Zorne using Zornesbombe in Rosenkreuzstilette during her battle with Grolla Seyfarth.


Spiritia using Zornesbombe.

Zornesbombe (ツォルネスボムベ, Tsorunesubomube, lit. Anger Bomb), also known as the Explosion of Anger (怒りの爆弾), is Zorne Zeppelin's main weapon and the weapon that Spiritia Rosenberg attains from her. Zorne can create bombs from her gauntlet that explodes in a cross-like formation, with which she can either plant them on the ground, push them, or throw them. The bombs can explode in a chain reaction if two or more bombs are in place within its explosion range. She can also create red bombs that has a wider blast radius. For Spiritia, she can create these bombs as well as push them by sliding into them or pick them up and throw them. She can charge this weapon to create a large row of bombs at once that can create a massive explosion. These bombs can also damage certain walls that lead to hidden areas for items such as 1-Ups or Cross Tanks.

In Rosenkreuzstilette, it is the weakness of Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle and the Iris Machine's second form, and can also be used to severally damage the Bomb Turtle in Sichte Meister's stage.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, Zorne's new attack involving her main weapon has her tossing three bombs from the wall she clings to and then diving down with her gauntlet on her opponent before the bombs explode. She can also toss out a bomb after she plants one on the ground as she jumps over her opponent and detonate it immediately. Her dive attack is updated in the more recent versions so that she doesn't actually use her bombs during said attack, but when she uses it during Desperation mode, flames will come out of the ground as soon as she makes impact with it. When she and Trauare Wrede perform their unity attack at the end of the Gruft der Feurdrache, Trau will call forth a firey version of her fully-charged Klageharnisch attack and create a wind to drag victims towards it while Zorne will lob her bombs from the center of the screen. When Trau uses her version of their unity attack at the end of the Heiligtum des Wasserteufels, Zorne will create several heart-shaped Zornesbombes at the positions their enemy used to be and detonating them one at a time. Both versions of their unity attack can only be used provided either Zorne or Trau hasn't already been defeated before the other yet.



  • The blast pattern of the Zornesbombe and the graphics blocks it can destroy are taken from the Bomberman series. Zornesbombe also shares the Crash Bomber's ability to destroy certain walls.