Zorne as she appears in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
Designer WOMI
RKS Number [RKS003 Drei]
Relationships Trauare Wrede (close friend)
Michael Zeppelin (adoptive father)
Iris Zeppelin (adoptive sister, rival)
Weapon Zornesbombe

Rosenkreuzstilette: Zornesbombe (Iris Stage 3), Lustatem
Freudenstachel: Schneekristal

Voice Actor Ayane Suzumura (JP)
Amanda Lee (ENG)
Sprites RosenkreuzstiletteRosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

Zorne Zeppelin [RKS003 Drei] (ツォルネ・ゼッペリン, Tsorune Zepperin; pronounced Sorn) is the third member of the RKS. She is the adopted daughter of Michael Zeppelin and older sister of his biological daughter, Iris, and is close friends with Trauare Wrede.


In Rosenkreuzstilette, Zorne wears a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a hood and the words "Slipknot" on front of it, red skirt with a lacing and silver cross around her waist, a four fingered metal gauntlet on her left arm, and yellow boots. Zorne has long red hair which is held into twin-tails by two red ribbons and she has sapphire-blue eyes.

In Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, she wears a semi-transparent pink shirt with sleeves that hangs around her shoulders and black vest combo that also has the words "Slipknot" on front of it, the same skirt from the previous game, and dark brown boots. The design of her metal gauntlet was also adjusted very slightly.

She also owns a competition swimsuit given by her close friend, Trauare, colored black with red linings.


"Don't think I'll go easy on you if you get in Father's way!"
—Zorne Zeppelin, Rosenkreuzstilette

Zorne is a moody, impulsive young girl who does not know the meaning of "restraint" and has a short temper. She tends only to listen to reason when she has been both physically and emotionally humiliated. Zorne is also know to be a bit of a pyromaniac and a terrible cook. Zorne deeply admires Count Zeppelin, who saved her life in the past, and always refer to him as "Father" (お父様 otō-sama) as she yearns to be accepted as his own daughter, despite not being related by blood. She never gets along with Iris, who is Count Zeppelin's biological daughter.


Zorne's ability, Zornesbombe, allows her to create bombs from the palm of her metal gauntlet on her left arm, which was given to her by Count Zeppelin. The metal gauntlet was given to her due to an accident that left her without half of her left arm. She can also use her metal gauntlet to cling to walls.


Zorne as she appears in Rosenkreuzstilette.

Zorne's reasons for joining the RKS's rebellion against the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church were simply to support her father's goals.

Pre-Trauare Events

Zorne joined the RKS's rebellion to support her adoptive father and threatened to kill anyone who tried to stop her father. She wasn't willing to go easy on Spiritia Rosenberg, who attempted to convince her that what RKS was doing was wrong, if she got in her father's way. Spiritia tried to convince her that this wasn't the way to go about anything and tried to calm her down, but Zorne declared Spiritia an enemy of hers for being an enemy of her father's. She revealed that her adoptive father liked her for being strong but she wasn't willing to accept that fact and instead wanted to show everyone that she was the most useful to him. Lilli called her an "idiot", causing Zorne to become enraged and attack them. Eventually, Zorne was humiliated both physically and emotionally, and pondered to herself whether she was completely useless. Spiritia convinced her otherwise and explained, "If someone you love strays off the right path, I think it's your job as family to show them the way back." Deciding she had enough for now, Zorne was willing to back off, but declared that it wasn't over, vowing to defeat Spiritia later.

Post-Trauare Events

If Trauare was defeated before her, Zorne become even more upset at Spiritia reached her, vowing to take her down "right here, right now". Spiritia tried to convince her to calm down and listen to her, but Zorne refused to listen to her. Zorne declared that never forgive her for turning on her adoptive father and "brainwashing" Trauare, as she had faith in her adoptive father, and she was not willing to lose to Spiritia. After being defeated by Spiritia, Zorne pondered to herself the reason why she couldn't do anything when it really counted. Spiritia explained, "If someone you love strays off the right path, I think it's your job as family to show them the way back." With this, Zorne finally understood what Trauare was trying to say to her, much to Spiritia's surprise. Zorne was willing to let Spiritia do what she wanted, and promised that she wouldn't get in her way anymore.

At the end of Rosenkreuzstilette, she was seen alongside the rest of Spiritia's friends on a floating island, waiting for her to return from her battle against Iris, who had orchestrated everything and had murdered Count Zeppelin.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~

Pre-Trauare Events

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Zorne also fought Grolla, as she did not want to let her get off easy for going against her adoptive father. Grolla knew that if Iris wasn't stopped, RKS would be in jeopardy, though the mention of Iris' name disgusted Zorne. However, despite not caring about Iris, Zorne would always fight by Count Zeppelin's side. When Grolla suggested that Iris and Count Zeppelin were accomplishes, Zorne became enraged. Grolla taunted her as being spoiled, which provoked Zorne into attacking her. After Grolla defeated her, Zorne accepted her loss but refused to help Grolla as she would never betray Count Zeppelin. Grolla didn't care - her target was Iris and Iris alone. Zorne told Grolla to take care and left.

Post-Trauare Events

Just like in Rosenkreuzstilette, Zorne will also have different lines in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, depending on whether or not Trauare was defeated before her. After Trauare's defeat and upon being reached by Grolla, Zorne blamed her for Trauare leaving the RKS. She wanted to make Grolla pay for what happened to Trauare, but Grolla suggested that Zorne follow her example, after all, she knew that if Iris wasn't stopped, RKS would be in jeopardy. The mention of Iris' name disgusted Zorne, however, despite not caring about Iris, Zorne would always fight by Count Zeppelin's side. When Grolla suggested that Iris and Zeppelin were accomplishes, Zorne became enraged. Grolla taunted her as being spoiled, which provoked Zorne into attacking her. After Grolla defeated her, Zorne accepted her loss but refused to help Grolla as she would never betray Count Zeppelin. Grolla didn't care - her target was Iris and Iris alone. Zorne told Grolla to take care and left.


Main article: Nosdu Mountains

Boss strategy

Zorne will either place a bomb in front of her and push it as she walks towards the player, or throw it and leave it on the ground. Depending on the situation, if Zorne is pushing a bomb towards the player as she walks, the player can jump over Zorne and her bomb with ease; if Zorne threw a bomb on the ground, the player can jump over Zorne, then jump before the bomb can detonate. When she reaches Desperation Mode, Zorne will now create red-colored bombs that has a wider explosion range than the black one. She will first plant a bomb in front of her, then creates a bomb that she will push towards the player. The first bomb will cause a chain reaction with the second one and detonate them both simultaneously. The player will have to time their jump so they can avoid getting hit by the explosion from the two bombs. As the player fights Zorne during Desperation Mode, the screen will begin to fill with gray blocks, counting down how much time the player has left before the timer reaches zero. When the timer does hit zero, both the player and Zorne will be defeated instantly.

Zorne is weak against Lustatem, which Spiritia can obtain from Luste Teuber.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

Zorne returns in Freudenstachel. When Freudia finds her, Zorne is in the process of triggering a chain reaction of volcanic eruptions to halt the progress of the army of the Church. Freudia asks her to stop her attack, as it would kill countless innocent people. Zorne refuses to listen to her, insisting that her father's holy land is no place for church dogs to tamper with. Zorne fights Freudia and is defeated in the end.

Freudia is able to convince Zorne that there is a better way to go about resolving things with the Church, and Zorne leaves, reluctantly agreeing with her. Freudia was happy that "Zorne's time which froze since the death of Count finally started to thaw again".

Freudia relearns her Frostfackel from defeating Zorne.


C75 Trial Version

Main article: Nosdu Mountains

C76 Trial/Final Version

Main article: Gruft der Feurdrache

Boss strategy

Zorne and Trauare using their unity attack at the end of the Fire Temple in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.

Zorne has actually changed her repertoire since Rosenkreuzstilette; unlike the last time the player fought against Zorne, should the player attack Zorne while she is walking as she pushes a bomb towards them, Zorne will jump high over the player and throw a bomb beneath her that will immediately explode when it hits the ground, causing the first one to detonate if its withing its explosion range. The player can avoid this by sliding under Zorne as she jumps over the player and jump before the bombs can detonate when the they land. From time to time, Zorne will jump towards a wall can cling on to it. From there, she will throw out three Zornesbombes around the player. The moment the bombs are about to detonate, which she will shout out, she will dive at the player's location and attack with her gauntlet. To avoid getting hit by Zorne and her bombs, the player should position themselves to an opening from the bomb's explosion range. Just before Zorne can dive in and attack, the player should slide-jump away from where Zorne would attack the player yet remain the safe spots from the bombs' explosion as they land. When Zorne goes into Desperation Mode, she will use red bombs and the screen will fill up with gray blocks counting down how long the player has to defeat Zorne until they are both defeated. If the player is defeated in this fashion, will not lose a life. Instead, the player will be treated to a special humiliation screen before the game starts up again. As of the C76's Web Trial, a Zorne Robot will also appear in the background tossing out bombs at random places when Zorne is in Desperation Mode in the Web Trial of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.

Her attack pattern in more recent versions is pretty much the same, although she doesn't lob bombs from the wall before diving at the player during her wall cling attack. She does, of course, gain a few new attacks in these versions. After her wall cling attack, she'll lob a red bomb into the air before laying more bombs just before the one she threw into the air impacts with the ground and detonates, detonating every bomb she lays that comes in contact with their explosions. During Desperation Mode, she'll call out to Trauare provided the player hasn't defeated her yet, and they'll move to the center of the area and call forth a firey version of Trauare's fully-charged Klageharnisch attack that shoots up from the center of the screen. As they do so, they'll create a wind that pulls the player towards it and Zorne will throw several bombs onto the floor to make the attack harder to avoid damage from. Her wall-cling attack now emits fire from the ground upon impact as well. Other than that, her Desperation Mode attacks remain pretty much the same as in earlier versions (despite not throwing bombs before diving at players during her wall cling attack).

In the trial version of Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Zorne is weak against Eislanze, which Freudia learns from Grolla. In the final version she is weak to Schneekristal.



  • Introduction:
    • 「容赦はしないわよ。」 ("Yōsha wa shinai wa yo.") ("I won't hold back.")
    • 「あんたなんか一捻りなんだ からね。」 ("Anata nanka hitohinerina ndakara ne.") ("You're nothing but a pushover.")
  • Introduction (after Trauare's defeat):
    • 「絶対、許さないんだ から!」 ("Zettai, yurusanai ndakara!") ("I'll... I'll never forgive you!")
    • 「あんたなんか大っ嫌い!」 ("Anta nanka dai kirai!") ("I hate you!")
  • Upper Bomb:
    • 「いっくよー!」 ("Iku yo!") ("Here I come!")
    • 「ほらほら!」 ("Hora hora!") ("Hey, look!")
  • Lower Bomb:
    • 「はぁっ!」 ("Haa-!")
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha-!")
    • 「下ががら空きね!」 ("Shita ga garaaki ne!") ("And a little something down here!")
  • Avoid Bomb:
    • 「なんで避けるのよー!」 ("Nande yokeru no yo ̄ !?") ("Awww. Why'd you move!?")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「死なす死なす死なすー!」 ("Shinasu shinasu shinasu ̄ !") ("I'll kill you I'll kill you I'll kill you!")
    • 「トサカにきたぁ!」 ("Tosaka ni kita ~a!") ("It's now come to this!")
  • Red Bombs:
    • 「えーい!」 ("Ei-!")
    • 「喰らいなさいよ!」 ("Kurai nasai yo!") ("Eat this!")
    • 「これで終わりなんだ からっ!」 ("Kore de owarina ndakara!") ("This ends now!")
  • Damage (Weakness Weapon):
    • 「きゃぁうぅうぅうぅ……」 ("Kiyauuuuuuuu...") ("Owwww...")
  • Victory:
    • 「私の勝ちね」 ("Watashi no kachi ne.") ("It's my win.")
    • 「も~終わり?」 ("Mo ~ owari?") ("That was quick.")
  • Victory (after Trauare's defeat):
    • 「ど~してあんたなんかに…!」 ("Do ~ shite anata nanka ni...!") ("I've done you in...!")
    • 「思い知りなさい!」 ("Omoishiri nasai!") ("Learn from this!")
  • Defeated:
    • 「いやぁーーーーーーーっ!」 ("Yaaaaaa-!")
    • 「お父様~~~~~っ!」 ("Otō-samaaaaaa-!") ("Fatheeeeeer-!")

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~

  • Introduction:
    • 「誰にも邪魔させないんだから」 ("Darenimo jama sa senai ndakara.") ("Because I won't let any of you get in my way.")
    • 「立ちふさがるって言うなら…全部引き裂いてやるわ!」 ("Tachifusagaru tte iunara... zenbu hikisaite yaru wa!") ("If you are going to stand in my way... I shall tear you apart!")
    • 「私の炎は、あんたなんかに消せないんだからね」 ("Watashi no honō wa, anta nanka ni kesenai ndakara ne.") ("Because my flame isn't something that you can extinguish.")
  • Bomb Throw:
    • 「そこぉ!」 ("Soko~o!") ("There!")
    • 「てやあっ!」 ("Teya-!")
    • 「弾けて!」 ("Hajikete!") ("Snap!")
  • Bomb Line:
    • 「無駄なんだから」 ("Mudana ndakara.") ("Because it's all futile.")
    • 「遅いわ!」 ("Osoi wa!") ("Too late!")
    • 「死なす死なす~!」 ("Shinasu shinasu ~!") ("I'll kill you I'll kill you~!")
  • Wall Attack:
    • 「あんたなんかに…負けないんだからぁ!」 ("Anta nanka ni… makenai ndakara ~a!") ("It's because I'm... not losing to you!")
    • 「ええい!貫けぇ!」 ("Ēi! Tsuranuke ~e!") ("Ei! Penetrate!")
    • 「私の全力、かわせる!?」 ("Watashi no zenryoku, kawaseru!?") ("My full power, think you can dodge it!?")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「あんたに何が分かるのよぉ!」 ("Anta ni nani ga wakaru no yo ~o!") ("Just what in the world do YOU know!")
    • 「意地があんのよ、女の子には!」 ("Iji ga an no yo, on'nanoko ni wa!") ("Girls have guts!")
  • Damage (Schneekristal):
    • 「ちょっとぉ~!」 ("Chotto~o!") ("Hold i~t!")
  • Victory:
    • 「あんたって…こんなものなの?」 ("Anta tte... kon'na monona no?") ("I didn't know... this is all you got?")
    • 「待ってて、お父様…」 ("Mattete, o tōsama...") ("Wait for me, Father...")
    • 「ほらね、だから言ったじゃない」 ("Hora ne,dakara itta janai.") ("See? That's why I told you what I said.")
  • Defeat:
    • 「きゃあっ!」 ("Kyaa-!"')
    • 「お父様ぁ…」 ("Otō-sama...") ("Father...")
    • 「そんな!」 ("Sonna!") ("How can this be!?")
  • Combination Attack (Heiligtum des Wasserteufels):
    • 「喰らいなさいよ!」 ("Kurai nasai yo!") ("Eat this!")

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Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~


  • Zorne's name is come from the word "Zorn," which means "anger" or "rage" in German, which reflects her short-tempered personality.
    • Zorne is the only one of the first eight bosses whose last name is not based on a German board or card game designer.
  • Along with Sichte Meister, Zorne is the only one of the few characters in the Rosenkreuzstilette series who is not originally based on a character from the Mega Man universe.
    • Zorne is a reference to Bomberman from the Bomberman series.
    • In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Zorne acts similarly to Crash Man from Mega Man 2.
  • Zorne makes a entrance reminiscent to that of Armored Armadillo from Mega Man X. She also bounds off walls like him as she makes her entrance in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~.
  • One of her pre-battle quotes, "I won't hold back," is a reference to the Japanese version of the Colonel's pre-battle quote, "I'll show you no mercy! Now, get ready!", in Mega Man X4.
  • When Zorne's HP hits below half, the words "HURRY!" appears on-screen and blocks start filling up the boss room. If the blocks fill the entire room, both Zorne and the player character will be instantly defeated at the same time, just as with Bomberman where if the player does not defeat his/her opponents before times runs out.
  • The fact that Slipknot is the name of an American heavy metal band suits her nicely, as the clothing she wears is actually merchandise gotten from the band, and her dialogue theme, "Sinner" by Vampire Revolution, has heavy metal mixed mixed with orchestral and church organ bits along with Latin choirs. Also interesting to note is that Slipknot is erka:es' favorite band, which is why WOMI designed Zorne wearing Slipknot clothing.
  • In one of the screenshots from the Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ April Fool's site, Zorne and Trauare are shown teaming up against Freudia Neuwahl.
  • Zorne is one of three characters to use profanity alongside Lilli and Grolla (aside from Spiritia and Freudia saying "Shimatta!", which, while normally translates to "Oh no!", can also translate to "Damn it!" when hit), as shown when she says "Damn it!" when someone insults her or her adoptive father Zeppelin.
  • It is possible Zorne's robotic left hand is a reference to the main character of Bomberman: Act Zero having a similar such hand.
  • The attack where Zorne continually detonates bombs while walking towards the player is likely a reference to a powerup in the original Bomberman that gave the player that ability.
  • Zorne and Trauare swap weaknesses in Freudenstachel (Zorne Being weak of the ability learned by Schwer-Muta,Trauare Being Weak to the Ability Learned by Luste)

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