperation Mode. It rides around on a flying wheeled machine and tosses bombs onto the player's level until the battle ends in either a win or loss against Zorne or a Draw.


  • Zorne Robots continue the Bomberman homage of Zorne and her level by attacking with the basic kick attack Bomberman uses to move bombs across the ground.
  • The dark pink variation in Zorne's Desperation Mode references the multiplayer mode of certain games in the series, where players removed from the game could toss bombs onto the field to attack the remaining players, known as Bad Bomber but more commonly called Revenge.
  • In earlier demos the Pink Zorne robot would throw bombs at its own discretion in the final release this was changed to be an attack Zorne initiated by calling out to the robot.